Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last day at Mom's. Should be home by eight tonight. Yesterday Mom played bridge. We had a nice lunch together. Then I cooked us breakfast for dinner. Watched Family Feud and Jeopardy. Probably will take Mom out to lunch today and then fix dinner at home tonight. More Feud and Jeopardy.

Did you ever wonder what were the worst inventions of all time were? Wonder no more.\

Lots of colds and flues going around. Want to know what cold medicine not to use?

I like food. How about you? Ever wonder what cities have the most restaurants? I was pleased to see not only Portland and Seattle on the list but also the city I went to high school, Klamath Falls, on the list.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Was at Mom's yesterday from one in the afternoon until this morning. I will be there today and tonight and Thursday until 7:30. Today I get a break because she plays bridge from noon until four. I've got lunch and dinner all planned.

On to today's post. Back pain. We all have it. What does it mean?

I think the people that follow the blog are just out of this world and I think I am from outer space so I enjoyed the following article:

I like heroes. Young heroes.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


The me day turned into a work day. I got a lot done. Did my grocery shopping. Picked up my dry cleaning. Filled out an application for electronic filing permission with the IRS. You have to be approved and investigated before they allow you to electronic file with them. I have had a top secret clearance before so shouldn't be any problem. Then I scheduled a lunch with Mark. The one that bought my business and then separated out on his own. He says his mom is doing good but gets depressed easily. His cancer is in remission. I am having lunch with him next Tuesday. Looking forward to it. I did a lot of other things, I was busy all day it seemed like.

I really didn't spend any time looking for big foot. But someone did.

I did check out some of the new social security laws:

I also didn't need any shots. I've had them all. Maybe next year they won't hurt so much.

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I heard from Kaye this morning and the news isn't good. Prayers, positive thoughts and good vibes her way would be appreciated. Here is the news:

Good morning, Bill. I have sad news to share. Tarzan had a new MRI done on the 21st and our appointment with his oncologist was yesterday. The MRI shows tumor cell progression and they are referring him to a new doctor that has some clinical trials he could qualify for. We will have that meeting next week so I will no more then. Delivering this news to his sister & daughter was very difficult last night. Tarzan had been doing so well with the treatments so far, this was hard news to take in.

However, I feared that things weren't good as in the past 2 weeks, his word recall has become difficult again, he still is unable to read, he moves in slow motion and his 1 to 2 hour naps in the afternoon are now usually 4 hours. We also had a visit with a new eye doctor yesterday. She is changing his glasses from a prism level 1 to level 3 which should help. She has also provided a referral to a new speech and language therapist to help with how the brain interprets letters and words so hopefully he can read some things again.

So, things are a little "blue" in the Tarzan/Jane household right now. We will however, get past our initial sadness and move on to do what we need to do for Tarzan. I've googled some of the info concerning cell progression after a grade IV glioma has been removed, and most are averaging a survival rate of about 1 year. I guess when we meet with the new doctor next week, we will find out more from them.

Thanks for being there and always available for me.


Monday, January 28, 2013

Mellow Monday

After a busy and tense week I am just relaxing today. A true me day. I may do some work but mostly am just going to relax and listen to music or watch TV. I might try to clean out my cupboards and freeze some food but what foods should I freeze?

Maybe I schedule a short get away. Maybe even to the hotel in the next article:

And I might just call someone to have a discussion with them:

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blowing My Own Horn

Not doing a check-in today but if you want to do one be my guest. The blog is yours today or any day for that matter. Always post what is on your mind or what you want to. I promise it usually won't land you in jail.

Tax season is here so you may want some tips on how to avoid an audit:

And with colds and flues going around you may want to know how to avoid germs. Is the five second rule good?

I may not being doing a check-in today but I am not going to pass up a chance to blow my own horn. The article was posted on The Huffington Post yesterday. About a man that history has forgotten. Well, I didn't forget him. He was written about on The Dahn Report two years ago. As an answer to a Who Am I?

Comment Away. Post anything you damn well please. Do whatever you want.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


First the Mom Report.

DanaRae's Mom is back into the hospital with pneumonia. DR is till in Arizona and sharing twenty-four watch at the hospital with her sister.

