Saturday, January 26, 2013


First the Mom Report.

DanaRae's Mom is back into the hospital with pneumonia. DR is till in Arizona and sharing twenty-four watch at the hospital with her sister.

My Mom yesterday mistakenly took sleeping pills instead of pain pills. She ended up taking three sleeping pills. Sister couldn't roust her. Siss gave her coffee, an aspirin (in case it was a stroke and not the pills) and called 911 and the doctor. Her vital signs were all good and all the professionals said to wait it out.

What made it hard for me is I didn't have a car and couldn't go into Mom's and help. My car was in the garage so I was stuck home. My sister or her husband would have come got me if they took the Mom to the hospital but the wait was brutal.

If Mom wanted to slip she could have just eaten the right foods instead of taking to many pills:

How about some tax advise for the elderly and the sandwich generation?

What would you do if you complained to a company about a product and they didn't answer? Well, what if the answered and it was sixty years later?

Send prayers and good thoughts toward DR and her mother and my mother and my sister (and me) and then Comnent Away


Mary said...

I'm very glad your mom's okay. That had to be scary for all of you!

William J. said...

Hi Mary

It was a warning for us to be more aware. We are watching the medications a little closer now.