Friday, January 4, 2013

Calling Mom, Getting A Nap In, Stuck in A tree.

Friday. My me day. Already finished two tax returns this morning. A corporate one and an individual one. Before starting the returns I called my Mom. I call my Mom every day and often more than once a day. However, there are some times when a son just shouldn't call his Mom.

I need a nap so I think I will get in my car and run a few errands:

Maybe instead of driving I will take a bicycle. Do you think I would be out of my tree if I took a bicycle?

Comment Away.


dona said...

Glad you had a me day, and found time to call mom. I used to do the same, I sure miss that part of my days. I am amazed at how stupid criminals are anymore, just crazy.

Again its crazy how many people get behind the wheel impaired, whether from drinking or when they are sleepy.

The Bicycle story is funny, or at the least the picture is funny. The guy in the article saying he couldn't really believe the lady being she is 99 years old couldn't possibly remember that was the actual bike, obviously hasn't been around older folks much. Yeah some memory may be sketchy, but I find usually they are as sharp as a tack.

William J. said...

Hi Dona

I know when Mom goes it is going to create a huge void in my life.

Dumb criminals just seem to hog the news.

I was stunned by how many people fall asleep while driving.

And I agree with you. The guy in the article doesn't have a clue about older folks. Most of the ones I know are pretty darn sharp.