Friday, August 31, 2012

Once In A Blue Moon.

just got back from my doctor's appointment. When ask my doctor if the results were good, he said they were fantastic. My cholesterol was 129, bad 41. My BP normal. My muscle tone normal. I've lost twelve pounds. After celebrating by having some movie popcorn this afternoon I am going back on course. Since I want to lose more weight the following article interested me:

Speaking of health, following is a disease (or is it) that everyone has:

I hope my lab results aren't that good only once in a blue moon.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Honest Snafus

Dave's visit with mom went extremely well. Mom has known Dave since the third grade. He was awestruck at how good mom looked and how sharp her mind was. Mom was stunned at how handsome Dave was and how young he looked. The conversation after Dave left:

"Mom what did you think?"

"I was stunned how handsome he was."

"Am I has handsome as he is?"


I'm not sure I like this honesty stuff.

Let's start with a snafu:

We all pray that those in the path of Isaac survive and in tact. Now I am praying for this little girl and her stuffed animals:

How many pairs of shoes do you own? I have maybe four pay. Maybe three that are decent.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Only The Good

We had a great time last night. It really worked well last night having the event at a restaurant. The Staff at Paddy's was great, parking was easy, and the food good. I sat next to Bill Ellis. Talk about humble. I've known the man over ten years and you know what I found out last night? He grew up with Roy Orbison and played drums in his band. I don't know about you but if I had ever played drums in Roy Orbison's band I'd be wearing the t-shirt and telling everyone I ran into. My brother had a great night. He is really isolated in Wyoming and it was so good for him to have a chance to interact with a bunch of men of different ages.
He may of even had a life changing experience, one that I can't say much about unit it comes true. He told me it was the highlight of his trip.

Since it was such a good night we are only doing good stories today.

There is no longer a Denny's near us. The one that was closest to us has been turned into a strip club. I really miss Denny's because of stories like this:

Let's hear if for a city employee:

Closing with the man that wanted to make a difference in a child's life and was willing to do whatever he had to:

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Football Night

Yesterday I got a ton done, including weeding, mowing, dishes, grocery shopping. It is a busy week again. Today is football day! Tonight twelve men get together and act a little like fools. Getting our picks in for the start of the professional football season a week from tomorrow. College football starts this week! Tonight there will be four attorneys, a paralegal, a court report, two Kaiser executives, two business owners, and two CPAS trying to get the best of each other. Harmless fun. Usually I am the one that am given the responsibility of either putting the food together or ordering the food. This year they voted to have it at a restaurant to give me a break. This is also the first time in years that every member of the league will be there. My brother usually drafts by telephone. I am picking him up at four and we are going together. This will be one of the easiest annual football nights for me!

Tomorrow my friend, Dave, that I recently reconnected with is coming to Mom's for lunch. Mom knew him when he was a little kid and wants to see him. He used to come over to our house every New Year's day and spend the entire day there watching football. He played on the little league team coached and sponsored by my dad. Wednesday night is either taking mom to dinner or fixing it there. Thursday is at Mom's all day until eight p.m. Friday is getting my license renewed. Well not my license, the car's license. It expires 9-7.

I have my notes ready for tonight but I am not going to carry them in a backpack:

Some of the guys there tonight won't tell the full truth. The just want to get the upper hand. Do you live in a truthful place?

We are pretty mild folks so I pretty sure there won't be any fights tonight. And most of the guys there are good parents:

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Gullibility & Where Are They Now?

Monday a work day. Away from Mom's. Maybe a get together tonight at Mom's. Grover and his wife spent the afternoon with Mom yesterday. Then we all had pizza for dinner last night. The caregiver really worked hard putting everything together. It would be great if she worked that hard every day I'd be elated.
It was the second visit to Mom's by my brother since they have been here. They leave Wednesday morning.

We are going to skip the updates this week and will return to them next Sunday.

Are you gullible? What age were you or do you anticipate being the most gullible?

These Grannies sure aren't gullible. Fair warning the video has adult content. Not meant for children or the gullible.
Back to the astronauts. Where are the astronauts from the golden age now:

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Man's Landing, A Woman's Birthday.

The update will be tomorrow. Today we are celebrating two things. DanRae's birthday. Happy Birthday DanaRae!!! We are also celebrating Neil Armstrong and man's first landing on the moon. We lost a true American hero yesterday.

