Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

Labor Day. A holiday. Should be called no Labor Day. When we were growing up it always signaled the end of summer because school started the next day. After a summer off bed time resurfaced. What do we really know about Labor Day?

A few summers when living in the burg of Klamath Falls, Oregon we would trek either down 99-W or I-5 to the outpost of Anaheim, California and visit Disneyland.

I am sure that students everywhere now that they are all back to school are looking forward to their science projects.

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Lady DR said...

Yup, Labor Day was the end of summer, although in later years, we were already back in school the last week of August. And, yes, it must cause bitterness in some folks, those who've been out of work for way too long. Plus, although federal agencies, banks and corporations close for the holiday, workers at department stores, grocery stores and a whole lot of other places spend that day at work, serving the folks who do have a day off. We certainly have a lot more holidays than we used to, but we have a lot more people who are working those holidays, from Christmas to 4th of July to Labor Day, rather than being free to spend time with their families. (putting away soap box)

Interesting video from Disney 1956. The first time I visited Disney was 1985 and it had grown considerably. My next visit was to Disney World in maybe 1990 - what a mammoth operation and it just kept growing.

Kudos to the science student, his ambitious project and its success. I suspect this young man will go far. I must admit, I'd probably have called the cops myself, had such an item landed in my driveway.

William J. said...

Hi Dr

We were long gone when then started schools earlier. Thank goodness. And I agree with your soap box.

Our firest trip to Disneyland was in the early sixties and it was in full bloom then. And it still is growing!

I also think I would have called the cops. It probably would have scared the heck out of me.