Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Tough Day Update

I want to say a special thank you for all your help with yesterday's post. It is really appreciated. Based on the input received I will ask the manager for help when Mom's issue comes up in a restaurant and I will draft and sent a letter to my long lost friend. Thank you!

I am late with today's entry. It has been a busy day. I went to the football breakfast with the guys. I stopped by Mom's before heading over to the breakfast and there had been another explosion and Mom was really ill from the fallout and the mean things said. I won't repeat them here other than to say that once again it was stated that I am the favored child. I'm so sick of hearing that bull shit, if anything Mom has done more for the perp than anyone in the family. I guess reality isn't her strong suit. I spent some time with Mom and got her back on track.

I enjoyed breakfast with the guys and the football games. It was a fun time out. I stopped at Mom's after the breakfast to set out the plates for dinner tonight and clean her refrigerator. She was still down, so I tried to tell her the mean things weren't really meant, that obviously something else was going on in the perp's life and Mom was just taking the fallout. Oh by the way, for dinner tonight the aide and Mom are having Chef Boy Ar Dahn's Sausage quiche. I will post a picture on the next blog entry.

My update. Last week was once again a blur. Yesterday was getting my car fixed, fixing lunch and dinner for Mom, and watching the Oregon vs. Washington State Game. Friday was the movie, WE WON'T BACKDOWN, cooking spare ribs in a crock pot for Saturday night's dinner, and cleaning house. Thursday was relaxing and just kicking back while attacking my to do list. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday through noon was at Mom's. I really worked hard at Mom's, made sure she ate healthy, let her do a lot of things (she feels better when she is allowed to do things), took her out a few times, played a few games of Scrabble, and just made it an easy time. I had to be there so I just made it fun. I was rewarded when Wednesday before her bridge club came she said, "I feel really good", it was the first time in four or five years since I heard her say that. It made me feel really good to hear that. Sure a step up from, "I would rather die than live in this pain." It made me feel appreciated and my time there worthwhile.

On the agenda next week. Today already told you most of it, tonight it is watching football and the Amazing Race starts tonight. Monday is a me day and I plan on finishing my computer shopping. I checked out all the ads in today's paper so I am reading to help the economy. Tuesday I head to Mom's from one that afternoon until Thursday at seven. I am actually looking forward to it. Feeling appreciated and changing my attitude to work towards making it fun has done wonders for me. Friday is a movie and work related projects. Saturday is back to being Chef Boy Ar Dahn cooking dinner for the Mom household, watching the Oregon-Washington game (Good luck Mary!), and just working on my to do list.

That is my update. Now I need yours. Tell me what went on in your life last week and what is on the agenda for next week. And you know the drill post, the blog is now yours, post anything you darn well please!


Due to the lateness of today's post there will not be a blog post tomorrow. Regular blog schedule returns Tuesday Morning.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


There are many that would say I am beyond help but today I thought I would beg for your help on two sensitive issues.

First up is a sensitive issue with my mom.

I take my mom out for lunch or dinner quite a bit. Usually we can make it home within the bladder time limit. Once in a while we can't and presents a situation I am not comfortable with. Mom can't get to the bathroom on her own. Once she gets to the bathroom and in the stall she can do everything herself. She just can't get the wheelchair there on her own. Oregon and California both have laws that allow cross sex caregivers to take their patient to a restaurant. But in this case I don't care what the law says, I just don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. I will say as soon as I get mom to where ever we decide to take, I am out of the room and standing next to the door waiting for her to yell that she is through. So what do I do?

1. Take Mom to the men's room, then stand guard at the door? This would make mom uncomfortable.

2. Take her to the women's room and knock on the door wait and if I don't hear anything push her in and
    get the hell out there as fast as I can and wait for the OK signal from Mom. But what if someone is in
    there and doesn't answer? Or what if someone goes in there while mom is in there and I am waiting for
    her OK I'm ready call? This is the one that makes me the most uncomfortable because I don't want to
    cause strangers to be uneasy.

3. Ask for assistance from a restaurant employee? How would you feel if you were working at a restaurant
    and someone asked you to help with their Mom?

4. Survey the restaurant and look for one of those nice women folk that just has that kind and helpful look
    about her and ask for her help? That puts mom in the hands of strangers. And how would feel if a
    stranger begged for help?

