Monday, January 21, 2013

Mom's Life - Part One

My Mom turns 97 today.  Today will be a two part post where I will tell her life story in pictures and words.

This is when it all started 1-21-16.


Not long after she was born my grandmother took Mom on her first shopping trip to downtown Columbus, Montana.. Look at the dresses and that car.

Mom had one brother, Uncle Frank. They had a lot of love in a childhood that just wasn't perfect because of what life dealt them. I never met my Mom's dad. He was paralyzed in an construction accident and was bedridden for most of his adult life. He died before he saw my Mom marry. My grandmother didn't have a choice and long before Women's lib had to go out into the work force to support her family. She cooked for the airlines and the trains. My mom and uncle were given the household duties and to help care for their dad. An huge responsibility at any age, an unbelievable responsibility for pre high school children.

Despite having to do the household chores Mom found time four her creative outlets. This is Mom in her first play.

She grew up to be a pretty young woman. Mom at 21.




Mary Z said...

Great pictures, Bill.

dona said...

Happy Birthday Bill's MOM!

Such great stories along with beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us.

William J. said...

Hi Mary Z

I passed on your birthday wishes and she said thank you!


William J. said...

Hi Dona

I passed on your birthday wishes also and she said Thank you!