Thursday, September 6, 2012

Love The Me Days.

Really looking forward to today and tomorrow. Not really completely days off but completely days at home. Mowing, watering, phone calls, dishes, cleaning, resting, reading, TV surfing, leg healing, haircut, and tying some things for my new interest, cooking. Maybe even a movie.

Before moving on to today's post here is the painting we are giving Ted. On the back of the painting here is the notation , "this was painted by Miriam Camilla Dahn in 2002 at age 86. It is on the Willamette Pass near Salt Creek Falls." Sandy, Ted's wife is from the Eugene area and has relatives in Klamath Falls. You go over the Willamette Pass and pass Salt Creek Falls when you travel between Eugene and Klamath.

Here is the way it was wrapped:

Starting today's entry with a love story. True love but heartbreaking in so many ways:

Sometimes after a few days at Mom's, with the worry and the responsibility that comes with that I age a bit:

When I am at Mom's I am really awestruck that a ninety-six year old woman could have so much creativity. Speaking of creativity:

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Glad you've got time to do some catching up and relaxing and playing with cooking.

The picture is beautiful. Please tell your mom I said so. I know both Ted and his wife are going to love having it.

The love story is poignant. I so hope the woman gets the needed kidney. It's heart-warming to know they're receiving so many calls and I hope they can find a donar.

What a house! I'm not sure I'd care to live in it, but it certainly is artistic and eclectic. I'm rather afraid I'd get lost in so much whimsey (okay, I guess I'd kind of call it clutter, if I lived there). The price looks pretty reasonable, if you consider the acreage, although I know nothing about the location. Still, it's just a bit over the top for me (g).

William J. said...


I did pass on your comment to my mom and she was very thankful for it and appreciated it.

I also hope the woman gets the kidney. And as heartbreaking some of the love story was it was heart warming that so many people have responded.

I am not use I could live in the house either but I loved the creativity of it. It is also a bit over the tope for me. I good with a recliner and a remote control.