Saturday, September 15, 2012

Out Of My Tree Football

Saturday. Already got the dinners fixed for Mom and the caregiver for tonight. Am going over there to fix lunch for Mom and put the dinners together. Then I am coming home to play couch potato. Football weekend. Love football season. I am watching two games at the same time today. Oregon vs. Tennessee Tech and Texas A & M vs. SMU. The later because my niece's daughter, Spencer Conley, is a defensive end for SMU. The picture above is him after last week's game. He got his first sack.

I always view Saturday as a cool day. It is when I get my chores done early. Then veg out in front of the TV with snacks at hand and coffee ready. Some might say I am out of my tree for enjoying a day like this:

I read on one of my favorite blogs (The Chaos Chronicles by Lian Dolan) that eating sweets like chocolate make you nice and more likable. Now I read the following article:

I don't think I was very nice when I was drinking, that is why I haven't had a drink in almost thirty years. That leaves the choices to continue to be mean or to eat more chocolate and ice cream. I can live with that.

However, chocolate is really expensive so I may have to find a cheaper place to live.

Comment Away.


Lady DR said...

Ah, yes, football season. You're in hog heaven (G). Himself is still watching baseball. A Saturday as you describe sounds delightful, if you're into football.

The tree houses are fantastic and pretty darned creative.

The drinking thing? I think it depends on the individual's personality and the amount of alcohol consumed. I've seem people go mean on a couple drinks and I've seen people really relax and be fun on a couple drinks. I think there have been studies to that effect. If you're not very likable to begin with, a few drinks usually doesn't improve that. If you just need a little liquid courage, because you're shy or uncertain, a drink may help.

Interesting survey/study of cities. I'm rather afraid I don't consider houses that start at and exceed $200K to be "cheap." That said, I've spent some time in Harlingen and been in McAllen, admittedly several years ago, and both are delightful small cities. Both are near Padre Island, which used to be a delightful place, but I understand has been taken over by condos, destroying what used to be a pretty natural place, with lots of beach and room to roam, more's the pity.

Pat said...

Those are the coolest treehouses ever. Tho' some not technically treeshouses, I'll take any one!

I've known lots of people that were nicer with a couple of drinks. Any more and they're not always that amusing.

My aunt lived in Harlingen briefly, but I never saw the place.

What's a sack?

William J. said...


The Dodgers were on after the Oregon game so yesterday I watched both football and baseball and cooked also!

I wouldn't mind living in one of those tree houses!

I was mostly a happy drunk but where the bad person came in for me was unkept promises, bad work at work the next day, and not caring what others thought.

I am with you, 200K is not cheap, although it would be hard to find a livable house under 200K in the Portland area. I haven't been in any of the houses listed but it would be a fun trip to take off an visit several of the cities on the list!

I hate it when Condos take over natural resources and beauty.


William J. said...

Hi Pat

The line of scrimmage is the imaginary line where the play starts. Usually the spot where the center "hikes" the ball to the quarterback. If you tackle the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage, it is a sack.

Those tree houses certainly aren't what I think of when I hear "tree houses". They are spectacular.

Interesting point about drinking, a couple of drinks nicer then there is a line that is often crossed when they become sloppy drunks and aren't nice but are usually stupid.

I never saw most of the cities on the list but what it would be to visit a few!


Pat said...

Oh, funny about the "sack". I had never heard that one. Another arcane football rule. I was thinking of a gift bag for doing something esp. good. {g} Shows where my mind is at.

William J. said...

Hi Pat

Sack is actually the most important defensive statistic there is right after tackles.

If you tacke they quarterback behind the line of scrimmage that means the other team lost yards, didn't have time to pass the ball, the line that was protecting the quarterback broke down.

You will hear five to ten times on a telecast or a broadcast of a game.

Teams have what the call "Blitz Packages" which has nothing to do with beer but is a defenssive set where instead of guarding receiver everyone rushes the quarterback to "sack" the quarterback.