Sunday, January 20, 2013


I took a couple of days off from the blog. Just was doing things for my Mom's birthday. I am doing the history of her life in pictures and will give it to her Monday when she turns ninety-seven.

The updates of your lives are appreciated. Feel free to share anything you want to.

Mine. Last week. Sunday lunch with Mom. Monday the movie LES MISERABLES. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were at Moms. Mom is improving but still has a ways to go. We did call the doctor because the cough is hanging on and the advise was to wait it out. That it was normal for the virus that was going around. We played some Scrabble, took some goods to the church, went out to lunch, went through some picture albums, and straightened out her back account. Friday was an errand day. Pick up drugs, get gas, grocery shop, pickup dry cleaning, and work on Mom's birthday gift. Saturday was the car to the doctor for its checkup, to Mom's to fix her lunch and fix dinner for the troops, and play Mom a game of Scrabble. I also fixed Mom's mobile wheelchair. One of the tires was looking a little flat. It isn't now.

On the agenda for today is watching football, taking Mom to lunch, finishing Mom's birthday gift and maybe a movie. Tomorrow is Mom's birthday and we will be taking her out to dinner and having a small celebration afterward. We didn't want to do a major celebration while she wasn't feeling well. Tuesday is a me day. YEA!!! This is the first week of the year I only had to do one night. Wednesday day and night are at Mom's. Thursday until eight at night is at Mom's. Friday is taking my car back to the garage for new tires. Saturday is lunch and dinner for the troops at Mom's.

The blog is now yours.


dona said...

Hi Bill, glad you took some days off the blog, I did too :)
I actually didn't have a chance to respond, try to get it read each day tho!

Glad your mom is better, although the cough lingering can be annoying and make you worry. I have heard of others doing the same with this latest virus.

Sounds like a bad week for tires :) One of those things I don't care to have to purchase, but a necessary expense, right up there with insurance, dental, mechanics etc....:)

So how are you at Scrabble?

William J. said...

Hello Delightful Dona

I'm thirty years young than Mom and I still have a cough. You just have to hang in there.

Tires are better when you don't know there are they.

I play a mean game of Scrabble and you?


dona said...

Ohh I like Scrabble, don't know if I am good at it, like a lot of things LOL. I figured you and your mom were both good at Scrabble, cause you play a lot.

William J. said...

Hi Dona

You would fit in with us. We play for fun. New words and spreading out the board are our goals not winning.