Sunday, September 23, 2012

Biscuits From Scratch.

The past week has not only been a blur but a tough week. The good thing is my leg has gotten much better but still has a way to go. The bad thing is that my car need a cash infusion six hundred smackers. The good thing is that I was able to pay for it.

Sunday was lunch and dinner at Mom's. Monday was doing things around the house. Tuesday before I went over to Mom's I baked a ground beef casserole. Tuesday night and Wednesday night and Thursday until about eight were at Mom's. Friday was my car at the doctor, a haircut ( I look purdy now), and the movie The Trouble With A Curve. The later was because I didn't have my car and couldn't do some errands without it, so to break up boredom walked over to The Sherwood Regal Cinema and passed a couple of hours waiting for my car. Saturday was lunch and dinner and the night at Mom's. I also was able to watch the Oregon-Arizona game.

By the way the ground beef casserole was a hit. Homemade biscuits is next on the attempt list.

On the agenda this week is actually two and a half days off from Mom's. Today is Church, lunch at Mom's, football, dinner and the night at Mom's. Monday is the day and night at Mom's. Tuesday is taking Mom to the eye doctor for her annual appointment. It is also a night at Mom's. Wednesday Mom plays bridge in the afternoon starting at one. I will be there through lunch then am off! Thursday and Friday is attacking my to do list concentrating on the work assignments on it. Saturday is back at Mom's to take her to lunch and to fix her dinner. Then the caregiver returns that night. I really am now referring to her as Mom's aide because she really isn't a caregiver. We take better care of her then she does us.
That's my week. What was your week like? What is your next week going to be like? You know the drill the blog is now yours. Post anything you damn well please.

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Glad to hear the leg continues to improve. Sounds like you're becoming quite the cook and enjoying it. Glad the casserole was a hit. Wanna come live with us? (G)

Sounds like a busy week ahead. I think you're right about the aide - she sure doesn't do much caregiving.

Monday was editorial project and pool. Tuesday was editing and pool. Wednesday was lunch with my friend from guitar class and visiting more little shops in TR. Thursday was getting stuff tucked away or covered, then bombing the house and leaving for two hours. We took the dogs up to a big county park north of us, explored around the lake, did a short nature trail (paid for that), came home, aired the house, scrubbed all exposed surfaces, started getting stuff back out of wherever it was hidden. Friday was editing and pool. Saturday morning was finish the edit project, pack up the previous one for shipping, then attack the kitchen pantry cupboard. What a mess. These darned moths made sticky webs but, more than that, they chewed through sealed packages of paper or tough plastic or cardboard boxes. I've never seen moths do that. Emptied the entire pantry. Ever single item, boxed or in pouches, had to be checked for little holes or signs of holes. I hauled two garbage bags of foodstuffs to the outdoor trash and almost cried, as I thought of the people who have too little or nothing to eat, while the moths had a feast. I then went through everything that was okay and, if we had more than two of anything or if the expiration date was within sixty days, extra items and such went into bags for the Food Ministry, which I'll deliver Monday. The pantry was then scoured and disinfected and the remaining food put back. Today I read a bit of "The Contented Achiever." We did a short target practice. Decorated the house for autumn, so we have lots of bright colors scattered about, as well as little scarecrows here and there Had a very late lunch at Red Lobster. Have been reading "eBook for Dummies" off and on all week. My eyes tend to glaze, but I'm feeling more like I can do this, if I just take it step by step and am patient with myself.

Next week is the app't with the neurologist, try to get the cars in for the recall fixes, try to connect with the cleaning service, spend lots of time on various phases of my cancer book project - it begins to seem writing it was the easy part!

Pat said...

You are definitely becoming quite a cook. Consider posting some recipes on the blog, okay?

Sorry the car is so expensive, but we need things working if we can afford it at all.

I hope the caregiver is paid what she's worth, maybe she should be paying you for room and board.

William J. said...


My second attempt at responding to messages.

The biscuits were a dismal failure so I have a ways to go to be a better cook and a better person.

Sounds like one heck of a week behind you and on heck of a week ahead of you.

I like the picture of you shopping at TR. What a heck of a lot of work the moths caused you! I've bombed my house before and it is a real chore. I wouldn't cry over the food you had to throw out because it wasn't your fault it was inedible, it was the Moths. And you are delivering a ton of food to the Food Ministires.

Saturday sounds like a nice combination of work and play. I think it is imperitive you always get the pool in due to your hip.

You are always so creative with your decorations!

Writring is always the easiest part and I can hardly wait until your cancer book is in publication.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

I will share the good recipes on the blog. The biscuit one doesn't qualify, it stunk.

The choice on the car was to freeze all winter or pay for the damn thing to be fixed. I chose the later.

Funny comment about the caregiver because Mom and I have often said the same thing!