The last time I did the combination of two and four. I got her there, got the hell out of there, waited in the hall and when a woman came along asked if she would check on mom. Turned out to be a nice woman that was very glad to help and bring mom out to me. Suggestions please?

Next up is a sensitive issue with a long lost friend.

You are all aware of the accident I had when I was young and the impact it had on my life. A great thing about a small town is when there is a trauma the community pulls together and helps out. It took a village to get me through that accident. I owe them my legs. Thank you Klamath Falls, Oregon. So many people to thank and remember . The Yell Squad visited me in the hospital. Beautiful young women all of them. Larry who was in the car when the accident occurred kept in touch. My dad's coffee club kept dad grounded and supported, Larry's dad Loren, Sherm Ackerman, Harold Howard and the rest of the crew. The year I cam home from the hospital I was given the number one season ticket to the legion team, The Falcons, and a standing ovation when I finally was able to go to the game. I remember and will always remember every act of kindness paid to me during that time. Way to many to mention all of them here.

Did I tell you the story of Dr. Fellers? Dr. Fellers was the Dean of Student Affairs at Southern Oregon College at the time of the accident. He found my parents a place to stay while I was in the hospital and several days a week would make the trek from Ashland to Medford to visit me. Forward ahead over twenty years. I was thinking about him one day and thought I should find him and thank him. Didn't know where he was. Every January my brother and I would fly to Las Vegas to bet on and watch the NFL playoffs. This particular year was a couple of weeks after I was thinking about Dr. Fellers. The flight was full and we had to fight for seats. Brother and I ended up sitting apart on the plane. I was put next to a very nice lady that turned out to be Dr. Fellers' daughter. I found out Dr. Fellers was living in the same city as my parents, about five miles where I lived. I got his phone number, called him and thanked him. I was surprised he remembered me. He was grateful that I took the time to call. He then became my client and I did his tax return for the next several years until he passed on.

You all know the story of my recent connect with childhood friend, Dave Taylor. He would drive the eighty miles on a weekly visit me in the hospital. When I got home from the hospital he was one of two friends my age that would come get me load the wheelchair in the car and take me for rides. Thanks to a bizarre set of circumstances and amazing fate I ran into Dave a couple of months ago. I was able to tell him how much he meant to me during that time. He was stunned that I remembered and pleased he had a role in my recovery.

Now thanks to Facebook friend, Suzanne, I have the address of the other person that used to come, load the wheelchair in the car and take me for rides. She is the girl in the picture at the end of today's entry. You know her story from previous blog entries. She was in the hospital the same time as I was. We had the same doctor who thought we could help each other and introduced us. We helped each other recover and became good friends. It was never romantic, she was engaged at the time, I was paralyzed, it was just two people making time go fast. Making pain go away. I would like to send her a letter thanking her for her part in my recovery. However, she is married. I know how I would feel if another man contacted my wife. It would tick me off for a bit but most likely I'd get over it. My dilemma, should I contact her or let well enough alone?

There is what I need help with. Mom's bathroom issues. Should I contact Susan?

You input is very much appreciated.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Day Two Of Dusting Up My life.

I sought my soul, but my soul I could not see. I sought my God, but my God eluded me. I sought my brother and I found all three. ~ Unknown. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother, Grover.

Day two of peaceful relaxing. Enjoyed yesterday. Relaxed, shopped (I actually like it), planned the weekend's menu, got some walkie talkies (I can't hear mom in some of the rooms at her house, this is my solution), bought some cookbooks. Today more shopping to get the items for the weekend menu, buying a new computer and setting it up, giving a shot at making homemade rolls, crock potting some peach pork ribs, and who knows maybe a movie. END OF WATCH or WON'T BACK DOWN. Cops fighting crooks or teachers fighting administrators. The key is a large popcorn, then a free refill and I have half the snacks for the Oregon game tomorrow night. Planning ahead.

Before heading out to the ATM and the grocery store I thought I would post today's entry.

First up is an inventive way to fix a floor:

Instead of remodeling maybe the answer is a smaller house:

Of course you need money to remodel or buy a house so maybe you better rub up against this family and get some of their luck:

I have a couple of issues that I need help with but I am having trouble drafting the post to ask for you help because they are both sensitive issues. One has to do with taking care of Mom while we are out on our excursions usually to a restaurant. The other has to do whether or not I should contact someone. I hope to have the post drafted in time for tomorrow or Monday's entry. I will be looking forward to your input after posting the plea for help.