The summer between my junior and senior years in college I was an intern at North American Rockwell. That was the summer of man's first landing on the moon. The spacecraft was built at North American's Seal Beach, California's facility. That is where I worked. We were given many incredible things after Neil Armstrong took man's first step on the moon, July 20, 1969. All of the following photographs are from the company newsletter.

One thing I do remember, well actually will never forget, is a few weeks after the landing they brought the space ship that went to the moon to the Seal Beach plant and displayed it. It was incredibly small. About the size of a small dinner table. The same day they brought the craft to the pant Neal Armstrong and the other two astronauts visited. There was one heck of a ceremony. Security back then wasn't an issue and you could get closer to your heroes then you do know. I pushed my way to the front of the line and shook the hands of the three astronauts. A day that will live in my mind forever.

Here is what I think are very stunning pictures of the mission to the moon. And I threw one in there with my name on it.

Questions for the day. Name the other two astronauts that were with Neil Armstrong on the trip to the moon. Who was the second man to walk on the moon? Who stayed in the the spacecraft (a module separated from the craft and took the others to the moon) and steered the craft? Which one later appeared on Dancing With The Stars?

And how long have I known DanaRae? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Looking forward to a good Saturday. Fixing Mom lunch and then cooking dinner for Mom, myself, and the caregiver. We are having a special recipe I concocted of sweet potatoes and pork chops. I am fixing it here then taking it in to Mom's. I will stay and have dinner with them. In between time at Mom's I will be attacking my to do list and getting ready for the annual football night this coming Tuesday. I am hoping to pull some fast ones on the other eleven guys by keeping my picks a mystery. Speaking of mysteries:

From one mystery to another:

The final mystery is how dumb some people can be:

Before closing I just want to send prayers, positive vibes, and good thoughts to the victims of the Empire State Building shooting. I hope the shootings stop.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

A Major Vent & An Art Showing.

The good news is that by my doctor's appointment next Wednesday I am at the weight that he wanted me to be at for that appointment. I've lost ten pounds. I still have about twenty to go to reach the Doctor's goal weight of one hundred eighty five pounds. That is where the doctor wants me to be my next April. But we don't always get what we want.

The bad news is that I am about to send my sister packing. I've about had it with her "everything has to be done my way and if you don't do it my way everyone will pay hell" attitude. I honestly don't think she knows how cruel some of the things she does and some of the notes she leaves are to Mom, the caregiver, and myself. She isn't a selfish person. If it were for her there would be no homeless animals or people. I also sincerely appreciate her help with Mom and the willingness of her and her husband to move up here and help with Mom. It was to hard doing the care alone. I just think she is clueless about how her behavior comes across to other people. More than once I have and Mom has had to smooth things over with the caregiver after one of her notes so she wouldn't quit. I am so ticked at the note I got yesterday that I was seriously considering shoving it up her nether regions. I think when I am at Mom's I deserve the same respect from her that I give her when she is at Mom's. She will at times upset Mom's because she will do over everything Mom does. Any where from where Mom puts her walker (Mom puts it where she can reach it. Sis moves to where she can't reach it because it is neater) to what kind of sandwich bags Mom uses.

The neat thing brings us to Mom's paintings. I really think Mom should start painting again. I think that for two reasons. I love Mom's paintings. Mom really wants to start painting again to give her something to do. She gets bored sitting around the house alone. Sister doesn't want Mom to paint because she thinks it well smell up and mess up Mom's house. We could put the painting equipment in Mom's bedroom and open up a window or two to buffer the smell. And its Mom's house so if she wants to mess it up so be it.

I took pictures of Mom's paintings and have posted them here. What do you think of her paintings? Most of them were painted when she was in her eighties. Do you think I should encourage mom to start painting again and risk a blowup? What probably will happen is I will put up the things mom needs to paint, they will be taken down, I will put them up again, they will be taken down and so on. Truthfully, I am not sure I am up to that type of confrontation. I'm also afraid I will lose my sister's support with Mom. That worry has kept the old tongue with holes in it from biting it. What do you think? Your opinion matters.


This is the picture that I have in my house. When I was in business and had my own office I displayed it there. I had some really expensive paintings in my office. I never got any comments about the expensive painting but I got numerous ones about this one. Who painted that? Where did you buy that and so on.

