Friday, September 21, 2012

Royal Flush

My car is at the doctor's getting its heating system flushed out. I'm home waiting for a call from them and seriously thinking about walking over to the movie to see the latest Amy Adams and Clint Eastwood movie. I am pretty sure while there will be empty chairs at the theater I am pretty sure Eastwood won't be interviewing an empty chair in the movie. Besides I have a major crush on Amy Adams.  I thought while waiting I'd try posting on Google and hope it will do paragraphs. I am looking into Word Press. Tomorrow starts four and a half days at Mom's. In a way I am looking forward to it. Going to get a lot done, cook a lot of meals, play a lot of Scrabble and keep my leg up, which by the way is ten times better.

We may even go to a buffet, just not the one in the following article:

I don't think we will visit any monuments while I am there unless the Dollar Tree is considered a monument to cheap things:

There won't be any children there but we would welcome the young seven year-old in the following article:

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Mary Z said...

I finally got it to make paragraphs. I clicked on "compose" just above the writing box and, voila, it made paragraphs. We'll see what happens tonight.

Lady DR said...

Didn't know Eastwood had a movie out. He's usually good. I am SO glad your leg is getting way better and that you'll have time to upt it up, between cooking and meals out.

$17 million buffet? Gee, I'll check, but I don't think my allowance stretches to that. I'll remain happy with my Hibaci Grill and Buffet, I think (wry s).

Chimney Rock - isn't that in the Garden of the Gods?

Good job by the little girl! Dangerous, but very brave of her. Glad they caught the guy.

Do let me know how you get on with your exploration of WordPress, please.

William J. said...

Hi Mary Z

Thank you!!! I tried it and it works. Now if I can figure out how to upload pictures.


William J. said...


The movie was called Trouble With A Curve. It is set in South Carolina and is about a baseball scout and his daughter. Eastwood is the scout that age is getting to and a young boss wants to put him out to pasture. Adams is his daughter. I liked a lot better than the reviews.

I am happy with Hometown Buffet!

Yes Chimney Rock is in Garden of The Gods, near The Bridge of The Gods.

The girl took one heck of a risk and it was dangerous and maybe stupid but she won and that makes me like the story!