Friday, September 28, 2012

Day Two Of Dusting Up My life.

I sought my soul, but my soul I could not see. I sought my God, but my God eluded me. I sought my brother and I found all three. ~ Unknown. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother, Grover.

Day two of peaceful relaxing. Enjoyed yesterday. Relaxed, shopped (I actually like it), planned the weekend's menu, got some walkie talkies (I can't hear mom in some of the rooms at her house, this is my solution), bought some cookbooks. Today more shopping to get the items for the weekend menu, buying a new computer and setting it up, giving a shot at making homemade rolls, crock potting some peach pork ribs, and who knows maybe a movie. END OF WATCH or WON'T BACK DOWN. Cops fighting crooks or teachers fighting administrators. The key is a large popcorn, then a free refill and I have half the snacks for the Oregon game tomorrow night. Planning ahead.

Before heading out to the ATM and the grocery store I thought I would post today's entry.

First up is an inventive way to fix a floor:

Instead of remodeling maybe the answer is a smaller house:

Of course you need money to remodel or buy a house so maybe you better rub up against this family and get some of their luck:

I have a couple of issues that I need help with but I am having trouble drafting the post to ask for you help because they are both sensitive issues. One has to do with taking care of Mom while we are out on our excursions usually to a restaurant. The other has to do whether or not I should contact someone. I hope to have the post drafted in time for tomorrow or Monday's entry. I will be looking forward to your input after posting the plea for help.

For now on today's post, Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Happy Birthday to Grover. Today is also my brother's birthday. Lake is celebrating by serving this week as one of the marshals at the Ryder's Cup in Chicago, a long-time dream come true.

Glad you had another relaxing day. You're really getting into this cooking stuff. I'd be much better off, if I'd do at least outlines of weekly menus, rather than waiting until 5:00 to decide what we're going to eat! Even if I only do them mentally, it helps, especially if I remember to take meat out of the freezer and/or get up early enough to start the crock pot.

Good luck with the new computer. Let us know what you get and how get along with it. We now use laptops as our CPUs, attaching the big screen monitor, regular keyboard and trackball mouse to it.

Interesting articles. There are times when we'd kill for a hot tub. Hmmm, maybe if we could find another place for the gun safe, we could put on in the corner of the long, narrow living room... Love the little house. Can't say we could live in that amount of space, with both of us working out of the house, but it is true that downsizing teaches you to live with a lot less than you "think" you need. We cut our space in half, when we bought this place. As to the lottery winning family, good for them. However, I can see where the couple might decide it's time for someone else in the family to have a baby (G).

We'll help all we can with your concerns about women. Sometimes, it helps just to write it out, even if you don't get a lot of response. Sorta clarifies things? Anyway, let us know when you're ready.

And, ladies, this is one time to come out of the woodwork and help with comments.

William J. said...


The rolls turned out pretty good this time, maybe a little done so there is room for improvement the next time but they taste damn good. The ribs turned out so tender that all the meat fell of the bones. They also taste good.

I am taking another day to look at computers to make sure I get the right one.

I would also like a hot tub so the first article kind of interested me. Like you I don't think I could live in a house that small. Maybe if forced to. I would volunteer to be the lottery family's baby.

OK, I try to draft the help questions this weekend.