Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kissing Trembling Frogs

I wanted to thank everyone for their contributions to the blog yesterday and a special thank you to DR for sharing with us her experience with helping an elderly stranger. As the society ages this problem will no doubt become more common. There was some really good advise in the comments so if you haven't read the comments from yesterday's post please do.

Today we are talking frogs. They might be able to keep the earth from shaking:

Are you going to rush out right now and buy a pet toad?

Next up is a very troubling article about the risks women take with dieting. Is this the Americanization of Asia?

As always I am looking forward to your input.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Help With a Dilemma

One of our blog family would like our input on a problem she was confronted with yesterday. I will chim in at the end of the day with my input as I don't want to influence anyone's opinion and what to her your unfettered advise for DR. Here is her email:

"I came out of Walmart and noticed an elderly man kind of wandering about the parking lot, somewhat oblivious to traffic. I put groceries in car, returned cart and he was still wandering, so I went over and asked if I could help, was he looking for his car. Yes, he was. Could he describe it. Yes, a medium sized red car. He said he could show me one like it, but not exactly, as it was an Intrepid and his was a Dodge (I know zilch about car makes and models). He agreed to stay by my car, while I searched the parking lot. A thorough tour revealed red vans, red trucks, no mid-sized red cars. I returned and he said the car he showed me was about where he thought he parked his car. I suggested we go into the store and ask them to help him, maybe call the cops and say his car had been taken. No dice, after long discussion. I went over and discovered "Dodge" on the side of the Intripid. I said I thought this was his car. No, he insisted. I suggested he try the key. It unlocked the door, but this was not his car. I suggested he try to start the car. It started, but this was not his car. I opened the glove compartment and found an expired insurance card. Asked him his name. It was his car. I pointed that out to him. No, he insisted, not his car. I showed him the card. He said whoever took his car left the card in this one and, besides, his name was misspelled. After another ten minutes or so, I finally got him to give me a phone number, to call his wife,.although he didn't know why I insisted on doing so, since she couldn't do anything. Called the number and a young man answered. I asked if he knew a Mr. Phillip Morris. Yes, he did. I explained I was with him and needed to talk to his wife. Am told his wife died four years ago and the young man would get his mother, Mr. Morris' daughter. She came on the line and I explained where I was, with her father. Her first question was whether he was all right. I said yes, but I was concerned about him wandering the parking lot and his insistence the car wasnt' his. She asked which Walmart I was at, confirmed the car was his and asked if I'd stay until she could get there. I agreed to wait. He continued to insist it was not his car. Daughter and grandson arrived about 15 minutes later and she was a bit sharp with him. She also made it clear my job was done and I should Go Away.

Here's my dilemna... Himself feels this should be reported to someone for a variety of reasons. One, should the man behind the wheel of a car. I know he has a driver's license, but don't know if it's valid or expired because I wasn't thinking clearly enough to ask to look it closely. I know he has an expired insurance card in the glove compartment, but don't know if he has a current one elsewhere. I know he has some form of dimentia or Alzheimers, given the issue of the car and the fact he told me to call his wife, who passed four years ago. Did his daughter know he'd left the house, given she didn't know where he was or which Walmart store? I know our neighbors in FL, whose wives had Alzheimers, often dealt with their "escapes." Fortunately, they were always on foot and there were near neighbors who stepped in and got them home. Mr. M was so focused on finding his car, he wasn't paying attention to other cars in the parking aisles, so was he in any danger? I felt the daughter and grandson treated this as if it wasn't uncommon and they knew how to take care of it and would I just go away. The only elder hotline I could find was United Way. The woman listened patiently, expressed concern, but said it wasn't their area and suggested I call the Upstate Alzheimer's Agency tomorrow and get their input.