For now on today's post, Comment Away.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Kicking back and relaxing today. Paying bills and having thrills. Enjoying the beauty of a simple stress free day. Today let's celebrate heroes or at least people who do heroic things.

Let's start close to home and a quick thinking teen:

Now let's move on to those that protect us everyday and then when they come home sometimes they can't find a job. This next article is for employers and military personnel. And it is also for you, tell the people you know about the job fairs coming to your area.

Let's end with an article from DR. The top ten heroes of 2012:

Comment Away.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

After four nights and five days this is the last day at Mom's and I should be home by one today. Cleaning her house this morning. I am becoming a decent housekeeper and becoming a damn good cook. I would make someone a heck of a wife. When I get home I need to catch up on Covert Affairs and White Collar.

For richer or poorer:

Well mom and I our good old fossils so I appreciated the following story:

I felt appreciated more each day I stay at Mom's and the last day I finally felt I got my due for the help I have given her and dad. Sometimes appreciation takes a while:
Back to dusting mom's home then will be returning to my house to dust up my life.
Comment Away.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yesterday was better at Mom's. I honestly don't think she knows hurtful some of the things she says are. But I am over it and onward and upward. Today it is taking Mom to the eye doctor for her annual eye appointment. She is having trouble seeing in one eye so some prayers for a good appointment would be appreciated.

Sometimes I wonder if some of the things mom does isn't for attention. I know when there were times I didn't think I wasn't getting my due that I did some weird things to draw attention to me. How about you?

Do you ever go the speed limit on the freeways? Speed limit is 65 we all go 75 don't we? 55 we go 65, right? I'm think Utah drivers better watch out:

I have been told that I have a good sense of humor. Does that mean I have animal magic?

Comment Away.

Thursday I may be in the asking for help mode. I have two issues that I am dealing with and I'm not sure how to handle either one. Since both deal with women it would be interesting to get input from the strong sex on the issues.

Monday, September 24, 2012

It was a very tough day at Mom's yesterday. Things just didn't go well. I guess I still haven't learned not to respond to digs when she is in one of those moods. The good thing is I have room to grow and am working on it.

I never have liked having my picture taken. I don't take good pictures. In particular I hate having my driver's license picture taken. Now its against the law in some states to smile on your driver's license picture:
How good are you at faking things? I am a good poker player so I can fake good and bad hands but that is about it on my fake meter:
I am closing today's entry with what you need to know about today.

Comment Away

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Biscuits From Scratch.

The past week has not only been a blur but a tough week. The good thing is my leg has gotten much better but still has a way to go. The bad thing is that my car need a cash infusion six hundred smackers. The good thing is that I was able to pay for it.

Sunday was lunch and dinner at Mom's. Monday was doing things around the house. Tuesday before I went over to Mom's I baked a ground beef casserole. Tuesday night and Wednesday night and Thursday until about eight were at Mom's. Friday was my car at the doctor, a haircut ( I look purdy now), and the movie The Trouble With A Curve. The later was because I didn't have my car and couldn't do some errands without it, so to break up boredom walked over to The Sherwood Regal Cinema and passed a couple of hours waiting for my car. Saturday was lunch and dinner and the night at Mom's. I also was able to watch the Oregon-Arizona game.

By the way the ground beef casserole was a hit. Homemade biscuits is next on the attempt list.

On the agenda this week is actually two and a half days off from Mom's. Today is Church, lunch at Mom's, football, dinner and the night at Mom's. Monday is the day and night at Mom's. Tuesday is taking Mom to the eye doctor for her annual appointment. It is also a night at Mom's. Wednesday Mom plays bridge in the afternoon starting at one. I will be there through lunch then am off! Thursday and Friday is attacking my to do list concentrating on the work assignments on it. Saturday is back at Mom's to take her to lunch and to fix her dinner. Then the caregiver returns that night. I really am now referring to her as Mom's aide because she really isn't a caregiver. We take better care of her then she does us.
That's my week. What was your week like? What is your next week going to be like? You know the drill the blog is now yours. Post anything you damn well please.

