Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Unusual And/Or Weird

Getting ready to spend the seven out of the next eight days at Mom's. Going to try a lot of new dishes. Going to get Mom out a lot. Going to help Mom get a lot done. And I am going to survive.

We are doing unusual stories. I am sure Mary is going to like the first one:


I've never been a big science fiction fan. Just doesn't interests me. Of course everyone love ET, as did I. But the other science fiction is just to weird for my taste. Does the weird sometimes come true?

Speaking of the weird, do you think it is weird to like deceiving retailers?


Comment Away.


Pat said...

Yes, I'm sure Mary will like the first story.

Amazing so many of those SciFi thiings were imagined so early. Or in a few cases, at all. [g]

Yeah, I think it's a little weird to enjoy getting away with lying. But I don't return stuff often, so maybe I haven't given lying a fair try. Note to self: Must. Lie. More.

Lady DR said...

Sounds like you've got big plans for the week at Mom's, from cooking to getting out and about. Just remember to rest the leg, please, so it can heal.

Yes, I've heard about the Seattle Day thing. There are times I'd like to try the same in our little corner of the world (wry s). In the twelve years we've been here, a whole lot of green has been destroyed to build McMansions and a lot of lower income folks have been displaced, to build towering condos and there are waaaay too many cars on the roads we have. Am I an isolationist?

Fascinating articles about the sci-fi items and how long ago they were first part of someone's imagination and featured in books.

I knew of a couple of people about whom folks said, "He'll lie, when the truth would serve better." Is it a compulsion with some people? I can't imagine enjoying getting away with lying. If it's a case of returns, we either have receipts or the item is easily identifiable as coming from the store. Lying makes me uncomfortable, maybe because the few times I've tried, it never worked very well, maybe because I'm uncomfortable. Shrug.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

There is an old story that Oregon had a sign on the Oregon-California border that said "come visit, then go home."

I was kind of surprised how many of thos SciFi things turned out to be credible.

I am a terrible lyer so I just don't do it. I just don't have a good enough memory to lie and my conscience is to strong.


William J. said...


The leg will be up most the time I am there, even when we play Scrabble!

I understand your feelings completely because of what is happening in Sherwood. There are big box retailers taking up farmland every where. No you are not an isolationist, you are a realist and want to protect the land, just like I do.

The Sci-Fi articles completely surprised me.

I've known people that lie more naturally then they tell the truth and it is damn annoying. I am like you, a bad lier. I would rather tell the truth from the start then there is less explanations required in the future.


Mary said...

I don't care if they come to visit, I just don't want them settling down to live here. Our freeways are crowded enough already. :)

I am always conscious, when I am out with my kids, that they are watching me and taking their cue from me, so I am always strictly honest. I don't lie anyway, but if someone gives me too much change, I give it back. As someone on the other side of the desk, who gets lied to pretty often, most people aren't as good at lying as they think they are, and it just makes you look stupid.

William J. said...

Hi Mary

Seattle does have a bad traffic problem. And I kind of feel the same way about Oregon. Our two states are beautiful and we should keep them for ourselves!

I also give the change back if they give me to much. It just feels better to do that. And what a great Mother that makes you to be consceince of how your behavior looks to your children. I'm not so sure I would be that aware as a parent.