Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 It Is

New Years Day. A day when I was growing up we always hosted fifteen to twenty people for a breakfast buffet and to watch the Rose Parade.

I am going to spend the day at Mom's and just make it easy for her. Keep it calm. Watching the parade, some football games, play a few games of Yahtze and Scrabble, eat some, and sleep some

Should be a healthy day. We probably will do goals instead of resolutions but if we were going to do resolutions the following list might be a good one:


Whatever we do we may discuss the most annoying words of 2012.


We will also talk about new laws that start today:


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dona said...

Happy New Year

Your day sounds nice, the Shankster would especially go for the sleeping part :)

I don't think I have ever made a resolution, probably because I know myself and I wouldn't have been able to stick to it.

I agree with the annoying words, some just use them way too much, like, you know? I mean seriously... :)

All the new laws that start today, I actually thought some were already laws, like the not flashing your lights to alert other drivers, or maybe it was just not a law in that state?
I am a bit confused about the stealing of used grease, however, what would one do with it?

A Happy New Year and prayers and good thoughts out to DR, for a safe trip.

William J. said...

Hi Dona

Happy New Year to you and The Shankster.

I always do goals instead of resolutions. Just seems better to me.

LOL, re the annoying words. To be honest with you it really did make me laugh.

I don't know you can probably use the stolen grease as a hair gel.