Comment Away.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Cars & Dogs

I am recovering from a six hundred dollar bill to fix the heating system in my car. Well, most of the heating system is fixed. They couldn't fix all of it because they didn't have all the parts in stock. I have to take the car back in a week from today to get the final love put into my car. The bill is already paid so I know six hundred dollars is the final answer.

Thanks to Mary Z I can do paragraphs now.

Before today's post I am asking for good positive thoughts towards one of my closest, most supportive, and best friends.

On to today's post. Mom's aide is off on a vacation for a week so mine and my sister's duties increase a bit. I take of this morning for Today through Wednesday noon at Mom's. Sister takes over then and goes until Saturday morning. While there we are going to play a lot of Scrabble, cook a lot of meals, go out to eat a lot, shop a bit, and do some estate planning. Title of tonight's mission is Mission Selfish. Get mom in bed by 7:30 so I can bring out the snacks and watch the Duck game in peace and style. Ducks vs. Arizona, finally the Ducks play someone decent. GO DUCKS!

I really don't wear jeans that often. I am just not comfortable in them. A major complaint of some of my dating companions, "can't you just wear jeans?" Now I know why I don't:

I guess the secret is, if you wear jeans be nice to them and don't stress them out to much. Then they wouldn't be distressed jeans, right?

After the above comment you might say this blog is going to the dogs:

Ok, that dog is one that I like. I also think the cancer patient in the following article is likeable and has a lot of spunk.

Comment Away.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Royal Flush

My car is at the doctor's getting its heating system flushed out. I'm home waiting for a call from them and seriously thinking about walking over to the movie to see the latest Amy Adams and Clint Eastwood movie. I am pretty sure while there will be empty chairs at the theater I am pretty sure Eastwood won't be interviewing an empty chair in the movie. Besides I have a major crush on Amy Adams.  I thought while waiting I'd try posting on Google and hope it will do paragraphs. I am looking into Word Press. Tomorrow starts four and a half days at Mom's. In a way I am looking forward to it. Going to get a lot done, cook a lot of meals, play a lot of Scrabble and keep my leg up, which by the way is ten times better.

We may even go to a buffet, just not the one in the following article:

I don't think we will visit any monuments while I am there unless the Dollar Tree is considered a monument to cheap things:

There won't be any children there but we would welcome the young seven year-old in the following article:

 Comment Away

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Google Blogger Now Officially Stinks.

The changes Google made to their compose a message has made Google blogger the worst piece of crap and the worst design since the Edsel. They ought to find the idiot or idiots that designed the new compose message feature and fire them or put lighted matches under all ten toes and fingers. Because of the lousy feature I am seriously considering suspending the blog for a few days until I can either understand the idiot's design or find to a new website to blog from. Today I have been promoted to the Master Of The Obvious. I apologize if the blog ends up all together in one sentence but I have no control over it and in their infinite wisdom the Google idiots didn't give a set of instructions to go with the new compose design. Nor is there even a help feature. First obvious article. I read the labels and I still need to lose weight but if I didn't read the articles would I need to lose more weight? Second obvious article: We had trickle twice during my life and both times there was a recession, so I am not shocked that tax cuts for the rich don't help. Tax cuts for me would. Obvious article number three: Another shocker. States have different laws. Comment Away.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Unusual And/Or Weird

Getting ready to spend the seven out of the next eight days at Mom's. Going to try a lot of new dishes. Going to get Mom out a lot. Going to help Mom get a lot done. And I am going to survive.

We are doing unusual stories. I am sure Mary is going to like the first one:

I've never been a big science fiction fan. Just doesn't interests me. Of course everyone love ET, as did I. But the other science fiction is just to weird for my taste. Does the weird sometimes come true?
Speaking of the weird, do you think it is weird to like deceiving retailers?

Comment Away.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Good Monday

I would have posted early but Google got in the way. They reconfigured everything but me and it threw me off.

Spending the day off of me leg trying to find a happy balance between sparking circulation and elevating it. Keeping it elevating helps it heal but so does circulation and circulation can stop if you don't use it. So it is down for an hour. Then up doing grocery shopping. Down for an hour. Then up mowing the lawn. And so on. According to docks it takes one to three months to heal so I am on pace. I will be happy when it gets to the place where it doesn't really hurt.