I'm conflicted. I took responsibility for finding his car and finding family to help. Do I have a responsibility to report this to anyone and, if so, to whom? On what basis? His wellbeing? The wellbeing of others on the road? I am positively loath to take away independence, given what I've seen Mom go through, losing her ability to drive, her sight, her mobility. OTOH, at what point do you have to do that in some respects in everyone's best interest? I have no idea where to go from here and a strong suspicion the Alzheimer's Assoc isn't going to be real helpful. What would you do?

Bill, thanks. I'm really out of my depth here. I know his name and what street he lives on and what he drives, but nothing else. Was today an aberration or something that happens frequently? All things considered, why does he have keys to a car?

DanaRae, with no clue what to do"

What should she do? Call Elderly services? Call the police? Call the Division of Motor Vehicles? Nothing? Let's help out our blog sister here!

Monday, March 29, 2010

One Woman's Journey

"I think had he known the costs, Terrance would have objected to spending an amount equivalent to the cost of vaccine for nearly a quarter million children in developing countries."

Amanda Bennett


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eighteen Days to April 15

My update as always this time of year is work. Work and family. Next week sister is going to Utah to help her daughter move into a new home and the caregiver is taking off to parts unknown so once again the second busiest weekend of the year for me will include a couple of nights at Mom's. Happens every year. Everyone makes promises. Things happen and it ends up being just Mom and I again. The good thing is that next Saturday good friends from Washington are coming down on Saturday and they are taking Mom and I out for dinner. That will fill up Saturday. Sunday I will take Mom to breakfast for Easter and then head into work. That takes care of Sunday. Monday night sis will be back and Tuesday night my nephew will be back from vacation.

As part of my update I wanted to share a story that happened to one of the clients of the firm I work at. I was assigned his tax return this year and worked on it Wednesday last week. This story happened on Thursday:

My heart just tugs for them. Can you imagine the fear that they felt? On one of the television stations this week as part of the story it was reported that the owner of the story begged the robbers not to take the jewelry that was in the store to be repaired for customers. The robbers complied. All reports said this is a very nice couple.

That reminds me of the time when I was working in Gardena, California. I did a couple's tax return. When they were done with their tax returns they went out to get into their car and there was no car there. It was stolen.

Now on to the entertainment update:

First elimination on Dancing With The Stars is this coming week. I met Edward Aldrin, Michael Collins, and Neal Armstrong once way back then. Also got to see the space ship that they rode to the moon in. The most surprising thing was how small the ship was, not much bigger than the top of a dining room table. The three men that first went to the moon are icons and American heroes. All that being said I hate to see a hero embarrass himself so am praying that he is sent home this week.

Eliminated on The Amazing Race last week was the newly dating couple Jeff & Jordan. After watching them over the weeks my guess is they will in the not to distance future be referred to as "the former dating couple." She was annoying and he was impatient. Not a match made in heaven.

OK I am all ears. Waiting to see how things are with all of you. DR I certainly hope you have gotten better. Dona I hope you are enjoying your new kitchen. Pat I hope your Mom has stabilized. Kim hope you are getting ready for a knockout spring vacation with your family. Mary I hope tax season hasn't killed you. Mary Z hope you are enjoying the basketball tournaments and/or traveling. Bev hope things are better with your mother-in-law. Naomi hope work hasn't consumed your entire life! Red Whistle hope things are improving in the r.e. market and you also are finding free time to go to the movies. Cousin Bev A. hope you are enjoying being back home and are looking forward to our reunion! Snug, Lisa, Simply, and Kaye where are you? Hope I didn't miss anyone! If you are new to the blog this would be a great day to introduce yourself and meet all the outstanding just mentioned women!

The blog is now yours. Tell me everything about you and yours.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Help Wanted With Night Vision

First up are supposedly funny help wanted signs:|htmlws-sb-n|dl5|link4|

While I admit that some of the signs did make me laugh I have never been a big fan of the term loser. I've never and will never use the word loser to describe another human being. It was interesting to me how many of the help wanted ads on the billboards for fast food restaurants had that term on them. Not my cup of tea. What ads made you laugh?

