Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Topping 2012

Today we are doing the tops stories. These stores are from memory so I am no doubt going to miss some. Please add your top stories to the list. You can add your personal stories, stories specific to your state, or national stories I missed.

TOP NATIONAL STORIES. Not in any order.

Twinkies biting the dust. Hostess going broke.

The election and the debates. President Obama winning a second term.

The Olympics.

Lance Armstrong doing down in flames.

Hurricane Sandy and the destruction it brought with it.

The world ending. Oh wait it didn't end.
The shootings. A mall, a grade school in Connecticut, a fire station, a movie theater in Colorado, a temple and so on.

A 656 million mega millions jackpot and a 600 million Powerball jackpot. I didn't win either.

TOP OREGON STORIES. Also not in any order.

The Clackamas Town Center Shooting.

A dock from the Japanese Tsunami washed up on the Oregon Coast.

Convicted murderer Gary Haugen fight for the right to be put to death and our Governor's fight to keep him alive.

Portland Trailblazers make a coaching change and replace most of their front office.

The Portland Timbers firing their coach.

The Trailblazers draft Lilliard and Leonard in the first round.

A young male wolf that has wandered more than 1,000 miles across Oregon and Northern California looking for a mate and a new home.

The Oregon Ducks missing the championship game by one game, a loss to Stanford.

MY TOP PERSONAL STORIES. Again not in any order.

Mom painting again. Doing so well at it even at the age of 96, almost 97.

The death of a friend's mother from lung cancer.

The death of my friend, Pat Peck from lung cancer.

The death of my uncle and second father, Frank Delong.

Me attending the Oregon-Stanford game. I finally put everything aside and got out of Portland even if it was for only a day. I overcame my fear of driving on the freeway and did quite well with the driving and being away from home. It didn't help that on the way back from Eugene I ran in a driver going the wrong way on the Interstate 5. Fortunate they go him off the freeway before he hurt anyone.

Me learning how to cook. I really like it and hope to learn more in 2013.

Meeting my Texas relatives for the first time in June.

Surviving another Tax season.

My nephew once removed returning from the missing.

Learning how to do more around the house.

Finishing third in our Fantasy Football League and winning some bucks.

My friend Ted R. getting my Mom and friend Bernice Wright out of a lawsuit.

The success of my Facebook account. I get a lot of emails and notes about how people like the pictures and comments I post.

The faith of my blog followers like Dona, Mary, DR, Belva and so many others.

That is it for now.

Comment Away.

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