Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Gene Pool.

The night at Mom's was pleasant. Yesterday we went frame shopping. Mom wants to give Ted one of her paintings for all he has done. I think it is a great idea so I am supporting her in the venture. She has written him a stunning thank you note to put with it, including the words that she picked the painting "that had the most love in it." I think Ted is going to be blown away. I like the painting she picked too, it is a man's painting.

Have you checked below your living room floor lately? Maybe you should.


Human power is often times amazing:


Are women or men happier? I guess if you want to find out you have to pull down their genes:


Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

I think it is so sweet of your mom to want to give Ted one of her paintings and love her comment in the thank-you card. Bet it was fun, shopping for just the right frame. I'm so happy you support your mom's talent and encourage it and hope she'll get back to painting very soon.

Fascinating about the medieval well! Since I'd have to drill through concrete in my living room (it used to be the carport), I shall probably not investigate (g).

Kudos to the group with the human-powered helicopter! Given all the negative stuff we hear about kids' science and math skills, this story and the one on the kid with balloon experiment are reassuring and encouraging.

Glad to see more gene research being done. Interesting how the same gene can produce different personality aspects in men and women. Now, I wonder where one can buy one of these?

William J. said...


We ended up using the frame the picture was already in. The picture we chose was professionally framed and we couldn't find any frames we liked better. I do think when Ted gets the picture his reaction will cause mom to want to paint.

Mine is only wood so I was thinking about drilling through my floor but with my look it would be snakes and dead bodies.

You hit the nail on the head of why I shared the science stories!

You may have thought of a business we could form. Gene Sales.