Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Football Night

Yesterday I got a ton done, including weeding, mowing, dishes, grocery shopping. It is a busy week again. Today is football day! Tonight twelve men get together and act a little like fools. Getting our picks in for the start of the professional football season a week from tomorrow. College football starts this week! Tonight there will be four attorneys, a paralegal, a court report, two Kaiser executives, two business owners, and two CPAS trying to get the best of each other. Harmless fun. Usually I am the one that am given the responsibility of either putting the food together or ordering the food. This year they voted to have it at a restaurant to give me a break. This is also the first time in years that every member of the league will be there. My brother usually drafts by telephone. I am picking him up at four and we are going together. This will be one of the easiest annual football nights for me!

Tomorrow my friend, Dave, that I recently reconnected with is coming to Mom's for lunch. Mom knew him when he was a little kid and wants to see him. He used to come over to our house every New Year's day and spend the entire day there watching football. He played on the little league team coached and sponsored by my dad. Wednesday night is either taking mom to dinner or fixing it there. Thursday is at Mom's all day until eight p.m. Friday is getting my license renewed. Well not my license, the car's license. It expires 9-7.

I have my notes ready for tonight but I am not going to carry them in a backpack:


Some of the guys there tonight won't tell the full truth. The just want to get the upper hand. Do you live in a truthful place?


We are pretty mild folks so I pretty sure there won't be any fights tonight. And most of the guys there are good parents:


Comment Away.


Pat said...

Not surprising that kids are getting injured. I cringe when I see them carrying packs that might be meant for the Appalachian Trail.

Love the Honesty test! Esp. that people with kids are 100% honest. At least In Boulder. Also that women in San Diego (which they spelled wrong) are 28% more honest than the men.

In the third article, she asks: "Now tell me what you think -- are we "idiot parents" who deserve to die?"

I won't bother to tell her, but I'll post an opinion here. No, you probably don't deserve to die. But you do deserve to be forever prohibited from making any more videos, let alone posting them on YouTube. And I think all of the parents involved should watch what they let their kids see on tv. Maybe they wouldn't be so into hitting if their role models were different.

Lady DR said...

First prayers for all those in Isaac's path and hopes that folks in NO and other areas listen to the advice and common sense provided by the mayor and first responders.

You did get a ton done yesterday! I was exhausted, just reading. Sounds like tonight will be great fun and I hope you have a delightful evening. How neat Dave is having lunch with your mom tomorrow.

The backpack thing has been an issue for several years. It seems to be a combination of backpack design, how they're worn and how much they have to carry, especially in terms of books, if they're not allowed back to their locker. I've seen too many kids with backpacks slung over one shoulder. Books are heavy! Add in homework, notebooks, maybe lunch... Personally, having used backpacks as an adult and having used a rolling backpack, I'm a big proponent of the latter option, if you're lugging around heavy stuff.

Interesting survey on honesty and interesting approach to determining it.

I thought the story on toddler fighting and the video were appalling. What horrid habits or approaches to teach little ones. Is it any wonder we have bullies on every playground and kids with anger management problems and adults who have the same issues, carried forward?

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I've never owned a backpack for a number of reasons, one is that I like to keep my stuff where I can see them, second I never have the much stuff to carry. I cringe when I see them carry backpacks bigger than they are.

The honesty test made me smile. One of the reasons is the spelling of San Diego. It didn't surprise me that the women were more honest than men or that kids were the most honest.

In the artice the woman trys to defend herself and he husband, I think that is stupid. Teaching kids to fight at any age sends such the wrong message.


William J. said...


I second you on prayers for those in Issac's path and may everyone listen to the emergency personnel and those in charge.

Tonight was great fun. I will post some pictures later in the week. My brother said it was the highlight of his trip. He is so isolated where he lives that it was great for him to be in the midst of twelve men about the same age. Looking forward to seeing Mom and Dave together.

It does seem like the backpack issue gets worse every year with more classes and more books and more kids taking college classes while in high school and at a different location. I think a rolling backpack is the answer!

I thought their approach to honesting was interesting but now sure how accurate although a lot of the results didn't surprise me.

The video was appalling and so was the theory behind it because of what it teaches. Violence. Your point about bullies is right on.