Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dumb Criminal, A Legacy, & A Smart Criminal

I was once on a jury at a counterfeit trial. Well I was an alternate. I would have caught the mistake on the following bill, would have you?

From the dumb criminal to a man that wanted to leave a legacy and couldn't afford it:

From the helpful friends to an amazing background that leads to unexpected success:

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Lady DR said...

Not sure where I was last night. The man aisle thing is great, maybe, for single guys, but it ain't gonna do much for the husbands and fathers who do the grocery shopping. I can see some advantages, but then I'd be happy to see them separate men's/women's personal care items, from shampoo to deoderants, to make it quicker to find things.
Loved the article on the commando at the Olympics. I suspect the average person can't afford to buy the available seats not being used by VIPs and sponsors, unless they're put up for sale at reduced price.

For today - what an interesting request in a will, but how great the brother decided to pursue. Having been a waitress myself, my sister and niece putting themselves through college with waitressing, I can confirm it's hard work and a lot of people don't appreciate that fact, many don't realize tips are more of a waitress's income than the hourly wage paid. I tip based on service received, but many still think 10% is all that's "deserved" by anyone and many using coupons or specials tip on the final bill, not the actual cost of the meal. If the "real" cost was $50 and you got a half price deal, you still tip based on the original $50, as the waitress works just as hard, regardless of your coupon or deal.

I was so encouraged by the last article on the young hacker, who turned his life around. How many times have we said here, "If only these guys would do something positive and productive?" I think the guy has a point... we may need to take a closer look at potential at a young age and at actions and activities. We may also want to take a look at how to turn hackers around, as well as catching them early in the game and giving them some positive options?

Pat said...

I would never have noticed the counterfeit. I hardly ever look at money, except to try to keep the 20s, 10s, and 5s separate from all the 1s.

Nice to give all those waitpersons such big tips. It's kind of an odd bequest. The article didn't say why he died at 29. If the video did, I missed it because I don't have "express install". Up yours, Flash! I don't really care.

That's some roundabout success story. I'm glad the kid didn't turn out to be an evil-type hacker and glad he's doing well now. I wonder what kind of tips he leaves in restaurants.

William J. said...


Am going to use your United article tomorrow. Google was really weird a couple of days ago and still is so maybe you were here and the screwed up the post!

The thing about the single guy aisle isn't so much that is is a single guy aisle it is the kind of products that are in it. Beer, Doritos. A guy shopping for a family isn't going to buy that stuff he is going to buy meat, fruit, and health stuff for the family. It makes men seem like doofus shoppers.

Especially someone on a military salary, there is no way they would have been able to go any other way.

I loved his legacy and loved even more how his freinds rallied around him to make sure it came true. I bar tended once and decided to stay in college after that. Nothing could be harder. The other thing is now the waitresses get with taxes because whether they get tipped or not they are required to report 8% of the total tickets they write as tip income. I always tip 20% but there are those rare occassions where a server pisses me off that they are lucky to get anything. And I always tip on the full amount before discounts.

I was also encouraged by the last article. Thank goodness he turned his life around. And I agree that he has a point about looking at potential of people at a very young age.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

I also put my money in my wallet by denomination from back to front, largest to smallest. As to my change all but pennies in the left pocket, pennies in the right pocket. Since the counterfeit trial I been paying more attention to the money and would have noticed it.

It didn't say why he died at 29 and I wondered also. I keep ignoring the requests I get to upgrade to Google Chrome.

I am also the hacker put his talents to good use instead of staying a criminal. My guess is he tips pretty well LOL.