Sunday, January 13, 2013

An Update

I am up for an update. On the agenda. Today is lunch at Mom's. And the Golden Globes Tonight:

Tomorrow is a work day. Working on a work project and if I get it done then off to Les Miserables. Tuesday and Wednesday day and nights are at Mom's. Thursday is at Mom's until seven thirty that night. Friday is an to do list attacking day.

Last week was really difficult. First me not feeling well and then Mom not feeling well. Sunday was sleeping most of the day (with this cold I have never slept so much). Sis took over with Mom. In between the sleeping I watched a couple of football games and a Trailblazer basketball game. Monday a lot more sleeping and recuperating. Tuesday finally got out for a little while. But mostly took it easy. Wednesday and Thursday days and nights were at Mom's. The caregiver was sick so didn't come until Friday. Mom was bad on Wednesday, got a lot better on Thursday, a little better on Friday, and about the same on Saturday. It just takes so long to recover at her age. She seems to react well to my cooking and sometimes me. Her blood pressure was great the whole time I was there and her sugar readings were the lowest they had been in over a week. I'm careful but optimistic with her. I am looking forward to Monday and a break.

That is it for me, now what about you? What is going on in your life? Update me on what went on in your life and what you expect is going to go on in your life. And because it is your day, post anything you damn well please.


Lady DR said...

Tried to post an update last week, but it appears it never showed up. It's been quite a couple weeks. Flew out here New Years Day. Mom began improving a couple days later, but due to staff and conditions at Restora, Deb and I each did six hour shifts there, to be sure she could eat her meals, get to the bathroom, track vitals and talk with doctors. Many of you have "been there/done that" and know how wearing it can be She finally went six days without dialysis and Dr. U released her yesterday. YEA! Home health care was here today to begin establishing a schedule and plan for the next couple weeks/months. Needless to say, she's getting better care and monitoring and a lot more rest here at home. The first week home will tell the tale. We see the kidney spec on Thursday, after blood draws on Tuesday, and will know more then. The hope is dialysis is an issue of the past. Biggest challenge is the specialized renal diet.
On a personal level, I'm freezing my tutu off. An unexpected front came in the day arrived and the clothes I packed for 65-70 degree weather wasn't worth much when it's 46 to 50. A quick trip to Walmart for three new sweaters to wear over turtlenecks helps some. Spare time has been little, not sure if that will change with her home, but doubt it. Just means we can eliminate most of the driving time.
No idea when I'll return home. Depends on what we find out Thursday. Am hoping to head back to G'ville first of next week and get warm again.

Kaye R said...

Well, Bill... sorry to hear both you and your Mom have had a cold. Tarzan is just getting over a cold. Sounds similar as he slept a lot as well. His normal 1.5 hour naps were 4 hour naps. But he is finally feeling better after a week. We've tried to be extra careful with his compromised immune system (due to his chemo) but we think he picked this up from visiting grandkids. Glad to hear both of you are feeling better, too.

DR - I know you must be exhausted. My prayers and strength are headed your way for you and your Mom.

Other than the cold, Tarzan is doing very well. We asked his doctor how much longer he would have to take the chemo pills (he takes them 5 days a month) and she paused and said probably forever. Sigh. Well, at least he does tolerate them well, they just make him very tired starting about day 3 thru the end of the following week. He has an MRI scheduled for the 21st and we see his doc again on the 28th.

That's about all that happening here. Cheers and Happy New Year to all!

William J. said...


So good to get a report from you. I am sorry you had trouble posting last week. I was wondering how you were doing.

I'm glad your Mom is home. Those facilties are never what they are advertised to be and never live up to their advertisement. I think now that your mom is home she will continue to improve. I'm rooting for a good first week and for you to be safely back home in South Carolina soon.


William J. said...

Hi Kaye!

WOW So good to get an update.

I hope Tarzan gets over his cold, I think it is ten to twelve days before you get back to one hundred percent.

This cold is all over he could have picked it up almost anywhere. I was worried specifically about Tarzan because of his immune system.

I am really elated that he is doing well overall. Sorry he has to take the chemo pills forever but if it helps him enjoy life and enjoy it longer then take those damn things. Will be praying for him especially on the 21st and the 28TH.

Happy New Years to you too!