Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Well it has been nice having a few days to rest and recuperate. Last day before returning to Mom's tomorrow. Yesterday featured the painting argument. My sister walked in on the caregiver and Mom setting up her painting stuff and blew up. About the smell, about her spilling painting on the carpet and she will have to be the one cleaning it up (not true). She blew up at both of them. The painting is forbidden or banished to the kitchen. It breaks my heart that Mom can't do what she wants in her house. The house she owns and paid for with her and dad's money. I sometimes feel like leaving. Selling my home and leaving. How about leaving in style?


Speaking of leaving in style, how about the dude in the next article:


What about leaving an accidental legacy?


Comment Away.


Pat said...

Well, that's rotten! She should paint wherever she wants in her own house!

What a nice employer, and what a nice bonus.

Other stuff I couldn't get. Still working bugs out of new computer.

dona said...

I also think that stinks! I believe at her age, and it being her home, should be able to do what she wants, when she wants and where she wants! I mean really, if she can and wants to do things who are we to stop her?

I hope you are doing a lot better Bill, I hope you are completely well before you jump back too fast. And I hear you on the leaving, its on my mind nearly daily.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Everyone agrees with you but my sister of takes controlling to a new level.

I was glad that the boss did what he did, it was a great way to go out.

I actually left the last two articles in their to see if your new computer could read them.


William J. said...

Hi Dona

It just makes me so damn made that my sister can't see what she is doing to mom or that she can't see how much painting would do for her. I wish things would change but they won't

I am doing a lot better. My leg is getting better just not there yet.

And I hope you and The Shankster are doing well.


Lady DR said...

I have no idea what happened to the lovely message I left, but the basics were I disagree with your sister and think Mom should be able to do what she enjoys in her own home. Kudos to the guys who treat their employees well and share the wealth. If only more would follow their examples.

William J. said...


Sorry you lost your message. That is just so darn annoying.

We all think mom should be able to do what she wants in her own home except one person, the boss.

I also wish people would follow the examples of the guy that retired in style.