Thursday, August 23, 2012


My last day at Mom's. Should be home tonight by eight. Then tomorrow a me day. Looking forward to it.

The following article made me wonder if illegal immigrants should even have the right to sue:

There are so many sides of the issue. If the employer knowingly hired an illegal immigrant he was breaking the law and if he blackmailed the illegal immigrant he was breaking the law of morals. But should a non citizen have access to our courts?

If that didn't your discussion bloods flowing maybe the next article will:

I think I would tell the school administration to go to hell.

Now that the discussion juices are flowing let's ramp it up even more:

I think the dad is a bigot and should have accepted his son no matter what his sons preferences are. It really puts the son in a position that has to be tough. A what about a woman that would marry him knowing the situation?

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Wow, articles kinda all over the map. I'm not at all sure illegal immigrants should be allowed to sue. OTOH, we wouldn't have so many of them, if employers didn't continue to hire undocumented workers. It appears the guy knew full well the couple was here illegally, otherwise why hold deportation over their head? I suspect there's more to this story than we're seeing.

I think the issue with the high school is nuts. This young woman has proved herself a model student and probably a model citizen, given the emphasis colleges and scholarships now place on community service. She was in front of large audience, probably nervous and excited and I rather suspect most of the kids are thinking "how the h*ll" do I know, rather than the tamer version. Heck, listen to campaign speeches and people speaking out for various causes and the like and you're going to hear that word. I rather suspect the stronger word slipped out, as opposed to being planned. Regardless, withholding her diploma, when she's got a full scholarship and is preparing to start college in probably the next few days is beyond the pale. I hope someone higher up the chain gets this fixed.

Well, the dad is obviously a bigot and had every intention of punishing his son. IF the brothers are any kind of stand-up guys, they'll take the money and split it evenly among the three of them. As to a woman marrying him, knowing the situation... I think the will said he must marry the mother of the child. That makes it a bit tough, unless the surrogate mother is also gay, in which case it would be a marriage in name only and might work.

Pat said...

The first article makes me wonder if there shouldn't be more extreme penalties for knowingly hiring illegals. This guy Curtwright is just a sleazebag to force someone to care for his demented mother. You want CARING help for that, not resentful help. There's a lot to argue about the rights of illegals, but I don't think this is a good example for taking away any rights they have.

No diploma for saying "hell" in a valedictorian speech? Wouldn't you know it would be in Oklahoma. Stupid, just stupid! They probably just resent a kid who could do so well in school and get a full scholarship to college.

And to put icing on the "stupid" cake, there's the guy that disinherited his own grandchild unless his son followed his wishes about marriage. DR had a good idea to remedy that if the other brothers are stand-up guys.

You sure picked articles to get the blood flowing today! Are people getting dumber, or am I just getting more crotchety?

William J. said...


It was kind of an all over the map day. Tough day for me, no articles tomorrow just a major vent and some pretty good paintings.

You nailed the illegal immigrants article. Without employers like this jerk there wouldn't be so many of them here. Instead of paying a decent wage to decent and qualifed Americans they take advantage of people that can't find back. I wonder if what will happen is the immigrant wins his lawsuit and then is deported.

I think all of the administrators at the girl's school should be fired how stupid. You are going to here "hell" everywhere and you are going to see it in print everywhere. And you are going to see it on a map (Hell's Canyon, for example) and you are going to hear it at church.

It will be interesting to see what the son does. I hope, like you, tje brothers are standup guys and gives the gay son his share of the inheritance with no strings attached. I like your solution.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

People are getting dumber you are not getting more crotchety. I had such a lousy day today that I uused one of my stress reliver techniques. Often after bad days I will Google the tpye of peopleI've dealt with. Tonight I Goggled "Clueless Idiot". It took me to my blog. Not kidding.

I definitely think there should be stronger penalties for knowingly hiring illegals. Curtwright is just a cruel person. I would want someone I trust caring for my Mom not someone I controlled and someone not being paid.

And I agree with you about the "hell" article. I hope they find someone in Oklahoma with a brain and overturns this stupid ass ruling.

I not only think the father of the gay son is stupid, I think he was a terrible father, I think he was an extreme unloving person, and I think he didn't have a clue. Other than that I like him.

And I did try to make the blog more exciting today.