Monday, January 14, 2013

Globes, Stains, & Rats.

It was great to see updates from Kaye and Dr.

The Golden Globes were fun to watch last night. I actually enjoy them more than the Oscars. The hits for me were Tine Fay and Amy Poehler. Best line "wow, what a special guest. That was Hillary's husband." George Clooney always classy, always dressed appropriately. Daniel Day Lewis a speech that lived up to his talent. Adele and Lena Dunham. The reason to watch awards. Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hatheway. Stunning and charitable. Ben Affleck nervous, I like that doubt, it is real. Clare Danes and Hugh Jackman. Yea. The misses. I muted the TV when Arnold was on stage. I am not interested in anything that jerk has to say. I don't get Sacha Baron Cohen. Would rather see just about anybody on the screen but him. Jody Foster had a chance to celebrate here lifetime achievement by celebrating the people that helped her get it but instead turned it into a chance to make us believe she was more brilliant than the rest of us by a rambling confusing speech that only she would understand. ARGO deserved the awards it received but LINCOLN was an amazing movie. The acting in LINCOLN was absolutely amazing. BRING ON THE OSCARS!

For another take on the Globes:

I thoroughly cleaned my Mom's house this weekend. Today it is my house. I can always us help getting out stains. Sometimes I spill coffee when I clean.

Some of you may thing this blog is going to the rats:

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dona said...

HI Bill, I also was glad to see the updates from Kaye and DR. I hope they are both taking care of themselves also.

I didn't watch the Golden Globes, so was happy to read your reviews, I did hear from a few and read online about Jodie Foster's speech, and agree with you.

Seen a few tips for getting out stains I never heard of, the most interesting however was the first about egg yolks. As it seems someone in this house(we won't point fingers) constantly drops eggs right in front of the refrigerator and never thoroughly cleans them up, therefore leaving a stain. And I have tried everything I can think of to get it out. So am wondering if the egg yolk trick may work to get out the egg yolk stain? worth a try I guess.

William J. said...

Hi Dona

I bet I know who in your household has egg on his face. Let me know if the tip works to get the egg off of the floor.

Jodie's speech was just weird.