Thursday, September 13, 2012

Boy Friends In The Attic.

Had a nice day at Mom's yesterday. She just seems to do better when I am there. Her pain is getting worse all the time and that is troubling but she still has a sharp mind and a good laugh.

How about them apples?

Do you have an attic? Do you ever check it out to see if anything unusual was in your attic?

Do you need a second job that pays really well?

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Glad you had a nice day with your mom, but I'm sorry to hear her pain is getting worse. Is there nothing they can do to better control that?

Okay, so I need to start eating apples. I'll try to get excited about that. Since I don't have to worry about calories, maybe I can learn to enjoy them, if they're dipped in carmel(sp?). A veggie dip? Maybe they could be breakfast.

The story about the guy in the attic is a bit scarey. Understand, Rock Hill is a small town. I'll have to ask Himself if Jim (friend who lives very near there) has heard anything about it. While it seems strange the guy was able to get away twice, I suspect we're dealing with a police force unaccustomed to this kind of thing.

Good for whistle blowers being rewarded. In today's world, it has to be a bit scarey to turn in the "big guys."

Pat said...

I'm sure your mom does better with you as caregiver. Apples, how versatile! Give her one when you're going to be away.

That former boyfriend was sure enterprising. How scary to hear bumps in the night. I'm swear I read this before... thought it was here, but it must have been the paper.

The whistleblower came out pretty well. Except for going to jail afterward.

And what's with blogger? I'm having to sign in every day now. It used to last several weeks.

William J. said...


Sorry it took so long to respond but computer problems denied me access to the computer for about a day.

They keep increasing her pain medication but then the pain moves to a different part of her body. Now it is in her hands which is one of the main reasons I want her to paint. I think the activity in the hands would help the pain.

I am not a big fan of apples either but I am going to try to put them in a fruit salad and eat them that way.

I have to admit, I went up and checked the attic after reading the attic story. I didn't know anything about Rock Hill so it is good to have an insiders take on the town. Let me know what Jim say. And I suspect you are right about the police force.

It no doubt scared the guy to turn the big guys in and I doubt he is even safe in jail. I hope he gets out and can spend the loot.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

I am now going to concoct a new dish. A Fruit salad with apples as the base.

I wouldn't even think of doing anythin like the boyfriend did and maybe he got the idea from the story you remember reading!

I would consider going to jail for a million dollars.

I wonder if the fact that you have a new computer is causing the problem because you information isn't saved on the new computer or your security program is set higher than it was before.

Blogger does sometimes suck.