Let's start the week off with good stories. A memorable family reunion:

Moving from a memorable family reunion to a memorable reconnection:

From a memorable reconnection to a memorable beginning:

Comment Away. Then go out and have a good Monday

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Update

A really busy next two weeks coming up. The caregiver leaves for a weeks vacation this coming Friday. This coming week. Tuesday from one in the afternoon until eight Thursday night at Mom's. The back to Mom's Saturday. Monday and Friday are me days to give me a chance to do things that need to be done in my life. Grocery shopping, housecleaning, lawn watering and mowing, business assignments, cooking and so forth. Today I am taking Mom to lunch then the afternoon is mine.

My the next couple of weeks standards this last week was a piece of cake. Sunday had breakfast with the boys and then did dinner at Mom's house. Monday and Tuesday were leg healing days. The leg is better but has a long ways to go. Wednesday and Thursday were at Mom's. Friday was a three hour meeting with a client, then catching up on Top Chef Masters, White Collar, and Covert Affairs. Saturday was football and cooking day. Lunch and dinner for Mom. Oregon and SMU football and Dodger baseball.

Just one article today. This one comes from DanaRae.

The blog is now yours. You know the drill. You can post anything you damn well please. And I would love to hear updates from you!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Out Of My Tree Football

Saturday. Already got the dinners fixed for Mom and the caregiver for tonight. Am going over there to fix lunch for Mom and put the dinners together. Then I am coming home to play couch potato. Football weekend. Love football season. I am watching two games at the same time today. Oregon vs. Tennessee Tech and Texas A & M vs. SMU. The later because my niece's daughter, Spencer Conley, is a defensive end for SMU. The picture above is him after last week's game. He got his first sack.

I always view Saturday as a cool day. It is when I get my chores done early. Then veg out in front of the TV with snacks at hand and coffee ready. Some might say I am out of my tree for enjoying a day like this:

I read on one of my favorite blogs (The Chaos Chronicles by Lian Dolan) that eating sweets like chocolate make you nice and more likable. Now I read the following article:

I don't think I was very nice when I was drinking, that is why I haven't had a drink in almost thirty years. That leaves the choices to continue to be mean or to eat more chocolate and ice cream. I can live with that.

However, chocolate is really expensive so I may have to find a cheaper place to live.

Comment Away.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Rules Of Attraction

Ted wrote my Mom a letter. He had to look up her address on the Internet because he didn't have it. It was a beautifully written thank you. Here it is:

Dear Mrs. Dahn

Thank you so very much for the thoughtful wonderful painting. I tried to take it to my office this morning but Sandy (his wife) stopped me at the door and informed me we are hanging it home!

You should be quite proud of Bill and Grover. They are outstanding individuals. I am particularly glad to have Bill as one of my closest friends.



Reason number one for not buying a dishwasher:

Can men and women be friends?

Am I old or am I am extinct?

Comment Away.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Boy Friends In The Attic.

Had a nice day at Mom's yesterday. She just seems to do better when I am there. Her pain is getting worse all the time and that is troubling but she still has a sharp mind and a good laugh.

How about them apples?

Do you have an attic? Do you ever check it out to see if anything unusual was in your attic?

Do you need a second job that pays really well?

Comment Away.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Gender Barrier

Heading over to take Mom to lunch, the spend the night there and should be back by eight Thursday night. I am actually looking forward to it.

Most caregivers are women so I am always happy to see when someone breaks the gender barrier whether it be a man or a woman:

As someone who has been dealing with heart issues for the last year or so I was happy to see the following article:

Ted got my Mom pretty much out of her lawsuit. I though it was a frivolous lawsuit. And I think the ones in the following article also fall under that category:

Comment Away.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Well it has been nice having a few days to rest and recuperate. Last day before returning to Mom's tomorrow. Yesterday featured the painting argument. My sister walked in on the caregiver and Mom setting up her painting stuff and blew up. About the smell, about her spilling painting on the carpet and she will have to be the one cleaning it up (not true). She blew up at both of them. The painting is forbidden or banished to the kitchen. It breaks my heart that Mom can't do what she wants in her house. The house she owns and paid for with her and dad's money. I sometimes feel like leaving. Selling my home and leaving. How about leaving in style?

Speaking of leaving in style, how about the dude in the next article:

What about leaving an accidental legacy?

