Friday, September 7, 2012

Stories I Love.

Day Two of The Me reclamation project. I love having two days of me days in a row. In honor of that we are doing stories I love.

Story one. A company that values a good work ethic:

Story two. A young man that has values better than people many years older than he is:

Since my blog promotes equality among genders it is only fair to include a young woman that has better values than people many years older than she is.

Comment Away.


I sure hope Pat gets her computer in order because I really miss her and her posts.


Pat said...

Hi there! I'm back, sort of.

Bravo to the needle co... except...

I keep reading about older workers taking the jos younger workers need. If the older workers have been downsized because of age, okay. If they are post retirenment and don't need the work, well, I"m not so sure.

Sweet story about the 8 y/o. Wait! Two 8y/o's stories.

One question, though. Why do you assume older people should have better values than kids?

I'm sort of back online, but can't type much yet w/new keyboard. You know how that goes, right?

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I agree with you about the elderly that don't need to work taking jobs of the younger ones that do need the jobs.

I didn't really assume older people should have better values, I in fact believe young people do because they haven't had the problems put in front of them that the older ones do. When is the last time an eight year old robbed a bank, got a divorce, and so on. I think as you get older your values become more flexible.



Lady DR said...

Yea, Pat! Good to see you back. So, I'm thinking the kids got you a new laptop and you're still getting used to it? Just good to see you.

Great stories, Bill. I agree with Pat, about older workers not needing jobs, vs younger workers who do. OTOH, I know some older workers who simply cannot make it on SS, especially with medical costs, and who have no other options or who have lost their retirement savings to unethical banks and other such (we had two nasty instances locally in the past couple years), so I do give credit to companies who employ such folks. I'm not sure how one establishes "needs based" employment in the current economic fiasco.

Kudos to the young man for giving his prize to his neighbor and to the young lady for returning the money. I suspect both acted as a result of good examples set by parents and family, altho who knows. I'd like to see people of any age following such examples.

I don't know if values become more flexible as one gets older or if one becomes more cynical or maybe more fearful of what would happen if they gave away the money? I sometimes think we lose our sense of faith and/or trust, depending on our experiences.

William J. said...

Hi Dr

It is to have Pat back. I was kind of worried about her.

The older workers that can't make it on SS need the jobs more than the younger ones do because the younger ones have more time to recover from financial hardships. I do like what the company is doing simply from the turnover standpoint.

I agree with you about the eight year olds, I would like to see people of any age do what these kids did.

I think as we get older we do become more skeptical and I also think our needs change. I also do think we lose faith in others.