Thursday, January 3, 2013

Game Day

Day Two of 2012. Day one of Me days for 2013. Looking forward to getting a lot done today. One corporate tax return. One individual tax return. Clean the kitchen. Clean the downstairs bathroom. I probably won't even exit my house. After seventeen straight days at Mom's it is going to be good just stay inside the four walls of my house. Besides it is damn cold outside. If I didn't already have a to do list I might follow the advise in the following article:

Are you going to stay inside today because you aren't feeling well? Have a cold? Have a fever? Which one do you starve? Which one do you feed?

I am going to stop all work at 5:30 to watch the Fiesta Bowl. My Oregon Ducks take on Kansas State. Want to know what my game day is like:

Recliner. Check. Duck Pajamas. Check. Sweet ...Potato Chips. Check. reduced fat, lightly salted ripple chips. Check. White Castle burgers. Check. To be added at game time, Diet Coke and remote control. To Do before game. Position two TVS for maximum viewing. Call Mom to tell her I am shutting off the phone so she doesn't worry. Shut off the phone. To do after kickoff. Yell a lot, cuss a little at the officials, question the play calling, and smile when we win.

Obviously I don't worry about what I eat on game day but the rest of the year I am going to pay attention to the following article:

Comment Away.


dona said...

HI Bill, I have just spent way too much time trying to comment on the post from yesterday, even after saving it, I kept getting a "whoops that's an error" upon trying to post, and while trying to prove I wasn't a robot, Kept losing my comment. So no comment from me for yesterday. :)

What a nice thing to get to things for yourself, I don't know how you have time for anything much less cleaning.

I always seem to forget that feed a fever/feed a cold/or starve it rule. Good thing I don't get either very often.

I like the list of what to do when its cold out. I've had to learn to organize a lot since being here at Dad's, so that's a given even in the summer months. And I do like to try to catch up on repairs around the house as you're stuck inside so why not do something constructive, its just getting motivated that's the problem!

I love your blog posts and your Facebook posts, always informative.

Shankster just has one request, add a Pepsi to your list and we will stop by for a few, we don't do Diet Coke. :)

dona said...

YAY This comment went thru!!! Chalk one up for me in 2013. :)

William J. said...

Hey There Delightful Dona

For the Shankster to come here, all the Diet Pepsi he wants. I will even bring out the second and third recliners I have for you and him.

I'm really sorry about the trouble you had posting yesterday. Today I had to go to the library to post a picture to the blog because Google wasn't accepting a picture from me. Thank you being so faithful and for keeping on trying.

Organizing is the big thing for me. Mom and her aide just throw things in the freezer. When I am there I always organize it and then they can get double the amount of stuff in there. Until they just start throwing things in there again.