This is a painting that my Mom and my Uncle Frank painted together. Since they were both in their eighties I call it Brother & Sister Moses.

South Dakota:

A farm in the Mid-West

We owned a Cabin near Klamath Falls, Oregon. It was off of Hwy. 140 near Rocky Point Junction. This is near there.

This on the Willamette Pass. It is on a road between Klamath Falls and Eugene, Oregon. This Salt Creek Falls.

This isn't really a painting but a creation that involves a canvas, paint, and unusual materials.

Northern California:

From her mind:

From her mind part 2:

From her mind part 3:

Dad on a fishing trip.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


My last day at Mom's. Should be home tonight by eight. Then tomorrow a me day. Looking forward to it.

The following article made me wonder if illegal immigrants should even have the right to sue:

There are so many sides of the issue. If the employer knowingly hired an illegal immigrant he was breaking the law and if he blackmailed the illegal immigrant he was breaking the law of morals. But should a non citizen have access to our courts?

If that didn't your discussion bloods flowing maybe the next article will:

I think I would tell the school administration to go to hell.

Now that the discussion juices are flowing let's ramp it up even more:

I think the dad is a bigot and should have accepted his son no matter what his sons preferences are. It really puts the son in a position that has to be tough. A what about a woman that would marry him knowing the situation?

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The 6TH Grade Stud

The question of the day is do you know anyone in the following picture of the Roosevelt Sixth Grade basketball team? If so who and which one is he? You can post the answer here.

I hope the question doesn't drive you to drink:

What is the weather like in your neck of the woods? Maybe you can predict it:

You know the way I predict the weather? I look outside.

In closing I would like to welcome Augusta, Georgia to the twentieth century:

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I am off to Mom's. Will be there from one today until eight Thursday night.

Brother and his family are going to the coast for the next few days. Brother did stop by Sunday night to see Mom. He did promise to spend a lot at Mom's when they get back. I am optimistic that I won't need to hold things together:

I think the desire to visit Mom is a good sign. But in other parts of the world there are bad signs that have nothing to do with family dynamics.

Closing today's post with something to watch out for. A warning for us all to pay attention to, especially the elderly living in older homes:

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Monday, August 20, 2012

The Old & The New

I am getting so much spam lately that for the next couple of days I am going to the approve comment status of my blog. What that means is your comment won't appear until I approve it. Since I am back and forth between Mom's it may be two or three hours before your comment appears. I am hoping this will stop the spam.

Brother and his wife did visit Mom last night for three or four hours. It was only their second day here so that is good. They are going to the coast for three days with their daughter's family and then they told mom they would visit everyday until they leave.

First up is the new:

Next up is the old:

Back to the new:

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Blog Is Yours

A mild week last week, a busy week on the horizon. Last week: Sunday at Mom's. Monday The Bourne Legacy. Tuesday was attacking to do list. Wednesday and Thursday were at Mom's. Thursday was also lab tests. Friday was a new foot doctor and the move, Hope Springs. An adult comedy about marriage for adults. It had good acting and a good cast but the best part of the movie was the soundtrack. Great soundtrack and I will be buying it. Saturday was lunch at Mom's, shopping for a new computer, shopping for a new cell phone that will bring me to the twentieth century, and veggie out and watching the Dodger game. I also caught up on Top Chef Masters and Covert Affairs.

On the agenda this week is watching my niece's daughter play basketball. I'll work that around making lunch for Mom and dinner for Mom and the caregiver. Monday is more shopping, some lawn mowing, some weed killing, and hopefully some family get together that included Mom and my brother. Tuesday from one in the afternoon until Thursday at eight PM is at Mom's. Friday is getting ready for my football night on the 28TH. This year it is at a restaurant so my workload has decreased substantially this year. No making arrangements for food. Saturday is a me day.