My Mom yesterday mistakenly took sleeping pills instead of pain pills. She ended up taking three sleeping pills. Sister couldn't roust her. Siss gave her coffee, an aspirin (in case it was a stroke and not the pills) and called 911 and the doctor. Her vital signs were all good and all the professionals said to wait it out.

What made it hard for me is I didn't have a car and couldn't go into Mom's and help. My car was in the garage so I was stuck home. My sister or her husband would have come got me if they took the Mom to the hospital but the wait was brutal.

If Mom wanted to slip she could have just eaten the right foods instead of taking to many pills:

How about some tax advise for the elderly and the sandwich generation?

What would you do if you complained to a company about a product and they didn't answer? Well, what if the answered and it was sixty years later?

Send prayers and good thoughts toward DR and her mother and my mother and my sister (and me) and then Comnent Away

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dolls, Heroes, & Hamburgers.

I always hate it when I go to bed and they are predicting a weather Armageddon. Last night they were predicting freezing rain for this morning and to last into the afternoon. I just got up. The temperature is 35 degrees and it isn't raining. Crying wolf again. One of these days they are going to issue a Weather Warning, nobody is going to believe, get on the road and kill someone.

Let's start the day with a story of dolls. A charming story of dolls:

Now how about a story of heroes?

I may have a hamburger or cheeseburger for lunch but I am getting tired of Burger King, Wendy's, and McDonalds. I am going to be happy if some new burger joints open up in Portland.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Mom's Life Part II

She met a young college football player. It was only a small problem that she could throw the football better than he could. She liked how different he was. He was also a singer in a small group, a quartet with a piano player. They were putting on a concert at the college. After class she snuck into the concert to hear him. She went into the balcony hoping not to be seen.. But the young man had laser vision. Dad's solo:

"Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen, and down the mountain side
The summer's gone, and all the flow'rs are dying "


The song stopped due to the laughter of the packed auditorium, the men in the group and Lotar Staliker the piano player. Mom turned red as she became the center of attention but she liked his craziness.

The day they were married they had a half of tank a gas and ten bucks to their name. They were married for sixty-four years when he left this world.


From the wedding chapel they went to Chamberlin, South Dakota. They used their ten bucks to buy a hotel and restaurant near the new railroad. It was still standing several years later when they visited it. It was a VFW hall.

They sold the hotel when dad had an opportunity to manage a nearby Gamble's store. While in the store one of the city fathers came in to the store to tell dad they needed a teacher at the local two story school house and did he know anyone. "My wife can teach". Mom started her teaching career. What Dad didn't know is the reason there was an opening is the previous teacher was recuperating from injuries after being thrown out of the second story window of the school house by the class. Things were different then. The first day of class the bell rang. None of the students came into the school. They remained outside of the school house doing other things. All five foot four inches of my Mom took the yardstick out the playground and starting swatting the students on their behinds until all students were in their chairs ready to learn. During the process one young man said to Mom "I'm going to tell my dad. He is superintendent of schools and he will fire you." "Good if your dad comes down here he will get the same thing you did." The students went on to love Mom. And dad. Mom put a lot of extra time in and dad feeling guilty for what he got Mom into helped encouraged the students by taking them in town to the football and basketball games when they passed their tests. Almost all of Mom's third grade class went on to graduate from high school. Unusual at the time as a lot of the students would forego high school for harvesting and working on the family ranches. This is the third grade class.


Two years after their marriage the United States would enter the war. Dad enlisted but was declined entry into the military due to a punctured ear drum. He found a way to serve by joining the CCC's. They helped to build the road through the Black Hills of South Dakota. This is the group dad worked with, dad is directly behind the mine holding his knees. After the war Mom and Dad moved to Great Falls, Montana. Dad managed a Gamble's store. Mom raised three children. The Gambles Store had a hotel above it. The store was the busiest store of all the Gambles in the United States. A lot of the traffic that went into the hotel came around the corner into the store to buy knick knacks and other things. And boy was there a lot of traffic into that hotel. A couple of years letter it was busted. It was a brothel. Mom and Dad were so innocent they were clueless to what was going on around their store!

