Monday, August 20, 2012

The Old & The New

I am getting so much spam lately that for the next couple of days I am going to the approve comment status of my blog. What that means is your comment won't appear until I approve it. Since I am back and forth between Mom's it may be two or three hours before your comment appears. I am hoping this will stop the spam.

Brother and his wife did visit Mom last night for three or four hours. It was only their second day here so that is good. They are going to the coast for three days with their daughter's family and then they told mom they would visit everyday until they leave.

First up is the new:

Next up is the old:

Back to the new:

Comment Away


Lady DR said...

You're getting spam on the blog? So, do have to delete those, so we don't see them in the comments? That's scary. What a pain. I know MA recommended I go with WordPress for my blog because it has a super-strong spam filter/protector/whatever. Sorry you're going through the hassle, Bill.

Yea for the visit from bro and s-i-l and their promise to visit regularly, when they return from the coast. Will continue to hold good thoughts.

Interesting looking spider, although I admit to not carrying for insects much. Be interesting to see what they discover about the critter. Looks like he has a fuzzy kind of tail?

Wow, the guy who discovered the Terra Nova has to be really excited, especially since he's from the original area of its building and knew the stories surrounding it.

I like the remote controlled flotation thingie. As they said, it'll never replace lifeguards, but what a great tool for them to have to use if someone is in trouble.

Pat said...

Good start there for bro visiting mom. And good intentions. May it continue and may he follow through on those intentions!

I saw the clawed spider in the paper. Scary-lookin' guy! I'm not sure I care what he eats as long as it isn't any part of ME.

Cool that they found the Terra Nova. It's amazing how these things are found after so very long.

Oops, another "Download new flash player" notification. The kids will visit soon, and I'll have them set me up. Apparently it's a little tricky with Linux. Remote-controlled lifeguards sound interesting. Not sure I'd want to trust my life to a robot, even if it has human eyeballs controlling it, though.

William J. said...


The spam filter usually catches the spam before it gets to the blog but I've been getting about ten emails a day from anonymous that are obvious spams. I had my spam filter set to approve comments that were on post fourteen days or older. That worked pretty weill for a while. But now they spam artists have new software that gets around that. It is just annoying to get that much email that is worthless.

Continue to hold good thoughts that they keep their promise.

Snakes and spiders are two things I don't like looking at. So I am with you!

I know I would have been excited if I discovered the Terra Nova. I am glad that someone that knew the stories that surrounred it.

I also like the remote control flotation device and more so since it won't replace lifeguards.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

Thanks for the wishes re my brother they are very much appreciated.

I think all spiders are ugly.

I think a lot of the old things are found just by pure luck. And most the time they are found when people quite looking for them.

Sorry you couldn't get to the third article it was kind of interesting and one of the things was these remote control devices are meant to help the lifeguards not replace them.