Got any travel plans for Labor Day weekend? Closing update day with a suggestion:

The blog is now yours. Catch me up on your lives. Vent. Share joys. Cuss. Post anything you damn well please! off to Mom's.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sibling Rivalry

"Being his real brother I could feel I live in his shadows, but I never have and I do not now. I live in his glow.” ― Michael Morpurgo, Private Peaceful

My brother is visiting from Wyoming today and for the next couple of weeks. I need your prayers and good vibes that he spends time with Mom this visit, more time then he usually does on these visits. The time to spend time with Mom is now not when she is on her death bed like he did with my dad. I wish that as much for him as I do for Mom. I hate to see Mom's hurt when he doesn't spend much time with her. But I watched his hurt and guilt feelings when dad left this world and I don't want to see those again. I know he is in a difficult situation because the people that control his life seem to plan every moment for him and those moments don't include time with Mom. I do hope if I was married that I had enough backbone to stand up to my wife and just tell her, you do what you want, I need to go see Mom. So send me prayers and good thoughts that bro steps up to the plate and makes mom happy this visit.

On the agenda today is lunch with Mom and then making a casserole for dinner for her and the caregiver. I did so well with Mary's recipe that I am going to try one on my own. I am hoping for the same result, it with either kill them or thrill them. I am hoping it thrill's them.

First up is really a charming article. The foresight of these youngster really is amazing:

I wonder if astrology is going to be as good at predicting the future as those fifth graders were:

Next up I think is good news but I think I will wait awhile before changing that from think it is good news to knowing it is good news:

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News question of the day, who was Judge Philip B. Gilliam of Denver, Colorado speaking to when he said the words that went viral on the Internet.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Health Today.

I'm not sure what is on the agenda today except an appointment with a new foot doctor. I am hoping insurance will pay for special inserts. Then probably a movie, Hope Springs. Tomorrow I am cooking dinner from scratch. Second time this year. Hope nobody dies.

Speaking of dying today's blog is all about health. I am really excited about the new test they have to determine if those chest pains are really a heart attack:

If I don't go to a movie today I am going to stay home and drink hot chocolate.

The following isn't really about health but is in the health field and it is damn scary:

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No news question today but the answer to yesterday is the Elaine Weinstein's husband was kidnapped by Al-Qaeda and she is seeking his release.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Last day at Mom's and I am at the end of a fast in a couple of hours. My lab tests are today. I hope I don't flunk them.

Today we are about mysteries.

Can't have a mystery without spies can you?

Sometimes there is a missing person:

There also has to be a why in a mystery as in why in the world is Bristol Palin on the All Star version of Dancing With The Stars? She can't dance. The last time she was on she stayed as dancers much better than her were sent packing. Now she is back? Almost enough to make me not watch this season. And no it doesn't have anything to do with her politics it has to do with her not being able to dance. I would have rather seen John O'Hurley, Jerry Rice, Giselle Fernandez, Stacey Keebler or anyone that can dance. As to the final contestant I am rooting for Sabrina because she is the best dancer of the three.,0,3957204.story

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News question of the day. Who is and what request did she make this week? Who is Elaine Weinstein. A hint she is from Maryland.

The answer to yesterday's question is that Alda Collins is a 110 year old World War One widow that finally got her widow's benefits from the Army.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Spirits, Rhinos, And Skys.

Heading out to Mom's in a few minutes. Be back tomorrow night at about eight. Sometimes I wonder if spirits aren't invading my life.

Sometimes there is so much noise in her neck of the woods it sounds like seven Rhinos running:

And if there isn't anything good on TV now that the Olympics are over we just watch the sky:

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Today's news question is who is Alda Collins?

Answer to the previous news questions of the day:

Shannon Eastin was the first woman to referee an NFL football game.

Claire Sherman is a twelve year-old Oregon girl from Raleigh Hills that is already doing cancer research and was playing in the Softball Little League World Series at Alphenrose Dairy in Raleigh Hills, Oregon.

Greta Friedman & George Mendonsa are the couple in the following photo, taken by Alfred Eisenstaed on VJ Day sixty-seven years ago.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lost Camera And Found Fossils.

The other day it was a town for sale in Utah now we have one a little north of there:

Most everyone remembers my famous wallet story so I love lost and found stories. Lose a camera lately?

A lot of people think us men from Oregon are from outer space maybe even mars:

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Update

Today I do lunch for Mom and dinner for Mom & the caregiver. They are having breakfast for dinner. Then it is two me days in a row where I plan on working my but off on client stuff and write a chapter or two. Wednesday from 11 in the morning until Thursday at 7:30 are at Mom's. Thursday is also a lab appointment to see how I am progressing. Friday is seeing a new foot doctor to get some special inserts for my shoes. Saturday is at Moms for the day but not for the night.

