Thursday, January 10, 2013

Giving The Bird

I am at Mom's today. Gave her a lot of attention, ice cream, love, and rest and I think she is a little better. She certainly isn't worse.

Protein is good for the ill so maybe today we will have a cheeseburger:

I keep telling Mom she should just give the gold she has the finger. After all the Supreme Court says its OK:

Maybe instead of talking today I will just play music.

Comment Away.


dona said...

Glad to hear mom is doing better, I am sure all the attention, rest and of course the good food didn't hurt.

What a Cheeseburger! All I could think of was how you could tell if it was done in the middle...

I liked the music article, the video of the guy at his wedding, was a bit too long, but kinda funny.

William J. said...

Hello Delightful Dona

Mom keeps improving. The cough is going to hang on for a while. But she doesn't have fever and is sleeping better so we are good to go.

I liked my cheeseburgers well done and I could think of is how in the heck could they get that thing well done. It would take a century.

Music is often better than talking for me. It is just nice to lose myself in it once in a while.