After a stop in Billings, Montana. The Dahn family moved to Pocatello, Idaho when young Bill was a mere ten weeks old. Together with my Uncle Frank Delong they opened D & D roofing company. Mom did the books and made the appointments. I'm not sure who is on MY horse but I'm pretty sure that is me inside the truck. D & D roofing went on to become on of the largest roofing company in Idaho. While in Idaho we lived on a small farm. We had some outstanding next door neighbors. Mom is still in touch with Maxine, her daughter Tammy, and her granddaughter, Nikki. I used to ride horses with young Tammy.

Thinking a change would be good for their eldest child they sold the farm and the roofing company and moved to Klamath Falls, Oregon. They bought a Coast to Coast Hardware store. It was always my dad's dream to own a hardware store. He had the wife that supported that dream. Not only did she leave behind the bridge club she loved in Idaho she worked in the Coast To Coast Store. She was co-owner and she worked hard. She worked well. The customers loved her. There were those moments, however. It was a Saturday. The store was busy. Rex, Dad, Mom, & I were all waiting on customers. There were customers waiting for their turn. It was just a zoo. A young man interrupted Mom, "I need some bolts" For some reason all of the noise stopped and is was silent. Mom broke the silences with the question, "what size are your nuts." The store burst out in laughter, the man turned red and exited the store quickly never to return. After the laughter died down another customer asked Mom, "do you know what you said?" When he told Mom, she was horrified, Oh well, losing one customer in the ten years they owned the store isn't to bad.

This story will be continued on her ninety-eitghth birthday. For now the store ends with her three children, Jackie born in Brookings, South Dakota, Grover born in Bozeman Montana, Bill born in Billings, Montana, wishing her


Her Hands

© Maggie Pittman
Her hands held me gently from the day I took my first breath.
Her hands helped to guide me as I took my first step.
Her hands held me close when the tears would start to fall.
Her hands were quick to show me that she would take care of it all.

Her hands were there to brush my hair, or straighten a wayward bow.
Her hands were often there to comfort the hurts that didn't always show.
Her hands helped hold the stars in place, and encouraged me to reach.
Her hands would clap and cheer and praise when I captured them at length.

Her hands would also push me, though not down or in harms way.
Her hands would punctuate the words, just do what I say.
Her hands sometimes had to discipline, to help bend this young tree.
Her hands would shape and mold me into all she knew I could be.

Her hands are now twisting with age and years of work,
Her hand now needs my gentle touch to rub away the hurt.
Her hands are more beautiful than anything can be.
Her hands are the reason I am me.


Mom's Life - Part One

My Mom turns 97 today.  Today will be a two part post where I will tell her life story in pictures and words.

This is when it all started 1-21-16.


Not long after she was born my grandmother took Mom on her first shopping trip to downtown Columbus, Montana.. Look at the dresses and that car.

Mom had one brother, Uncle Frank. They had a lot of love in a childhood that just wasn't perfect because of what life dealt them. I never met my Mom's dad. He was paralyzed in an construction accident and was bedridden for most of his adult life. He died before he saw my Mom marry. My grandmother didn't have a choice and long before Women's lib had to go out into the work force to support her family. She cooked for the airlines and the trains. My mom and uncle were given the household duties and to help care for their dad. An huge responsibility at any age, an unbelievable responsibility for pre high school children.

Despite having to do the household chores Mom found time four her creative outlets. This is Mom in her first play.

She grew up to be a pretty young woman. Mom at 21.



Sunday, January 20, 2013


I took a couple of days off from the blog. Just was doing things for my Mom's birthday. I am doing the history of her life in pictures and will give it to her Monday when she turns ninety-seven.

The updates of your lives are appreciated. Feel free to share anything you want to.

Mine. Last week. Sunday lunch with Mom. Monday the movie LES MISERABLES. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were at Moms. Mom is improving but still has a ways to go. We did call the doctor because the cough is hanging on and the advise was to wait it out. That it was normal for the virus that was going around. We played some Scrabble, took some goods to the church, went out to lunch, went through some picture albums, and straightened out her back account. Friday was an errand day. Pick up drugs, get gas, grocery shop, pickup dry cleaning, and work on Mom's birthday gift. Saturday was the car to the doctor for its checkup, to Mom's to fix her lunch and fix dinner for the troops, and play Mom a game of Scrabble. I also fixed Mom's mobile wheelchair. One of the tires was looking a little flat. It isn't now.

