Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Was at Mom's yesterday from one in the afternoon until this morning. I will be there today and tonight and Thursday until 7:30. Today I get a break because she plays bridge from noon until four. I've got lunch and dinner all planned.

On to today's post. Back pain. We all have it. What does it mean?

I think the people that follow the blog are just out of this world and I think I am from outer space so I enjoyed the following article:

I like heroes. Young heroes.

Comment Away.


dona said...

Hi Bill, how many others does your mom play bridge with? Are they in the same age group also? I think that is cool she plays games so much.

Back pain something I for one could live without. Article is right on the sudden sharp pains...Shankster suffers from those too often.

I like it when parents teach their kids such as this, like her knowing mom's health problems and what to do for it. Yeah a young hero.

As far as me on the shots...yeah trying to beat the alternative/knee replacement. I knew something was off lately, but had no idea it was that bad. Evidently left knee is a goner, and right knee isn't too far behind. Yikes. Sorry I wasn't more detailed, but you nailed it anyhow, Just didn't want to complain...

And thanks for Top Secret I learn something new about you about every week. (or I forgot which is possible) Still its Cool.

William J. said...

Hi Dona

Sorry about your knee. My sister had both knees replaced. It wasn't as bad as she thought and her knees were so much better than they were before the replacement. The hard part was the rehab.

Mom plays bridge every Wednesday with three other folks all older than 86.

Back pain is something we could all live without. It is hard to even walk with it. I wish none of us had it.

I also like parents that teach kids what to do in a pinch!