Comment Away.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Boosting Energy

Before today's entry here is a picture of my childhood friend that I reconnect with a couple of months ago. This according to my Mom is the "adorable, handsome" Dave T.

Looking forward today as not much is on the agenda. I cancelled my lunch meeting due to some problems I am having with my leg. First aid cream, ice, and elevate. It has shown remarkable improvement since Thursday.

I need a boost of energy and I can get it right here in my home:

If I get to bored today I might think about cleaning my dishwasher. They need cleaning too.

I might also look through the junk around the house because sometimes junk isn't useless:

Comment Away

Sunday, September 9, 2012


The last few weeks have been pretty busy the next week looks pretty easy. Well, not that easy. Today is cooking dinner for the troops and fixing lunch for Mom. Also meeting with the guys for our weekly football breakfast. I will leave the breakfast for a bit to go to Mom's to feed her. Dinner will already be in the fridge. Tomorrow I have a lunch meeting. Tuesday is a me day. Wednesday from lunch through Thursday night is at Mom's. Friday is a business meeting. Thursday the Neilson man is coming over to Mom's to check out their boxes. Yup, Mom is a Neilson family and has been for over a year. Don't tell anyone because we were supposed to keep it quiet. They don't want anyone to know so we won't be influenced as to what we watch.

Last week was a blur. Sunday was Mom out to lunch and fixing dinner at home. Monday and Tuesday were day and overnights at Mom's. Wednesday I was there until seven at night. Thursday and Friday were keeping the leg elevated days. I have another case of cellulites. Rest, anti-biotic cream, and elevate. Saturday was cooking and football. I did do a bit of reading and got my books from the library:

hat's it for the day. You know the drill. The blog is now yours.

Comment Away.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Football Day

Would like to welcome Pat back to the blog. Due to computer problems she has been missing in action.

Today for me is cooking and football. The Oregon Ducks play Fresno State at 3:30 this afternoon and I am looking forward to being in Couch Potato City from 3:30 until about eight tonight. Couch Potato City is also known as my living room. Before the kickoff I am fixing lunch for Mom and cooking dinner for Mom, the caregiver, and a stray minister. Lunch will be your normal sandwich, yogurt, and chips. Dinner will be turkey, baked sweet potatos, and green beans. Ice cream bars for desert. I am also getting a breakfast casserole ready to put in the fridge overnight and cook in the morning. This is the fourth one I tried. So far they liked Mary's the best and also liked the others. But everyone remembers their first.

I only use the healthiest of ingredients when I cook so to celebrate my cooking style today we are doing health related stories.

Do you believe that home remedies work? I think some do. Not sure about all of the ones mentioned in the following article.

Dementia is a tough disease but they have discovered that people with the disease can still thrive in the creative arena:

Finally it would be really good for your health if you would honor the Homeland Security warning and avoid Zombies:

Comment Away

Friday, September 7, 2012

Stories I Love.

Day Two of The Me reclamation project. I love having two days of me days in a row. In honor of that we are doing stories I love.

Story one. A company that values a good work ethic:

Story two. A young man that has values better than people many years older than he is:

Since my blog promotes equality among genders it is only fair to include a young woman that has better values than people many years older than she is.

Comment Away.


I sure hope Pat gets her computer in order because I really miss her and her posts.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Love The Me Days.

Really looking forward to today and tomorrow. Not really completely days off but completely days at home. Mowing, watering, phone calls, dishes, cleaning, resting, reading, TV surfing, leg healing, haircut, and tying some things for my new interest, cooking. Maybe even a movie.

Before moving on to today's post here is the painting we are giving Ted. On the back of the painting here is the notation , "this was painted by Miriam Camilla Dahn in 2002 at age 86. It is on the Willamette Pass near Salt Creek Falls." Sandy, Ted's wife is from the Eugene area and has relatives in Klamath Falls. You go over the Willamette Pass and pass Salt Creek Falls when you travel between Eugene and Klamath.

Here is the way it was wrapped:

Starting today's entry with a love story. True love but heartbreaking in so many ways:

Sometimes after a few days at Mom's, with the worry and the responsibility that comes with that I age a bit:

When I am at Mom's I am really awestruck that a ninety-six year old woman could have so much creativity. Speaking of creativity:

Comment Away.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Good, Bad, Supportive.

