Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I am off to Mom's. Will be there from one today until eight Thursday night.

Brother and his family are going to the coast for the next few days. Brother did stop by Sunday night to see Mom. He did promise to spend a lot at Mom's when they get back. I am optimistic that I won't need to hold things together:


I think the desire to visit Mom is a good sign. But in other parts of the world there are bad signs that have nothing to do with family dynamics.


Closing today's post with something to watch out for. A warning for us all to pay attention to, especially the elderly living in older homes:


Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

So, two full days duty at Mom's. Where's the caregiver, just out of curiosity? So glad Bro stopped Sunday and has promised to visit often while in town.

Interesting about the rubber bands. Never thought of them for getting jar lids opened. Also interesting about the erroneous street/historical section signs. Not good. Could lead unsuspecting folks into undesirable areas.

I know my brother, who works for a major insurance company, is very aware of the problem. A couple years ago, he gave everyone a carbon monoxide detector (very similar to a smoke detector) for Christmas.

William J. said...

Hi Dr

This is pretty much my normal schedule. The caregiver has a regular job so doesn't do days. She is there Thursday thru Sunday nights. My sister does every Monday night and every other Tuesday night. I do every Wednesday night and every other Tuesday night. And always Thursday days. Because the caregiver has a regular job she gets home to late to do meals so sister and I have to do the days, the lunches and the dinners even when the caregiver is there. I usually do all the meals on Saturday and Sunday to give sis time with her husband. And Thursday day. She does the other days.

I was kind of surprised at all the uses of the rubber bands and even more surprised by the erroneous signs, you would think they would have edited the signs before publishing them.

What a generous, important, and thoughtful gift from your brother!


Lady DR said...

Ah, thank you for the explanation on the caregiver. I never realized she had a regular job. I thought caregiving was her job, which is why I've often commented or questioned why you and Sis had to spend so much time with Mom. I know you enjoy being with her, but I was a bit befuddled, thinking the caregiver's job was taking care of your mom. It all makes a lot more sense now. Thanks!

Pat said...

I'll bet all those offmarket extra uses for things are interesting. And useful. I'm going to save them for tomorow, as I ran out of time today. Sleeping until afternoon didn't help me in that department.

I'm very big on help with tight jar lids. I have a rubber hand-sized mat thingy that has worked well for probably 30 years. And I hear that rubber gloves work well. As a last resort, PLIERS! I never thought of rubber bands. Only for light jobs, but I'll give it a try to have a Plan B.

Love those street names! I know I've seen at least one of them before, but they make me giggle every time.

Interesting about the carbon monoxide. Very. Ever read "Final Exit"? About plastic bags and helium when in extremis. This sounds maybe better.

But no rush. [G]

I'm assuming I didn't really leave "a required field" blank, and this is just Google's confusing way to tell us about the comment moderation. What a shame you have to bother with that. Spammers should try to get a life!

William J. said...


We really can't afford much and this arrangement works out of both of us. She lives about fifty miles away and has a job a mile from Mom's. So when she stays with Mom she doesn't have to get up at 4 in the morning for a long commute to work. We only pay her 40 bucks a nights. She takes that amount because she saves on gas and rent.

If we could afford the 100 a night that is the going rate that is just for sleeping and sis and I was still have to do a lot. So this is the most price effective.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

I am glad you slept until the afternoon because you probably needed some rest with all that is going with you.

I usually hold them under hot water and that almost always works, I never thought to use rubber bands. I've use pliers for almost everything! A plan B is always a good thing.

I've seen one or two of those street names also.

I've never read Final Exit but I just added it to my list.

If the message posted you didn't leave a field blank. Since I am moderating comments spam has hit zero so I am going to open it up again tomorrow. If it gets bad again then I'll go back to approving comments. And I agree the spammers should get a life.