Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Update

A really busy next two weeks coming up. The caregiver leaves for a weeks vacation this coming Friday. This coming week. Tuesday from one in the afternoon until eight Thursday night at Mom's. The back to Mom's Saturday. Monday and Friday are me days to give me a chance to do things that need to be done in my life. Grocery shopping, housecleaning, lawn watering and mowing, business assignments, cooking and so forth. Today I am taking Mom to lunch then the afternoon is mine.

My the next couple of weeks standards this last week was a piece of cake. Sunday had breakfast with the boys and then did dinner at Mom's house. Monday and Tuesday were leg healing days. The leg is better but has a long ways to go. Wednesday and Thursday were at Mom's. Friday was a three hour meeting with a client, then catching up on Top Chef Masters, White Collar, and Covert Affairs. Saturday was football and cooking day. Lunch and dinner for Mom. Oregon and SMU football and Dodger baseball.

Just one article today. This one comes from DanaRae.

The blog is now yours. You know the drill. You can post anything you damn well please. And I would love to hear updates from you!


Lady DR said...

Each week I read your update and feel like a bit of a sloth (wry s). I sure hope the leg improves quickly, but sounds like a long term healing process. Does it heal faster when you can stay off it more?

The past week has been a bit scattered. Four days at the pool. App't with optho Tuesday afternoon. She declared the dry eye cured. I mentioned ongoing problems with my vision distance, she did vision checks and said I should see fine. Okay, then why am I not? She finally had the tech check my glasses and said left lens was "off axis" and wrote a note for my optician. Optician could find no problem, didn't understand note, called optho, never got past the person who answered the phone and said, "Tell her come in for a vision recheck." To shorten a long story, the optician and I had a long chat, lots of questions and answers and discovered the *right* lens was the problem. Plastic frames expand in hot weather and sometimes the lenses shift. She reseated the lens and voila! Oh, and I had a nasty episode with dry eye on Thursday. That was two hours with the optho (mostly waiting) and a total of two-plus with the optician, actively resolving the problem. Will be finding a new optho.

Had a great brunch with friend Nancy, followed by touring a couple neat little shops in TR. Got the car serviced for 30K. Finished the current edit project, except for cover letter and final check of analysis. Did a Costco run, standard bill paying, sorting out insurance EOBs. Fired up my little walkman thingie and spent this afternoon pulling books and the like from the library to go to either the library or to Miracle Hills thrift shop. Now, it's Himself's turn to go through all the stuff he's stacked in there and make it go away. I don't care where, just away (G).

I learned of a gentleman who collects and/or resells old books. I discovered the 1866 German Bible, a 1910 edition of the works of Robert Burns, 1901 edition of Poems of Longfellow, German books dated 1901 and 1911, one of the Lynn Little Books, dated 1935. Since I have no sentimental attachment to any of these, they aren't family related, I'll be contacting the gentleman.

Now, I need to start my to-do list for next week.

Pat said...

Sorry to hear you're losing a caregiver for a while. It might help w/the weight loss, though. Hold a good thought.

I think I saw this Traum guy on tv. Or in the paper. Great work he's doing!

DR, sounds like a new optho is definitely on the shopping list.

William J. said...


The week after next it gets a lot easier because I will have two and a half days in a row off.

I think it is great that you get to the pool every week. I hate to imagine what your hip would be like without that.

I wouldn't have went back to the optho after the run around the secretary gave the optician.

I love that you had a nice brunch with a friend. You and Nancy touring the shops is a pretty picture.

Congratulations on finishing the edit project!

For me it is always fun pulling things together to give to a charity. It is not only cleansing it is giving.

Tell Himself to get his buns in gear.

Wow what great book finds!

Your week was exhausting! Hope next week isn't as much so!


William J. said...

Hi Pat

I got the impression the caregiver didn't really want to go the vacation but she had already paid for it. I have a lot to do to get done at Mom's so it kind of fits to spend more time there.

Traum is doing great work and the guy was on both CNN and Good Morning America.

I agree DR needs to kick the ortho to the curb.