Last week was a blur again. Friday I did go to The Bourne Legacy. It was a decent movie, the fourth in the series based on the Robert Ludlam characters. The Bourne Ultimatum was the last before The Legacy and was by far the best in the series. The Legacy was as good as the Ultimatum after about a thirty minute confusing and slow start. Still work the time. Tuesday from noon until Thursday at 8 PM was at Mom's. Saturday was an errand and attacking the to do list day.

I haven't talked to Mark the one that lost his wife yet but I did talk to the CPA Mark and he is doing great. His mom is having her ups and down but was up enough for Mark and His wife to take her to the coast. And my lovely cousin Lavelle emailed me and was happy with her care package and my letter.

The blog is now yours. Let me know what is going on with you. I live to know what is going on in your lives!

The news question of the day is why was twelve year-old Claire Sherman featured in an article in The Oregonian last week? Email the answer at

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Closing Ceremony.

"If the opening ceremonies are the wedding then we're the reception." David Arnold, music director of the closing ceremonies which are on tomorrow.

I've enjoyed the Olympics and have been very proud of the Americans. From today's paper the United States leads the medal standing with ninety-four to China's eighty-one and forty-one gold medals to China's thirty-seven. Apparently there are some out there that aren't so proud of us.

John Canzano is a sports columnist of The Oregonian whose assignment the last couple of weeks has been to attend the Olympics. He is a good writer and responsive to e-mails. He had an interesting column a couple days ago

I really don't care what the rest of the Olympic world thinks of us, I'm going for the gold. The goal of life is to be the best you can be and Americans shouldn't be hammered for doing just that. What is your opinion?

The next article comes to us from DR. It is a little long but well worth the read. One of my favorite annual TV events is when CNN honors the everyday heroes. Heroes like the nun in the following story:

Since the above article was a little long we are only doing two articles and replacing the third article with a question of the day. I may do a question of the day where I mention someone in the news and you tell my why they are in the news. I'm not sure how many days a week I will do it or if I will do it at all. But for today can you tell my why Shannon Eastin is in the news? E-mail answers to

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Friday, August 10, 2012


Looking forward to today and taking in a good movie! Today we are doing discoveries.

Before today's post I wanted to congratulate my friend Ted Runstein. The lawyer friend that is helping on my mom's case (which he got her out of) and the one that when I asked for help said "anything for you." Yesterday the Oregonian had an insert called "Super Lawyers" where they listed the top lawyers in Portland. It is quite an honor for a lawyer to be mentioned in it. Ted was listed in the practice area "Personal Injury: Plaintiff's Lawyer: General". In my book Teddy Tops should be listed in all catergories!

I also knew a few others that were mentioned. Dagmar who used to work for my brother was listed as a top Immigration lawyer. My friend Larry (I went to his wedding and he used to work for Ted) was named as a top tax lawyer. There were several others with ties to me but those are the ones with the closest ties that would accept my phone call if I called.

All the articles come to you today from The Huffington Post.

First up is a Captain, my Captain: Csec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D187336

Now is a place that is pretty cool:

To close we take a time trip back to ancient times.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hot Enough For You?

Last day at Mom's will get home a little before eight tonight. Then tomorrw is a me day! A good Friday.

I've said before that one of my favorite writes is USA Today cloumnis Craig Wilson. Love this piece by him about the weather:

I think the guy's underwear in the following story was hot enough.

Funny first, dumb second, charming third. I love the guy in the following article and would love to meet him. Be fun to sit down and talk to him:

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Unusual

Today we are doing unusual stories.

I didn't know if I should laugh or cry at the following article:

Did they do the right thing by offering all their properties for back taxes?

Speaking of right or wrong the following article is a head shaker:

He was on his own property for goodness sake! The rainwater is his.

Still celebrating the unusual but in this case it is a darn good story:

Good for he cops!

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Monday, August 6, 2012

A Smelly Post

Today we are all about perfume. Let's start with the article that reminded me of two of the treasures in Portland, Oregon:

It reminded of The Perfume House and its owner Chris Tsefalas. I was introduced to both several years ago when one on my clients took me on a walk through The Hawthorne District near where she lived. It turns out that Jade was Chris's brother. I learned more about perfume in the afternoon at The Perfume House than anyone could in a lifetime.

