Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The 6TH Grade Stud

The question of the day is do you know anyone in the following picture of the Roosevelt Sixth Grade basketball team? If so who and which one is he? You can post the answer here.

I hope the question doesn't drive you to drink:

What is the weather like in your neck of the woods? Maybe you can predict it:

You know the way I predict the weather? I look outside.

In closing I would like to welcome Augusta, Georgia to the twentieth century:

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Uh, is the third kid from the left, in the front row, our very own Bill?

Interesting article on drinking habits study. A bit convoluted and contradictory in spots, but probably because it was a small sampling?

I'd say the weather predictors shown in the article you provided are about as accurate as our local and national forecasters (wry s).

Good for Augusta. In one fell swoop they admitted both women and another black. I suppose there are advantages and good points to clubs with exclusive memberships. NLAPW is restricted to female artists in various fields, for example. Exclusive male clubs played a big part in England's history. Personally, I don't have a big issue with it, but maybe I'm not particularly enlightened. (Shrug)It would only be an issue for me if it meant qualified women weren't allowed to play in tournaments held there.

Pat said...

Why you're the guy in the middle, slightly audience left, holding the ball. That was a no-brainer.

I absolutely believe the drinking study, at least about influence. My husband drank a lot and I tried to keep up. When we separated, I pretty much lost interest in drinking.

Interesting weather stuff, mostly about rain and storms. But since I live in SoCA, I went on to read the tips for surviving very hot weather, which is much more appropriate to my life. Probably good tips, all, but my reaction is to just turn on the a/c. Spoiled? You bet!

It is certainly about time for Augusta, Georgia. What should have happened years ago is for all those dues-paying men to resign in protest until women were allowed in. And then wouldn't it be funny if no women WANTED in? This is too little, too late, and who cares?

William J. said...


That would be me. I am surprised that both you and Pat guessed me. There was actually one of my Facebook friends that named everyone in the picture.

Most studies are from relatively small samples and then the conclusions are kind of spotty because of the small sampe. But I kind of believe this one.

I'd agree with you on the Weather predictions. I remember last year I was watching the weather. They were saying there was no chance to a slight chance of snow. I looked out the window the snow was falling and there was already two inched on the grounds.

I am find with all men or all women clubs depending on the reason for the clubs. Where I draw the line is if the all men's clubs are designed to keep woman from succeeding. A lot of business is conducted on the golf course, deny women a membership in that club and they are putting them at a real disadvantage. I am glad Augusta wised up.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

Good eye! I know you said it was a no brainer but I am still surprised how easy you and DR got it.

I also believe the drinking study. The theory just makes sense.

I've heard it is really hot and humid in So Cal. Here we had two day over 90 but were over 100 too but I can survive two days of any weather. You may be spoiled but I agree with you! I also just turn on the AC.

You know what, Pat, I agree with. They didn't allow blacks until 1990 and that is just sinful. I wouldn't have joined just because of that and then to now allow women I wouldn't have wasted the money to attend their events.