Tuesday, January 29, 2013


The me day turned into a work day. I got a lot done. Did my grocery shopping. Picked up my dry cleaning. Filled out an application for electronic filing permission with the IRS. You have to be approved and investigated before they allow you to electronic file with them. I have had a top secret clearance before so shouldn't be any problem. Then I scheduled a lunch with Mark. The one that bought my business and then separated out on his own. He says his mom is doing good but gets depressed easily. His cancer is in remission. I am having lunch with him next Tuesday. Looking forward to it. I did a lot of other things, I was busy all day it seemed like.

I really didn't spend any time looking for big foot. But someone did.


I did check out some of the new social security laws:


I also didn't need any shots. I've had them all. Maybe next year they won't hurt so much.


Comment Away.


I heard from Kaye this morning and the news isn't good. Prayers, positive thoughts and good vibes her way would be appreciated. Here is the news:

Good morning, Bill. I have sad news to share. Tarzan had a new MRI done on the 21st and our appointment with his oncologist was yesterday. The MRI shows tumor cell progression and they are referring him to a new doctor that has some clinical trials he could qualify for. We will have that meeting next week so I will no more then. Delivering this news to his sister & daughter was very difficult last night. Tarzan had been doing so well with the treatments so far, this was hard news to take in.

However, I feared that things weren't good as in the past 2 weeks, his word recall has become difficult again, he still is unable to read, he moves in slow motion and his 1 to 2 hour naps in the afternoon are now usually 4 hours. We also had a visit with a new eye doctor yesterday. She is changing his glasses from a prism level 1 to level 3 which should help. She has also provided a referral to a new speech and language therapist to help with how the brain interprets letters and words so hopefully he can read some things again.

So, things are a little "blue" in the Tarzan/Jane household right now. We will however, get past our initial sadness and move on to do what we need to do for Tarzan. I've googled some of the info concerning cell progression after a grade IV glioma has been removed, and most are averaging a survival rate of about 1 year. I guess when we meet with the new doctor next week, we will find out more from them.

Thanks for being there and always available for me.



dona said...

I knew your me day would be more...but its always good to get things done.

Top Secret Clearance? Cool. Gosh I still don't get why you are still single! :)

Finding BigFoot? Shankster loves this show. Can't say I believe, or if he does, but he has always been fascinated with the thought. I honestly think if they do exist they must be a genius sort, as they not only take care to not be seen/photographed well, and they certainly do take care of their own as no dead ones have been found. ;)

Talk about shots, I got 4 today in my knees, ouch....but hopefully better than the alternative. I do think a lot would relish having a needle free injection, I know the Shankster would, he got a shot in the neck once with a needle that I believe was at least 12 inches long. And for a diabetic, I think it would be great.

To Kaye, I don't know you only thru this blog, but everyone here has been so supportive of me with all I have, and I want to extend my support to you. SO I want to say to you I admire your perseverance as so much of what we all go thru when it come to care-giving or just being with our loved ones during these obstacles we face is also tough on us. Hang in there, I will pray for you and Tarzan each day. God Bless.

William J. said...

Delightful Dona.

You can't just drop it on us that you got four shots in your knee and not tell us why. Are you OK? Was the alternative surgery? Knee replacement?

When I worked on the space program I had the second highest clearance (Top Secret) so I could follow a part from order to being placed on the space ship. Needed access to different places then.

I also love Finding Bigfoot and do think he exists. Or she. Maybe not in the form we think but in another form. He has to be kind of a genius to have existed this long in the mountains or the forests.

Your Shankster needle story reminded me when mom got a shot behind her eyes with needle way to long. I am all for needle free injections.

I will pass on your kind, supportive, and wonderful words to Kaye.