Had a charming day with Mom yesterday. Ate a couple of good meals. Wrapped Ted's painting. Shopped. Mom likes going to Michael's and The Dollar Tree. Pushing the wheelchair is good exercise for me. Spending today at Mom's through about two and then I will return home until Saturday at lunch. YEA!!

Today we are doing the good, the bad, and the supportive.

The good animal story:

The bad human story:

The humans showing support for a prince:

Comment Away.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Gene Pool.

The night at Mom's was pleasant. Yesterday we went frame shopping. Mom wants to give Ted one of her paintings for all he has done. I think it is a great idea so I am supporting her in the venture. She has written him a stunning thank you note to put with it, including the words that she picked the painting "that had the most love in it." I think Ted is going to be blown away. I like the painting she picked too, it is a man's painting.

Have you checked below your living room floor lately? Maybe you should.

Human power is often times amazing:

Are women or men happier? I guess if you want to find out you have to pull down their genes:

Comment Away.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

Labor Day. A holiday. Should be called no Labor Day. When we were growing up it always signaled the end of summer because school started the next day. After a summer off bed time resurfaced. What do we really know about Labor Day?

A few summers when living in the burg of Klamath Falls, Oregon we would trek either down 99-W or I-5 to the outpost of Anaheim, California and visit Disneyland.

I am sure that students everywhere now that they are all back to school are looking forward to their science projects.

Comment Away.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Because this is a holiday weekend and my brother-in-law doesn't work we changed the Mom duties around. It was my idea because I wanted to give my sister some time with her husband. Today I am doing lunch for Mom and dinner for Mom and The caregiver. Tomorrow I am there for lunch and will spend Monday and Tuesday nights there. I will be there through Wednesday lunch. This gives sister a lot of time with hubby and it works out well for me because after Wednesday lunch I will get two and a half days off. Looking forward to getting some personal things done.

Last week was a blur. Sunday was a family party. Monday was lawn work, grocery shopping, to do list surfing, and getting ready for football night. Tuesday was banking and Tuesday night was the twelve guy football get together. Wednesday was lunch with Mom and Dave Taylor and the night at Mom's. Thursday was getting Mom ready for bridge, fixing her lunch and dinner. Friday was the movie LAWLESS (Very violent. About moon shining in the early thirties). Friday was also my doctor's appointment to review my lab tests (Yea).

Some good news on the sibling front. My brother called Mom when they got back to Wyoming and told her the next time they are coming they want to stay with Mom to give Sister and I some relief. I am very happy they are at least thinking that way.

Speaking of brother here are some pictures of football night. Various age groups, various occupations, and a fun group.

This is my brother, it is a little fuzzy because he moved when I took the picture:

These are two attorneys. My friend Ted that helped/is helping Mom is to the left. The one to the right is new to the group. Peter is a defense attorney on the most high profile missing child case ever to hit Portland:

To the left is Dave to the right is Jared. Dave is married to Jared's sister. Dave owns Sunset Heating & Cooling. Jared owns Pacific Window Tinting:

You have already met Peter, the other is the oldest member of the league. This is Bill E. He is currently a court report and used to own a legal arts school. He is also the one that grew up with Roy Orbison and used to play drums in his band:

This is a really dark picture. The light was really bad. From left to right. Greg, Tom, & Leland. Greg is a retired paralegal. Tom is an attorney that works for Ted, Ted's right hand man. Leland is the youngest in the league and is a Kaiser executive. He works for another league member that is not pictured here, Doug. I've known Doug for thirty years:

Not pictured besides Doug is the other CPA, Jay.

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Fear Not Football Season Is Here.

Ah the start of football season! Oregon Ducks tonight at 7:30. Got my duck pajamas set out. Snacks bought. Two TVs ready to go. Looking forward to a smashing evening after taking Mom to lunch and fixing dinner for Mom and the caregiver tonight.

Some women, wives, and girl friends think the start of football season is also the start of the Highway to Hell:

There also some out that think the start of football seasons starts a secret society, The Brotherhood of Man:

Of course it is amazing the amount of new snacks that are created during football season:├ęclair-hot-dog-201520345.html

Hope today is a great day and that it is a great holiday weekend for you. Before you go have a stunning holiday, Comment Away.