Saturday, September 8, 2012

Football Day

Would like to welcome Pat back to the blog. Due to computer problems she has been missing in action.

Today for me is cooking and football. The Oregon Ducks play Fresno State at 3:30 this afternoon and I am looking forward to being in Couch Potato City from 3:30 until about eight tonight. Couch Potato City is also known as my living room. Before the kickoff I am fixing lunch for Mom and cooking dinner for Mom, the caregiver, and a stray minister. Lunch will be your normal sandwich, yogurt, and chips. Dinner will be turkey, baked sweet potatos, and green beans. Ice cream bars for desert. I am also getting a breakfast casserole ready to put in the fridge overnight and cook in the morning. This is the fourth one I tried. So far they liked Mary's the best and also liked the others. But everyone remembers their first.

I only use the healthiest of ingredients when I cook so to celebrate my cooking style today we are doing health related stories.

Do you believe that home remedies work? I think some do. Not sure about all of the ones mentioned in the following article.

Dementia is a tough disease but they have discovered that people with the disease can still thrive in the creative arena:

Finally it would be really good for your health if you would honor the Homeland Security warning and avoid Zombies:

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Pat said...

From yesterday: Yes, DR, new laptop. Blazingly fast, and I lag behind it. Pretty much standard keyboard, so I just have to get used to it.

Usually I think home remedies are bs, but these mostly seem pretty reasonable.

Good news about dementia!

Zombies?? One word: eeeuuuwww! I could understand the appeal of vampires, but zombies? I don't think so.

Lady DR said...

Lots of cooking, it sounds like. I think you're beginning to enjoy it - if so, could you tell me how you came to this point (wry s).

I think there are a number of home remedies that work, although I must admit I've not heard of most of these.

Wonderful article on dementia and the arts. I'm so glad people are researching various possible "solutions" to the issue. It makes sense. Art is from the heart and senses and doesn't necessarily rely on memory, so much as instinct.

I saw another article on Homeland Security and the zombies. If it makes folks pay attention, I guess it's a case of whatever works. I'm afraid I've kind of sloughed off on my emergency preparedness, which was an annual issue, complete with check list, when we lived in hurricane country. Maybe I should rethink that...

Pat, congrats on the new computer. Hope you get used to the keyboard or figure out a way to plug your old/ regular keyboard into the laptop and have the best of both worlds.

Mary said...

Of course my recipe is the best, there's a reason I keep making it!

I have a question. How come you have to do so much cooking for your mother and the caregiver? Is the caregiver not able to do it? Every other caregiver I've ever known of did cooking as part of what they got paid for. I've been wondering about that for awhile.

I watched the first few minutes of the Huskies and am disgusted enough I'm heading off to the gym. Where Oregon will probably be on the TV. Heh.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

You will mast the keyboard, I have faith in you!

I think most home remedies are BS but I have tried more than one using the nothing ventured nothin gained mentality. These do look interesting.

Surprising but good news about dementia.

The Zombie thing was a head shaker for me but if it works, so be it.


William J. said...


I do enjoy cooking because it is something new and I seem to be good at. Mom and the caregiver just can't wait for the nights I cook. A new skill is always fun for me.

I hadn't heard of most of these home remedies either. I might even try a few.

It was really nice to read an article about good things dementia patientss can do and what people are doing to find solutions.

I also have sloughed off on emergency preparedness, I don't even have an emergency kit. I better get busy.


William J. said...

Hi Mary

The caregiver has a regular job so doesn't do days. She is there Thursday thru Sunday nights. Never in the day. My sister does every Monday night and every other Tuesday night. I do every Wednesday night and every other Tuesday night. And always Thursday days. Because the caregiver has a regular job she gets home to late to do meals so sister and I have to do the days, the lunches and the dinners even when the caregiver is there. I usually do all the meals on Saturday and Sunday to give sis time with her husband. And Thursday day. She does the other days. We really can't afford a full time caregiver. The caregiver lives forty miles from her job, which is one mile from Mom's home. We pay her less than half of what a normal caregiver would get because she has a place to stay the days she works so she doesn't have a two hour commute each way. It saves her money and us money. It would cost us another sixty dollars a night to have a caregiver there early enough to do the meals. For that price sis and I are willing to cook.

Washington played one of the four top teams in the country, it was a setup for disaster. They actually played pretty well, they just didn't win.

Oregon was on the TV here. It is the only game allowed on in my house.