Saturday, September 1, 2012


Because this is a holiday weekend and my brother-in-law doesn't work we changed the Mom duties around. It was my idea because I wanted to give my sister some time with her husband. Today I am doing lunch for Mom and dinner for Mom and The caregiver. Tomorrow I am there for lunch and will spend Monday and Tuesday nights there. I will be there through Wednesday lunch. This gives sister a lot of time with hubby and it works out well for me because after Wednesday lunch I will get two and a half days off. Looking forward to getting some personal things done.

Last week was a blur. Sunday was a family party. Monday was lawn work, grocery shopping, to do list surfing, and getting ready for football night. Tuesday was banking and Tuesday night was the twelve guy football get together. Wednesday was lunch with Mom and Dave Taylor and the night at Mom's. Thursday was getting Mom ready for bridge, fixing her lunch and dinner. Friday was the movie LAWLESS (Very violent. About moon shining in the early thirties). Friday was also my doctor's appointment to review my lab tests (Yea).

Some good news on the sibling front. My brother called Mom when they got back to Wyoming and told her the next time they are coming they want to stay with Mom to give Sister and I some relief. I am very happy they are at least thinking that way.

Speaking of brother here are some pictures of football night. Various age groups, various occupations, and a fun group.

This is my brother, it is a little fuzzy because he moved when I took the picture:

These are two attorneys. My friend Ted that helped/is helping Mom is to the left. The one to the right is new to the group. Peter is a defense attorney on the most high profile missing child case ever to hit Portland:

To the left is Dave to the right is Jared. Dave is married to Jared's sister. Dave owns Sunset Heating & Cooling. Jared owns Pacific Window Tinting:

You have already met Peter, the other is the oldest member of the league. This is Bill E. He is currently a court report and used to own a legal arts school. He is also the one that grew up with Roy Orbison and used to play drums in his band:

This is a really dark picture. The light was really bad. From left to right. Greg, Tom, & Leland. Greg is a retired paralegal. Tom is an attorney that works for Ted, Ted's right hand man. Leland is the youngest in the league and is a Kaiser executive. He works for another league member that is not pictured here, Doug. I've known Doug for thirty years:

Not pictured besides Doug is the other CPA, Jay.

You know the drill. Comment Away. Then the blog is yours to post whatever your damn well please.


dona said...

Hi Bill, So very nice of you to think of giving sis some time. I honestly think you have to be one of the most thoughtful guys on earth. I love that you took all the pics with info of all your, you hang out with a nice and very interesting bunch of men here! Hope the rest of your holiday weekend is great.

William J. said...

Hi There Dona

Always nice to see you here. The weekend is going great. Hope things are well with you and The Shankster!!

It is a good group of guys in the football group.


Lady DR said...

Nice guy, giving Sis some time with hubby. Also nice that you'll get two and half days at the end of the week.

I'd say last week was a blur! Talk about busy. But, what good news about Bro calling your mom and telling her they'd like to stay there next time. Hope it happens and soon.

Great pix and fun to see the guys you hang out with and several you mention often.

Last week was a bit bumpy. A lovely birthday dinner at Sakura's Sunday night. Had the kartosis removed Monday afternoon. Saw the chiropractor. Tuesday AM the left side of my neck, from middle to middle, was fire red, lumpy, bumpy, ugly, spreading down shoulder and chest. Called doc. Use hydrocortisone for 24 hours and call back if not better. Not better. Saw him Wednesday afternoon. Acute contact dermatitis, "one of the more severe, I've seen." (Yeah, I always got to do it to extremes.) Reaction to tea tree oil, which I've used for years for pain from cuts and scrapes and such and had applied to ease the hurt after the procedure. Apparently, this sudden reaction to an oft-used med or natural agent isn't totally unusual. In looking back, I also developed a skin allergy to aloe. Used to keep a plant in the house for burns and such. Both are now off my list. At any rate, a shot, steroid pills for two weeks, steroid cream. I was almost human by Friday night. Got to the pool three days. Did get in extra editorial hours (wry s). Finished the second whimsey. Tried some new recipes. Enjoyed Ravelers (knitting) yesterday AM. Otherwise, mostly typical domestic duties and some further researching on indie publishing. Next week looks quiet.

William J. said...


Sis tried to change it to me doing Monday and Wednesday but I held my ground. I don't like split days. Packing twice. I'd rather just stay there.

If bro does stay with Mom it will happen at Christmas or Thanksgiving. Mom said Ted was better looking then she imagined.

What an awful week for you. I hope the allergy clears up and fast. I am glad that it was improving by Friday but want it to go completely away!

I am impressed with everything going on you found time for the pool and still accomplished a ton!.

If anyone deserves a quiet week, you do.