Thursday, January 17, 2013

Miss Mash Thursday.

Last day at Mom's and then next week. will be first one night week at Mom's of the year. No theme today just a missmash of stuff.

First up is the funniest grandmother on twitter?

Are you polite? I guess I am. Everyone that works at Sherwood Safeway Pharmacy call me their favorite customer. They don't give me a discount, however.

Meanest Mom in America? We have someone that follows the blog that used to claim that title but it looks like someone has taken the title away from her:

Comment Away.


Mary said...

I'm not in danger of losing my title. If one of my kids got caught driving drunk, they'd WISH the worst thing that happened to them was me selling their car!

William J. said...

Hi Mary

I completely agree. Taking away the car just isn't enough. That is good mothering not the meanest mother.