Monday, September 24, 2012

It was a very tough day at Mom's yesterday. Things just didn't go well. I guess I still haven't learned not to respond to digs when she is in one of those moods. The good thing is I have room to grow and am working on it.

I never have liked having my picture taken. I don't take good pictures. In particular I hate having my driver's license picture taken. Now its against the law in some states to smile on your driver's license picture:
How good are you at faking things? I am a good poker player so I can fake good and bad hands but that is about it on my fake meter:
I am closing today's entry with what you need to know about today.

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Lady DR said...

Sorry to hear about the tough day at Mom's and I do empathize with trying to neutralize the barbed comments and maintain perspective. Hopefully, today was better.

I don't understand the issue of smiling on a DL. Goodness knows most of us come away with horrible pictures anyway, more like mug shots. I'd think forbidding smiles would make it worse. I'm not techie enough to understand how a smile messes up facial imaging recognition.

For once, I was aware of the items in the "know on Monday" article. That's because I was stuck at Coleman Ford to see why my "tire pressure" light was on, hadn't anticipated the stop and had nothing to read but the G'ville News. I was sorry to hear about the panda.

Pat said...

Very sorry to hear your mom is still digging you. She can be so sweet, too bad she doesn't work on staying in that mode most of the time.

Good law for me. I always come up with some fake grimace-y smile. Our DMV tells you to smile.

Not good at faking, sure not as good as this guy. Seems not worth all the touble.

As usual, I knew some; 1,3,6,8,9. Less than usual. Must pay more attention.

William J. said...


Sorry about the unexpected visit to Coleman Ford. I hope it wasn't as expensive as it waas time consuming!

Things were better at Mom's. I'm working on growing up.

That makes two of us that don't understand the smiling issue. My driver's license picture always looked like what you pegged them, a mug shot.

I'm also sorry about the Panda.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

My mom is a very sweet lady but sometimes I think she gets bored and stirs things up by starting an argument. Wants to bring excitement into her life. I always fail by taking the bait. Today was better.

Our DMV always says smile too. My smile never gets all the way to the picture. I usually look like I just ate something sour.

That makes two of us not good at faking and I agree with you, not worth the trouble.

You knew more about today than I did! I only knew four.