Make sure you click on "heritage". You will discover that Mr. Tsfalas is a "nose", one of two hundred in the world. And is considered one of the twenty six best "noses" in the world. What is a nose? How do you become a nose?

"Perfumers, creators of fragrance, who are known as "Noses", are held in the highest esteem in the perfume industry and theirs is the final say as to whether or not a fragrance is acceptable. The primary requisite for becoming a Nose is a keen olfactory sense. It is not enough for the perfumer to be able to distinguish blindfolded between the fragrance of a rose and a tulip, but his sense of smell must be so acute that he can detect in a mixture of 100 or more ingredients the precise amount of the various substances that have contributed to the formula.

In order to become a perfumer one must be able to recognize various raw materials but must have the capacity and artistry to blend them harmoniously. One must be able to tell, for instance, whether a certain lot of labdanum is from Greece or Corsica; whether the oil of ylang-ylang comes from Madagascar or Manila; tell the difference between oils of the same species of plant cultivated in different countries, and which type will achieve a particular result. Lavender oil, for example, can have a top note that is floral, balsamic, sharp, sweet, green or nut-like. The Nose has his counterpart in the wine industry where the skilled expert can tell in an instant the region, type of grape, and vintage of the wine he is sampling. To get to be one of the top 26 noses in the world the prospective candidate must be able to recant all of the elements that comprises the essential elements within a fragrance before sprayed droplets of that perfume reach the floor."

Closing with an article about romance and scents that quotes Mr. Tsefalas.

If you want to order something from them I am sure they ship, if anyone visits Portland I will serve as your guide there. If you go alone, order off of the Internet, or contact them by phone tell them that Jade's former accountant, Bill, sent you there.

Now that you know more about perfume than you ever wanted to know comment away.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Updates From Portland to LA to Texas.

Some updates. I had three friends named Mark that within in the last three years found out they had prostate cancer. Mark who also lost his wife. Mark the one that bought my practice. Mark the landscaper.

I haven't heard from the first two but I am going to call both tomorrow. I did hear from Mark the landscaper and his prostate cancer came back after being dormant for a while. He is also having trouble with some decisions he may have to make involving his Mom. She is aging fast and losing her mobility. She lives in the house next door to him. Her memory is dwindling and she has trouble getting around. He wants to get her help but she is fighting him tooth and nail, doesn't want help at the house (to expensive but she has plenty of money) doesn't want to move into assisted living (I am not ready for that when in reality she is) and so on. Mark the landscaper sure could use some prayers, good thoughts, and positive vibes.

I got an update from Kaye. Here is her email:

"We have had our appointment with Tarzan’s chemo oncologist. What they see in his last MRI is about what they expected to see. The cavity where the tumor was is getting smaller and there’s a gray area around that, much like the very first MRI showed in November. Just in case it’s more tumor growth is why they start the chemo treatment again. Instead of 150 mg of temador, he’ll be taking 300 mg, but only for 5 days a month instead of everyday – on for 5, off for 21. Then he sees the doc during that last week before he starts the 5 days of temador again for blood work. He will do this for 8 – 9 months. Then I guess another MRI to see how that area is doing. She’s also going to put him on 25mg of Zoloft. He has “blue days” where he just can’t get motivated to do anything or even get out of the house. We (doc & I) think this will improve once I’m retired because Tarzan does better when WE do things on the weekends. He just seems kinda lost when I’m not here. So, that’s our update. For our first retirement trip, we’re planning a trip to Louisiana to visit his daughter’s family as their 3rd son turns 1 on 9/15. Depending on how that all works out, we may swing by Hot Springs to visit a cousin of mine where we took Mother & Dads ashes last year. Hope all are doing well… and thanks again for all the prayers and support. I can’t tell you how much those mean to me.
And a special thanks to you, Bill. What a special friend you are.



