Wednesday, September 26, 2012

After four nights and five days this is the last day at Mom's and I should be home by one today. Cleaning her house this morning. I am becoming a decent housekeeper and becoming a damn good cook. I would make someone a heck of a wife. When I get home I need to catch up on Covert Affairs and White Collar.

For richer or poorer:

Well mom and I our good old fossils so I appreciated the following story:

I felt appreciated more each day I stay at Mom's and the last day I finally felt I got my due for the help I have given her and dad. Sometimes appreciation takes a while:
Back to dusting mom's home then will be returning to my house to dust up my life.
Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

I'm so pleased to hear things went better at Mom's the last few days. Look, I'm in the market for a wife - someone to clean, cook the evening meal, pay the bills, do the laundry, maybe putter in the gardens, helping me a bit. Interested?

Interesting about the richest/poorest states, although I'm not real surprised. The Northeast has always been pretty affluent, perhaps because it has the major financial center. The South/Southeast has always been poor and the closing of mills and mining hasn't helped a bit. I suspect the education levels between the two are miles apart, as well.

I'm glad the vet *finally* received his medals and recognition, although it's a shame it's taken so long. I'm glad he learned to receive the decorations personally.

Care to expand on what happened the last day at Mom's or is that for the Sunday check-in or strictly personal?

William J. said...


I will report in on Sunday about the doings at Mom. She was just very appreciative of how she was feeling about herself and also about her pain. For the first time in a long time I heard the words "You know, I feel good."

The Northeast has always been rich, you are right, and the South has always had the reputation of being poor although Florida has a lot of rich retirees. I suspect you are right about the education levels.

I am glad the vet was still alive to appreciate his accomplishments being appreciated.