Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mom, Big Foot, Kicking, Sexist Statements.

Heading out to Mom's in a few minutes. She isn't doing well so prayers are appreciated.

I probably won't have time to look for big foot anytime soon. So it is good that others are looking for me:

I don't think I will be doing any kicking while I am there so I am glad we have a young girl to do the kicking for me:
The big story to come out of the national football championship this year wasn't that Alabama creamed Notre Dame is was Brent Hamburger's sexist statements about the girl friend of the Alabama quarterback.

I think it was completely unprofessional for the hamburger to make the comments he did. It was stupid. However, after the game Miss Alabama's tweet following went from a few hundred followers to over one hundred thousand followers. So there me be poetic justice at work.

By the way what Hamburger said in a nutshell was that the QB was lucky to have such a beautiful girl friend and if all the little boys in Alabama wanted to get the pretty girl they better start practicing so they can be quarterback some day.

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Mary said...

Sorry to hear your mom's not doing well, Bill. Please keep us posted. Sending good thoughts and vibes to both of you.

William J. said...

Thanks Mary

She is much better this morning. I think we turned the corner.