Monday, September 17, 2012

Good Monday

I would have posted early but Google got in the way. They reconfigured everything but me and it threw me off.

Spending the day off of me leg trying to find a happy balance between sparking circulation and elevating it. Keeping it elevating helps it heal but so does circulation and circulation can stop if you don't use it. So it is down for an hour. Then up doing grocery shopping. Down for an hour. Then up mowing the lawn. And so on. According to docks it takes one to three months to heal so I am on pace. I will be happy when it gets to the place where it doesn't really hurt.

Let's start the week off with good stories. A memorable family reunion:

Moving from a memorable family reunion to a memorable reconnection:

From a memorable reconnection to a memorable beginning:

Comment Away. Then go out and have a good Monday


Pat said...

Watch out, or Google will reconfigure you, too.

So sorry your leg still hurts!

Dangerous lake. Dropoff should have been posted. Apparently the FD knew all about it. BAD FD.

Yes, maybe bowling. If they just meet for lunch, probably one of them would choke on something,

Welcome to the so-far nameless baby panda. I guess it's not quite cute yet.

Lady DR said...

Yes, I see Google has reconfigured your site, once again. I empathize with the leg and hope it heals more quickly than expected. Like you, I walk or shop or whatever for an hour or so, then sit down and rest the hip, repeat, repeat, repeat. PIA, but at least it reduces pain.

I always enjoy good stories. The family reunion sounds like a short-term nightmare. Agree with Pat the area should be posted, if they know there's a problem. Thank goodness, the kids are all okay.

Two rescues by the same Good Samaritan. Glad to hear the recipient plans to do his part in helping others.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of the panda. I hadn't realized we had to send them back to Japan after five years. Unless they have a male and female cub close in age, the odds of increasing the panda population at the zoo looks slim, right?

William J. said...

Hi Pat

I probably need reconfiguring. They said the leg would take a couple of months to heal. It is improving but slowly.

Haag Lake is actually a small lack just a deep one in spots. I was up there once as an official for a triathlon. The lack was the one they swim. I not only think the FD should have warning signs, I think the kids that almos drowned that didn't put life jackets on should be fined. Well their parents should.

You have to wonder how they would get hurt bowling. Some people can get hurt doing anything, I got knocked out once umpiring a softball game.

Baby Pandas are really cute, almost as cute as the kitten that got rescued today.


William J. said...


I also found that ice packs reduce the pain. It is getting better, just not fast enough for the impatient me.

It had to be a short time nightmare but what a quick thinking family to form a line and rescue the kids. There should be signs and life jackets should have been worn. Life jackets are required at that lake but the kids and the parents ignored the rule. Shame on them. Good for the Gibson family!

What were the odds that the Good Samaritan would end up helping the same man twice! The recipient should pay it forward.

I hadn't realized we had to send the Pandas back to Japan either. No wonder they are so rare in zoos in the US.


dona said...

Hi Bill, I hope you won't have to wait the whole three months for you leg to get better. If you could rest more often I think it may help, but with your schedule, I think that is impossible! :)
But will continue to wish for your speedy recovery!

William J. said...

Hi Dona

Thanks for checking in and for your cocnern. It is appreciated. The leg is getting better just not fast enough! It will start going faster once it starts getting smaller. I am hopeful at least!