Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Gender Barrier

Heading over to take Mom to lunch, the spend the night there and should be back by eight Thursday night. I am actually looking forward to it.

Most caregivers are women so I am always happy to see when someone breaks the gender barrier whether it be a man or a woman:

As someone who has been dealing with heart issues for the last year or so I was happy to see the following article:

Ted got my Mom pretty much out of her lawsuit. I though it was a frivolous lawsuit. And I think the ones in the following article also fall under that category:

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Lady DR said...

Old News: The comment that didn't post yesterday (altho it seemed to) included the idea that Sis needs a "Come to Jesus" meeting, regarding your mom's happiness and well being.

I like the article about the "mannies." It makes a great deal of sense, particularly in households with male children or in households where there may not be a father or he may be gone much of the time, for whatever reason. I also like the fact there are more male nurses and health caregivers, both for male patients and for any patient who may be overweight or difficult for one female to move about. That's not a gender issue, it's a practical consideration.

The new heart procedure sounds promising, particular for those who are unable to undergo open heart surgery for whatever reason.

The crazy lawsuits - I cannot imagine what these people are thinking!

Thanks for more interesting articles.

Pat said...

Good for Michael! He sure stands out in the photo!

Very good news about the new heart valve surgery. Less invasive is always good.

These are not the most ridiculous lawsuits I've heard of, but they're contenders. They're funny, but also infuriating, the way they waste the court's time and cost us all money.

William J. said...


My sister will never have one of those moments where Mom is concerned. She thinks she right and so be it.

I pretty proud of the mannies. It takes a lot of spirit and fortitude to go against the grain. And it does make sense now. I love your comparison to caregivers and nurses and the reason a man may be needed in some situations.

Anything that prolongs life as long as it is quality life I am all for them.

The lawsuits did make me laugh but like Pat then I shook my head about the time that it takes away from legitimate lawsuits and the cost to the system of these lawsuits.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

I'll second that, Good for Michael!

I am hoping by the time I need open heart surgery it won't be necessary because of better treatments.

I've also heard of worse lawsuit but a lot of these take the cake. They are funny but I share your concern about the weight, financial and otherwise, they put on the system.