On the agenda for today is watching football, taking Mom to lunch, finishing Mom's birthday gift and maybe a movie. Tomorrow is Mom's birthday and we will be taking her out to dinner and having a small celebration afterward. We didn't want to do a major celebration while she wasn't feeling well. Tuesday is a me day. YEA!!! This is the first week of the year I only had to do one night. Wednesday day and night are at Mom's. Thursday until eight at night is at Mom's. Friday is taking my car back to the garage for new tires. Saturday is lunch and dinner for the troops at Mom's.

The blog is now yours.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Miss Mash Thursday.

Last day at Mom's and then next week. will be first one night week at Mom's of the year. No theme today just a missmash of stuff.

First up is the funniest grandmother on twitter?

Are you polite? I guess I am. Everyone that works at Sherwood Safeway Pharmacy call me their favorite customer. They don't give me a discount, however.

Meanest Mom in America? We have someone that follows the blog that used to claim that title but it looks like someone has taken the title away from her:

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Healthy Wednesday

I'm 99% back and it feels good. Now if we can get Mom back up to snuff.

In today's environment you have to be partially responsible for your own health care. The following article lends credence to that statement:

Everyone knows fried foods are very tasty but not the best thing to be eating. So what about baking the foods instead?

I may have to start cooking from scratch again.

Aachoo!! Aachoo!! Been sneezing a lot lately. Well until yesterday. Part of the healing process:

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Heading out to Mom for a few days. One day at home just really isn't enough but them are the breaks.

What companies do you like to hate?

There is a lot to dislike about Facebook but there is also a lot to celebrate about, the following story is an example of what to like about it:

I went to Les Miserables yesterday. Loved the music. It is quite the story of redemption. Interesting when I was searching for articles for my blog post a story of redemption came up.

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Globes, Stains, & Rats.

It was great to see updates from Kaye and Dr.

The Golden Globes were fun to watch last night. I actually enjoy them more than the Oscars. The hits for me were Tine Fay and Amy Poehler. Best line "wow, what a special guest. That was Hillary's husband." George Clooney always classy, always dressed appropriately. Daniel Day Lewis a speech that lived up to his talent. Adele and Lena Dunham. The reason to watch awards. Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hatheway. Stunning and charitable. Ben Affleck nervous, I like that doubt, it is real. Clare Danes and Hugh Jackman. Yea. The misses. I muted the TV when Arnold was on stage. I am not interested in anything that jerk has to say. I don't get Sacha Baron Cohen. Would rather see just about anybody on the screen but him. Jody Foster had a chance to celebrate here lifetime achievement by celebrating the people that helped her get it but instead turned it into a chance to make us believe she was more brilliant than the rest of us by a rambling confusing speech that only she would understand. ARGO deserved the awards it received but LINCOLN was an amazing movie. The acting in LINCOLN was absolutely amazing. BRING ON THE OSCARS!

For another take on the Globes:

I thoroughly cleaned my Mom's house this weekend. Today it is my house. I can always us help getting out stains. Sometimes I spill coffee when I clean.

Some of you may thing this blog is going to the rats:

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

An Update

I am up for an update. On the agenda. Today is lunch at Mom's. And the Golden Globes Tonight:

Tomorrow is a work day. Working on a work project and if I get it done then off to Les Miserables. Tuesday and Wednesday day and nights are at Mom's. Thursday is at Mom's until seven thirty that night. Friday is an to do list attacking day.

Last week was really difficult. First me not feeling well and then Mom not feeling well. Sunday was sleeping most of the day (with this cold I have never slept so much). Sis took over with Mom. In between the sleeping I watched a couple of football games and a Trailblazer basketball game. Monday a lot more sleeping and recuperating. Tuesday finally got out for a little while. But mostly took it easy. Wednesday and Thursday days and nights were at Mom's. The caregiver was sick so didn't come until Friday. Mom was bad on Wednesday, got a lot better on Thursday, a little better on Friday, and about the same on Saturday. It just takes so long to recover at her age. She seems to react well to my cooking and sometimes me. Her blood pressure was great the whole time I was there and her sugar readings were the lowest they had been in over a week. I'm careful but optimistic with her. I am looking forward to Monday and a break.

