Friday, August 31, 2012

Once In A Blue Moon.

just got back from my doctor's appointment. When ask my doctor if the results were good, he said they were fantastic. My cholesterol was 129, bad 41. My BP normal. My muscle tone normal. I've lost twelve pounds. After celebrating by having some movie popcorn this afternoon I am going back on course. Since I want to lose more weight the following article interested me:

Speaking of health, following is a disease (or is it) that everyone has:

I hope my lab results aren't that good only once in a blue moon.

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Great news on the doctor's app't. What a great job on lowering the cholesterol, B/P and especially the weight. And, hey, according to the article you posted, popcorn is definitely on the list of approved foods. Actually, I was delighted to see that all the weight loss items are foods I enjoy. Except, I'm trying to gain weight!

I think Arianna makes a good point about the way Americans perceive aging and the way we treat our aging and elderly. In their original cultures, the Native Americans and Alaska Natives had great respect for the wisdom and experience of the elders in their tribes. In today's culture, we don't see that so much, particularly when aging and becoming an elder is combined with failing health of any kind. Perhaps it has something to do with families/tribes being far flung and geographically separated, making it more difficult to care for our elders. Perhaps it has to do with our perceived need for both spouses to work, to attain the "success" we want, leaving little time for caring for our family elders or other elders. Nursing homes can be good or bad and good assisted living facilities, with transition to nursing care, cost more than most people can afford. Many of us here are caring for or have cared for elder parents or relatives or are trying to figure out how to be more caring. Unfortunately, too many are leaving care of the elderly to others or ignoring the need for it. IMHO.

Interesting about the blue moon. Also interesting you could see it at almost 10:00 this morning. I shall go out and take a peek this evening, as we currently have clear skies. Thanks for the heads-up.

William J. said...


My next appointment is in three months. At least five more pounds by then and even lower stats. Although the bad cholesterol at 41 won't go much lower.

I completely agree with Arianna. Our culture sends aging to pasture where the Japenese and Native American cultures value the wisdom of age. Interest point you make about two earning families now. I also agree with you that sometimes people that could take care of their elderlys leave the duties to others. However, some instances there is just no choice.

The moon was awesome last night!