Sunday, September 9, 2012


The last few weeks have been pretty busy the next week looks pretty easy. Well, not that easy. Today is cooking dinner for the troops and fixing lunch for Mom. Also meeting with the guys for our weekly football breakfast. I will leave the breakfast for a bit to go to Mom's to feed her. Dinner will already be in the fridge. Tomorrow I have a lunch meeting. Tuesday is a me day. Wednesday from lunch through Thursday night is at Mom's. Friday is a business meeting. Thursday the Neilson man is coming over to Mom's to check out their boxes. Yup, Mom is a Neilson family and has been for over a year. Don't tell anyone because we were supposed to keep it quiet. They don't want anyone to know so we won't be influenced as to what we watch.

Last week was a blur. Sunday was Mom out to lunch and fixing dinner at home. Monday and Tuesday were day and overnights at Mom's. Wednesday I was there until seven at night. Thursday and Friday were keeping the leg elevated days. I have another case of cellulites. Rest, anti-biotic cream, and elevate. Saturday was cooking and football. I did do a bit of reading and got my books from the library:

hat's it for the day. You know the drill. The blog is now yours.

Comment Away.


Pat said...

Once again, your schedule is daunting. So sorry about the cellulitis!

Great about the overdue book. I may have one of those, though not quite as far overdue. Guess I'll wait for an amnesty, if I can remember which library.

Lady DR said...

Bummer on the celluites, as it impacted your days "off," your "me" days. If it's exacerbated by standing and walking, I can see where last week would have aggravated it. I hope you can keep off of it a bit this coming week, despite your schedule.

My week was relatively calm. Pool five days, no line dance. Editorial five days and am now ready to do the final pass on the project. A live webinar on self-publishing, which was a dud. Typical domestics throughout the week. (I want a wife). I did bite the bullet and buy a coupon for two sessions of three hour housecleaning. If I like them, I may continue with them. It'll depend on how well they do the first time and if they're willing to do some deep cleaning stuff, like bathroom grouting and oven cleaning and some other stuff, rather than just standard housecleaning. I can keep up with the basics (although it would be nice not to have to), but the deep-cleaning is where I hit a snag, both in terms of time and what my hip will tolerate. Himself is now concerned about whether they do security/background checks on their employees, something he didn't bring up when I first proposed the idea. Sigh. Spent much of the weekend on my book, final cleanups and formatting and such. I have two, maybe three, beta readers lined up from the pool group. One's a web designer and I'm sure she'll do the nit picks and line edits. The other is a guy whose wife is a cancer survivor and he was caregiver for her. She's a retired cancer nurse and he's going to ask if she'll also read it. Once I have those back (maybe before) I start looking at the mechanics of promotion and production. Meantime, my Nov client advises me his book has gone from 80K words to 140K words. Unless the Oct client isn't ready (and I'm willing to give up that income until later, believe me), I'll need to do some serious juggling of clients and not sure where the book fits in. (One of the reason I'm considering the cleaning service). Meantime, I've decided I'm missing out on some social contacts and am considering taking Wednesday as a "break day," skipping the pool and doing lunches or brunches or spending time on the book project (but lunches or brunches are preferable). Next week is a little scattered. Doctor's app't Tuesday, a "maybe" lunch Wednesday, massage Thursday, otherwise, pretty normal.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

The leg is improving. Just one of those nicks a person has to deal with. The week my schedule seems easy.

I probably also have an overdue book somewhere. Once I get my garage cleaned out maybe I will find more than one.


William J. said...


I cancelled my appointment today so I am off of my leg until Wednesday. That should help it.

I don't know about calm but it sure does seem like your weeks are very busy. Even though there was no line dancing I glad you go the pool in because I am hoping the pool helps your hip. You probably could have taught the webinar. I am tickled pink that you finally paid for housecleaning sessions, time to give yoursel a break!

The deep cleaning is where we all hit the snag! Mopping floors is devil's work. Don't be to hard on Himself sometimes it takes us me a while to get it. I am always happy to hear you are making progess on your book.

140K words? Ouch. That is enough for six books!

I think a break day is a stunning and wonderful idea!

The next week looks normal which means busy as heck for you!