Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cars & Dogs

I am recovering from a six hundred dollar bill to fix the heating system in my car. Well, most of the heating system is fixed. They couldn't fix all of it because they didn't have all the parts in stock. I have to take the car back in a week from today to get the final love put into my car. The bill is already paid so I know six hundred dollars is the final answer.

Thanks to Mary Z I can do paragraphs now.

Before today's post I am asking for good positive thoughts towards one of my closest, most supportive, and best friends.

On to today's post. Mom's aide is off on a vacation for a week so mine and my sister's duties increase a bit. I take of this morning for Today through Wednesday noon at Mom's. Sister takes over then and goes until Saturday morning. While there we are going to play a lot of Scrabble, cook a lot of meals, go out to eat a lot, shop a bit, and do some estate planning. Title of tonight's mission is Mission Selfish. Get mom in bed by 7:30 so I can bring out the snacks and watch the Duck game in peace and style. Ducks vs. Arizona, finally the Ducks play someone decent. GO DUCKS!

I really don't wear jeans that often. I am just not comfortable in them. A major complaint of some of my dating companions, "can't you just wear jeans?" Now I know why I don't:

I guess the secret is, if you wear jeans be nice to them and don't stress them out to much. Then they wouldn't be distressed jeans, right?

After the above comment you might say this blog is going to the dogs:

Ok, that dog is one that I like. I also think the cancer patient in the following article is likeable and has a lot of spunk.

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Big Ouch! on the car bill, although I suspect you'll be happy to have heat when winter gets here. Good job on doing the paragraphs. Now, if they'd just put the comment box back up at the side...

I live in jeans, just about, although I don't like the distressed. However, it's getting harder and harder to find "regular" jeans and I'm still not finding anything that fits, so mine may be quite naturally distressed, before to long, after years of wearing.

Darling post on the dog saving the litter of kittens. I also went on to watch the one about the Yorkie "adopting" the litter. I'm not too surprised. When we first brought the PC cat home, he'd curl up with my terri-poo for naps, often as not. (PC stood for "Pooh's Cat").

Interesting aricle on the man who chose to defend his house. Fortunately, he lives in a state where it's still legal to do so. He's right - it's not a situation anyone wants to be in, but if your home and possibly you are in clear danger, it's a definite advantage, particularly if you've had gun safety training and training on how to defend, hopefully without bloodshed. Sounds like he did.

Pat said...

I was going to say go for distressed jeans, but maybe not, Gee, another stupid thing to worry about. Sigh.

Let's hear it for dogs. Cats just don't care. 3 hots and a cot is all they want.

It wasn't the cancer patient, it was the shotgun. That'll get 'em every time. [g]

Oh, and wishing your friend well, also. {s}

William J. said...


It will be good to have heat!

I never look for jeans so I may start. Just to live dangerously by wearing them.

The thing that touched me about the dog story, is he went back and got the kittens one by one. That isn't an accident, that is a dog that knows what he is doing. I wish congress could get along as well as your dog and cat did!

I would be to dangerous with a gun which is on reason I don't have one.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

We do have to worry about a lot! What we do, what we eat, and now what we wear!

I don't think a cat would have rescued puppies.

I had a shotgun when I was in the eighth grade. Not one since. I'd be dangerous.

A lot of people are wishing my friend well. She is a special friend and person.