Saturday, January 5, 2013

Down But Not Out

There won't be a post today and maybe not tomorrow. I've come down with a monstor sore throat so am taking a sick day or two.

I did get my flu shot so the recovery should be short and the annoyances not as bad if I hadn't gotten the shot.

Hope you all are well. Will back tomorrow or Monday.


Mary Z said...

Hope you're better soon, Bill.

dona said...

I also hope you get better quick Bill, I did remember once I awoke with such an alarming sore throat out of nowhere, I thought I was going to die. So I typed in whatever I could think of to find a quick, easy, cheap homemade cure for my sore throat. I found it. Take a teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper Powder to a cup of water and gargle, being careful not to swallow or get any on your lips/face. According to several places I found this was a Quick cure all for the sore throat, and that it works as soon as the next day.

I am here to tell you I do not and cannot do hot/spicy anything... So this was a stretch for me as my sore throat was that bad to try anything, and it worked, I was amazed. So if you are game try it, you never know....Take care of yourself!

Mary said...

Oh no, take care of yourself Bill! I order you to spend tomorrow in your jammies wrapped up in a blanket watching football. Maybe you should add some hot tea and honey to your list of foods to eat during the game.

Lady DR said...

Bill, please take care of you. I agree with Mary. Never heard of Dona's "cure" but am filing it for future reference.

I'm in AZ and will report in later