That is it for me, now what about you? What is going on in your life? Update me on what went on in your life and what you expect is going to go on in your life. And because it is your day, post anything you damn well please.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Butter Me Up, Baby

Yep today is a good day to butter me up:

And you can butter me up with cute kid notes:

But you won't butter me up with warnings like the following:

OK, letting you know both Mom and I are almost 100% back. We still have a ways to go but we are getting there. For me this is the eight day. I started feeling good at day five but still am coughing and getting tired fast. Same with Mom. Longest lasting cold that I've had for ages. It is great to feel good again.

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Friday, January 11, 2013


Friday. Spent last night at Mom's because the caregiver is down with a cold. She should be back tonight. Mom is much better. Today I have a lunch appointment with a friend and her husband. Should be a good day.

Let's start the day out with places to avoid:

Have you ever wanted to visit the pyramids? They are in Egypt, right?

If you could time travel? Would you?

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Giving The Bird

I am at Mom's today. Gave her a lot of attention, ice cream, love, and rest and I think she is a little better. She certainly isn't worse.

Protein is good for the ill so maybe today we will have a cheeseburger:

I keep telling Mom she should just give the gold she has the finger. After all the Supreme Court says its OK:

Maybe instead of talking today I will just play music.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mom, Big Foot, Kicking, Sexist Statements.

Heading out to Mom's in a few minutes. She isn't doing well so prayers are appreciated.

I probably won't have time to look for big foot anytime soon. So it is good that others are looking for me:

I don't think I will be doing any kicking while I am there so I am glad we have a young girl to do the kicking for me:
The big story to come out of the national football championship this year wasn't that Alabama creamed Notre Dame is was Brent Hamburger's sexist statements about the girl friend of the Alabama quarterback.

I think it was completely unprofessional for the hamburger to make the comments he did. It was stupid. However, after the game Miss Alabama's tweet following went from a few hundred followers to over one hundred thousand followers. So there me be poetic justice at work.

By the way what Hamburger said in a nutshell was that the QB was lucky to have such a beautiful girl friend and if all the little boys in Alabama wanted to get the pretty girl they better start practicing so they can be quarterback some day.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Cat In The Hat

Going to attack my to do list between rests to gain my stamina back. Been a rough few days. I'm forever grateful that I got my flu shot because without I'd been down for over a week. Four days I can handle. When I am down and sleeping a lot I really miss Katie. The cat I had for seventeen years and always snuggled up to me if I was ill. Sometimes it is amazing what cats can do:

Just think if the prisoners would have put their inventiveness to good use instead of criminal misuse.

While recovering I've been drinking a lot of tea. I've been wondering what to do with the used teabags. Considering that since I've been sick I've been upside down with my nose running and my feet smelling:

Perfect for my shoes.

Men are from Mars we all know that, right? But did we know that could be where men get their flowers?

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Monday, January 7, 2013

I'm Back

I am back but not all the way back. I'm about 75%. It has been quite a long time - several years- when I had a cold of that magnitude.

Thanks to Mary Z, Dona, Mary, and DR for there good wishes. They are appreciated.

I'm still a little to exhausted to do an update so today's entry will be a normal blog entery. If anyone of you want to update us on how you are doing please feel free to do so.

Today I am going to start with two articles about children.
  Then closing with an article about dumb criminals. They wanted to steal jewelry. They did end up where you can get nuggets.   Comment Away

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Down But Not Out

There won't be a post today and maybe not tomorrow. I've come down with a monstor sore throat so am taking a sick day or two.

I did get my flu shot so the recovery should be short and the annoyances not as bad if I hadn't gotten the shot.

Hope you all are well. Will back tomorrow or Monday.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Calling Mom, Getting A Nap In, Stuck in A tree.

Friday. My me day. Already finished two tax returns this morning. A corporate one and an individual one. Before starting the returns I called my Mom. I call my Mom every day and often more than once a day. However, there are some times when a son just shouldn't call his Mom.

I need a nap so I think I will get in my car and run a few errands:

Maybe instead of driving I will take a bicycle. Do you think I would be out of my tree if I took a bicycle?

