Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yesterday was better at Mom's. I honestly don't think she knows hurtful some of the things she says are. But I am over it and onward and upward. Today it is taking Mom to the eye doctor for her annual eye appointment. She is having trouble seeing in one eye so some prayers for a good appointment would be appreciated.

Sometimes I wonder if some of the things mom does isn't for attention. I know when there were times I didn't think I wasn't getting my due that I did some weird things to draw attention to me. How about you?


Do you ever go the speed limit on the freeways? Speed limit is 65 we all go 75 don't we? 55 we go 65, right? I'm think Utah drivers better watch out:


I have been told that I have a good sense of humor. Does that mean I have animal magic?


Comment Away.

Thursday I may be in the asking for help mode. I have two issues that I am dealing with and I'm not sure how to handle either one. Since both deal with women it would be interesting to get input from the strong sex on the issues.


Lady DR said...

I'm so glad things were better yesterday with Mom. And you may have a good point about some of her comments being meant to get attention. If someone isn't communicating with you, if you hit a sore spot or make them angry, it's a good bet they'll respond in some fashion.

I recall some of the items in the "getting attention" article. I remember being particularly appalled at the parents sending the son up in the balloon and a couple others as well. I think throwing acid in one's face is a bit extreme, along with some of the others. I like attention as much as the next person, but really...

As a general rule, I set my speed control at about two-three miles over the limit on local highways. Sometimes, one has to go faster than that, to avoid being run down. On a freeway, I generally run five over the speed limit. I suspect higher limits depend on the area and type of drivers. Setting an 80 mph speed limit in flat straightaways with local or competent drivers may make sense. However, if those are areas traveled by older drivers, whether in cars or RVs, you're looking for trouble, as they're going to go 50 to 60 mph, which means they now become a hazard for those who want to maintain the higher speed limit or push it a bit higher, regardless of what it may be. I will admit that when I was on fairly uncrowded four lane divided highways during last spring's trip, I did sometimes set the cruise at about ten mph over the posted limit.

I'm pretty sure animals have a sense of humor and I'm also pretty sure they're sometimes laughing at us, whether we meant to entertain them or not!

William J. said...


Things improved everyday with Mom and we got a lot done yesterday. Her eye appointment went well and no surgery is required.

I also recalled some of the attention things in the article and like you sending the son up in the balloon bothered me to no end, it was just plane stupid. We all like attention but some of us are a little smarter at how we go about it!

Good point about the older drivers on an 80 MPH freeway. That is a disaster awaiting to happen. I always set my cruise control at five miles over the limit and like you often I have to duck to get out of the way. And there are times I set the cruise control ten over, if I am pretty much the only one on the road.

I have always thought that animals had emotions. Including a snese of humor and laughing at us.