Thursday, August 16, 2012


Last day at Mom's and I am at the end of a fast in a couple of hours. My lab tests are today. I hope I don't flunk them.

Today we are about mysteries.

Can't have a mystery without spies can you?

Sometimes there is a missing person:

There also has to be a why in a mystery as in why in the world is Bristol Palin on the All Star version of Dancing With The Stars? She can't dance. The last time she was on she stayed as dancers much better than her were sent packing. Now she is back? Almost enough to make me not watch this season. And no it doesn't have anything to do with her politics it has to do with her not being able to dance. I would have rather seen John O'Hurley, Jerry Rice, Giselle Fernandez, Stacey Keebler or anyone that can dance. As to the final contestant I am rooting for Sabrina because she is the best dancer of the three.,0,3957204.story

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News question of the day. Who is and what request did she make this week? Who is Elaine Weinstein. A hint she is from Maryland.

The answer to yesterday's question is that Alda Collins is a 110 year old World War One widow that finally got her widow's benefits from the Army.


Pat said...

Good luck on your tests today!

Amazing thing about discovering that spy capsule, maybe the most amazing being that back then they actually shot a *film* capsule into the air and then recovered it at some designated place. It seems so much easier now. But there are always glitches. With any newfangled system, too. [s]

I lost interest in DWTS a couple of seasons ago, but I did see Bristol Palin and I agree she should certainly not be in an "all-star" version of the show. But maybe nobody else wanted to come back.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I will know in a couple of weeks about the tests.

The discoveries do seem easier now than before. But sometimes high priced new technology does fail us.

I actually think they brought Palin back to DWTS to increase their audicence and to have a some heated debates with the right keeps her on longer than she should be.


Lady DR said...

Holding good thoughts for the test results. When I was having mine done at G'ville North, I could go in two days after the tests and pick up my own results. Now that this is no longer allowed by Medicare, I must get the tests at doc's office and wait. And be sure I ask for copies.

Interesting about the spy capsule and interesting to think about how far we've come.

Don't watch TV, so don't know nothin' about DWTS. I didn't even recognize the names, which shows you how far out of the celebrity look I am (wry s). I didn't even know Palin had been on before, but the comments certainly weren't positive. You're right, they may be using her simply to gen extra audience with the controversy about her abilities. I wonder if she knows -- or cares -- the she's being used?

William J. said...


The doctor always likes me to be in his office to discuss the results of the tests. He is on vacation next week so we are looking at the twenty-six.

I have to hand it to Bristol Palin for her attitude when asked if she thought they were putting her on the cast just for controversy. She basically said, look I am going to be criticized whether I do dancing with the stars or not so I might as well do the show.

The spy capsule story just amazed me.