Thursday, August 30, 2012

Honest Snafus

Dave's visit with mom went extremely well. Mom has known Dave since the third grade. He was awestruck at how good mom looked and how sharp her mind was. Mom was stunned at how handsome Dave was and how young he looked. The conversation after Dave left:

"Mom what did you think?"

"I was stunned how handsome he was."

"Am I has handsome as he is?"


I'm not sure I like this honesty stuff.

Let's start with a snafu:

We all pray that those in the path of Isaac survive and in tact. Now I am praying for this little girl and her stuffed animals:

How many pairs of shoes do you own? I have maybe four pay. Maybe three that are decent.

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Glad to hear Mom enjoyed Dave's visit and had to laugh at her honesty. Dave must be darned good looking!

The snafu story was amusing, although I'm sure the guy didn't think so. One wonders what brought on the "name." The bit below, about the billing snafus, included the ridiculous to the really bad.

How neat of the dad to post the message his daughter left her stuffed animals. A bit of pleasant news, of sorts, in the midst of the various disasters occurring throughout Isaac's path.

Shoes? Well, I own more than three pair, but I certainly can't get up to 8000. It may be a girl thing, but I have shoes for casual and shoes for more dressy, shoes for winter and sandals for summer. And my inventory increased, with the shoes from Aunt Dorothy's closet. I also have shoes I should probably find a home for, given the odds of my wearing dressy 2-12" heels are slim to none, given my current lifestyle. I'd likely have to practice walking in them, before I went anywhere in public (wry s). I also have to admit that, despite my nice selection, I generally end up wearing two or three most of the time. I did enjoy the tour of his home and garden, btw.

William J. said...


I laughed at her honesty too. Thanks for the nice comment.

I also wondered what brought on the name at the dry cleaners. Maybe at some point he was having a bad day and took it out on the dry cleaners. The billing disasters could have been a blog post by itself.

I loved the little girl's message. And I love the dad for enjoying the moment.

I also loved the tour of the home and garden. I am glad he has a home big enough for that many shoes! I wear one pair mostly.