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Game Day

Day Two of 2012. Day one of Me days for 2013. Looking forward to getting a lot done today. One corporate tax return. One individual tax return. Clean the kitchen. Clean the downstairs bathroom. I probably won't even exit my house. After seventeen straight days at Mom's it is going to be good just stay inside the four walls of my house. Besides it is damn cold outside. If I didn't already have a to do list I might follow the advise in the following article:

Are you going to stay inside today because you aren't feeling well? Have a cold? Have a fever? Which one do you starve? Which one do you feed?

I am going to stop all work at 5:30 to watch the Fiesta Bowl. My Oregon Ducks take on Kansas State. Want to know what my game day is like:

Recliner. Check. Duck Pajamas. Check. Sweet ...Potato Chips. Check. reduced fat, lightly salted ripple chips. Check. White Castle burgers. Check. To be added at game time, Diet Coke and remote control. To Do before game. Position two TVS for maximum viewing. Call Mom to tell her I am shutting off the phone so she doesn't worry. Shut off the phone. To do after kickoff. Yell a lot, cuss a little at the officials, question the play calling, and smile when we win.

Obviously I don't worry about what I eat on game day but the rest of the year I am going to pay attention to the following article:

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Topping 2012

Today we are doing the tops stories. These stores are from memory so I am no doubt going to miss some. Please add your top stories to the list. You can add your personal stories, stories specific to your state, or national stories I missed.

TOP NATIONAL STORIES. Not in any order.

Twinkies biting the dust. Hostess going broke.

The election and the debates. President Obama winning a second term.

The Olympics.

Lance Armstrong doing down in flames.

Hurricane Sandy and the destruction it brought with it.

The world ending. Oh wait it didn't end.
The shootings. A mall, a grade school in Connecticut, a fire station, a movie theater in Colorado, a temple and so on.

A 656 million mega millions jackpot and a 600 million Powerball jackpot. I didn't win either.

TOP OREGON STORIES. Also not in any order.

The Clackamas Town Center Shooting.

A dock from the Japanese Tsunami washed up on the Oregon Coast.

Convicted murderer Gary Haugen fight for the right to be put to death and our Governor's fight to keep him alive.

Portland Trailblazers make a coaching change and replace most of their front office.

The Portland Timbers firing their coach.

The Trailblazers draft Lilliard and Leonard in the first round.

A young male wolf that has wandered more than 1,000 miles across Oregon and Northern California looking for a mate and a new home.

The Oregon Ducks missing the championship game by one game, a loss to Stanford.

MY TOP PERSONAL STORIES. Again not in any order.

Mom painting again. Doing so well at it even at the age of 96, almost 97.

The death of a friend's mother from lung cancer.

The death of my friend, Pat Peck from lung cancer.

The death of my uncle and second father, Frank Delong.

Me attending the Oregon-Stanford game. I finally put everything aside and got out of Portland even if it was for only a day. I overcame my fear of driving on the freeway and did quite well with the driving and being away from home. It didn't help that on the way back from Eugene I ran in a driver going the wrong way on the Interstate 5. Fortunate they go him off the freeway before he hurt anyone.

Me learning how to cook. I really like it and hope to learn more in 2013.

Meeting my Texas relatives for the first time in June.

Surviving another Tax season.

My nephew once removed returning from the missing.

Learning how to do more around the house.

Finishing third in our Fantasy Football League and winning some bucks.

My friend Ted R. getting my Mom and friend Bernice Wright out of a lawsuit.

The success of my Facebook account. I get a lot of emails and notes about how people like the pictures and comments I post.

The faith of my blog followers like Dona, Mary, DR, Belva and so many others.

That is it for now.

Comment Away.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 It Is

New Years Day. A day when I was growing up we always hosted fifteen to twenty people for a breakfast buffet and to watch the Rose Parade.

I am going to spend the day at Mom's and just make it easy for her. Keep it calm. Watching the parade, some football games, play a few games of Yahtze and Scrabble, eat some, and sleep some

Should be a healthy day. We probably will do goals instead of resolutions but if we were going to do resolutions the following list might be a good one:

Whatever we do we may discuss the most annoying words of 2012.

We will also talk about new laws that start today:

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