I was really appreciative of the last sentence in Kaye's email because I've been feeling like a selfish doofus lately. Remember my cousin Lavelle? She is the one that originally had two active cancers and now has three. This is her picture taken when she was in her sixties. Beautiful woman. We have a close connection because her and I were the only two in a long line of relatives. My mom heard from her the other day. She is hanging in there but there was a part in there about me not contacting her for a while and she wondered what was up with me. I've really been a bad cousin, it is just that with Mom, work, two houses to take care of, my own health issues, doctors appointments for me, for mom, caregiver's vacations and illnesses, and so may excuses I just didn't make the time to contact her. Friday I sat down and wrote a nice letter and made up a care package including some great smelling soap and some Moonstruck chocolate. I am really going to make a better effort at being a good cousin and friends. Starts tomorrow with me calling the Marks.

Good thoughts, positive prayers and vibes sent cousin Lavelle's way would be appreciated. You could send a few my way that I make my goal weight by my next doctor's appointment and that I become both a better cousin and relative.

My update. Next week two nights (Tuesday & Wednesday) and three days (Tuesday through Thursday) at Mom's. Today is watching the Olympics, the Dodgers, and fixing lunch for Mom and dinner for the Mom and the caregiver. Monday is the car washed, clothes to the drive cleaner, my corporate tax return, some emails about the annual football party, and a few phone calls (the two Marks, the foot doctor, a client and Ted about Mom's lawsuit.) Friday is a me day and The Bourne Legacy. I still have enough chips on the movie gift card that a client gave me to make it a free event.

Last week: Sunday was at Mom's. Monday lawn mowing and watering, football stuff, reading, and being a normal dude. Tuesday was a terrible movie, THE WATCH, watching the Olympics, and having coffee with a Facbook friend that recently moved here from Minnesota. Wednesday and Thursday were at Mom's. Friday and Saturday were me days which included watering and mowing, grocery shopping, office equipment shopping (new mouse, new landline phone purchased and a new cell phone and new laptop are on the horizon), and to do list navigating.

That is it for me. Now let's hear it from you. I want to know about your lives. The blog is now yours. Post anything you damn will please.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Onward and Upward.

Two me days in a row! Miracles do happen. I plan on working on my to do lest. the on with sixty-two items on it. A good week's work. Powerball is up to one hundred and eighty-one million dollars so I do plan on working on one of my jobs, future lottery winner. As to the weather, triple digits today and tomorrow. I'm fine with it because we have really had the best weather in the country this year and this is the first time in over two years we have had triple digit temperature.

Onward and Upward. The first story is from DR. It really is kind of funny and typical of a lot of customer service reps:

A musciain named Dave Carroll recently had difficulty with United Airlines. United apparently damaged his treasured Taylor guitar, worth $3500, duing a flight. Dave spent over nine months trying to get United to pay for the damages caused by baggage handlers to his custom guitar. During the final exchange with the United Customer Relations Manager, he stated that he was left with no choice other than to create a music video for You Tube exposing their lack of cooperation. The manager responded
"Good luck with that, pal."

He posted a retaliatory video on You Tube. The video has received over six million hits. United Airlines contacted the musician and attempted a settlement in exchange for pulling the video. His respons was, "Good luck with that, pal."

Taylor Guitars sent the mucician two new custom guitars in appreciation for the product recognition from the video. They had a sharp increase in orders after the video was posted.

Here is the video:

Before getting to up in the air and critical of United Airlines read the following:

Good for United Airlines. And what makes it even better is they kept their generosity quiet. The only reason this came to light was a Facebook post.

Before closing let's read about some code breakers:

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Did You Know?

Friday a me day. Watching the Olympics. Some shopping. Rest. Writing a chapter or two.

Did you know what a fire rainbow is? I didn't until seeing the following picture:

Did you know that you can move to Utah and buy a town for the same price as a lot of homes in California sell for?

Did you know women only lectures are going strong?

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Aisle 13 - Men's Aisle.

You know what I am kind of offended by the following. Are us men really that dumb? I don't need no freaking men's aisle. I am, frankly, the best shopper in the family. Better than the women in my family. Mom prefers me to shop for her rather than my sister. I'm also an elite shopper at Safeway.

Are single women now going to start hanging out in the men's aisle hoping to meet a caveman?

I wonder if they have Mayonnaise in the men's aisle. I don't eat Mayo for two reasons, it isn't good for me and I don't like it. Still I might have to buy it:

Now an update of sorts on the empty seats at the London Olympics. I think Mr. Canzano captures the moment:

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