Next up is driving at night. I drive at night. A lot. You really can't avoid it in the winter. I don't really like driving at night and sometimes at night when the gain is coming down like gangbusters I am especially glad when I get home. Here are the latest advances to help us see while we drive at night:

How about you? Night driving your cup of tea? Or do you avoid it at all costs? What do you think of the latest advances?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Rules Of Love

OK, Mom's caregiver is back in town and I am back among the living. First up are a couple of concerns and requests for positive vibes, prayers, and good thoughts.

DR has been missing lately because she is having some pretty bad back and neck pain. Send what you have her way.

Bev my blog mentor that posts here on once in a while, her mother-in-law fell and broke her hip. She had surgery, which went well, but they are now worried about her lungs. Send what you have her way too!

Your thoughts worked for me. My follow-up appointment went with the heart doctor went well. My blood pressure was 124/64, pulse 68. Cholesterol was 147 (lower than 200 is good.) Bad was 64 (below 100 is good). Now the needs improvement. Good was 37(over 40), Tri-s were 204 (below 200.) Thanks for the vibes and prayers!

On to the rules of love. Here is an article by a woman giving advise on how to deal with us men:|htmlws-sb-n|dl5|link6|

First, she starts off wrong. Every man I know loves it when a woman asks him for a date. It is just awful for us to get up the courage to make that call, to walk across the room at a bar or church to meet you. Us men are basically chicken. If you want to ask us out, damn it do it. The rest of the advise seems pretty good.

What do you think of her advise?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mean & Green|htmlws-sb-n|dl4|link4|

I don't know I am pretty aware of the environment and very few people would describe me as being mean. Do you agree with the above article? Does it run true of your friends who are green through and through?|htmlws-sb-n|dl5|link3|

According to the above article the new trend in Hollywood is for actresses to date their agents. I wonder just exactly how ethical it is for an agent to date a client. I also wonder whether or not it is a great idea. For us lowly Certified Public Accountants it unethical for us to date clients. The theory is that our advise should always be for the best of the client and that personal relationships with clients could hinder you giving the best advise. In a lot of years in the business I never really dated a client. OK, there was that one time but it was after her divorce and I had adivsed her to use another CPA. What is your take on agents dating client? Ethical or Unethical? Good idea? Bad idea?

May you be green today without being mean.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

From Limb To Limb.

I found the following article pretty darn interesting:|htmlws-sb-n|dl1|link5|

What do you think of the article?

A couple of other notes:

Last night's Dancing With The Stars was actually pretty good. The only one that didn't really belong on the floor was Buzz Aldrin. I know he is a hero and an American Icon but he can't dance and at 80 her can hardly remember his steps. It is embarassing. All of the others did pretty good for the first night out. The favorites after the first night: The Pussycat doll, The bachelor, The Sports Reporter, and the figure skater.

Here in Oregon it is Spring Vacation Week. That means my nephew and the caregiver are in parts unknown and sister and I are the fill ins. Sis is on duty Sunday through Tuesday. I am at Mom's Wednesday and Thursday night. That means that Thursday there may not be a blog entry so if I am missing in action that day you know why. Friday since I work from home there will be a blog entry but it will be later in the day.

Hope this is a great day for everyone and that if you need a few extra limbs you are growing some.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Cut Above

The good story of the week:

Next up is the day's discussion topic.Today's discussion is about Catholic Priests and whether or not they should be required to live a life of celibacy. According to the following article the Catholic Church is having a difficult time finding priests. Applications for the priesthood are down sixty percent and they attribute it to the celibacy requirement. The reason for the requirement is the church in the early times imposed it because they wanted the priests to serve only one master, God. Is it time for a change? Read why one preist retired:

Hope this day brings you nothing but joy and puts you a cut above the rest in your world!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


My update: work, lumps, and blood tests. Enough about work. Susan, Mom's caregiver, found a lump under her arm. She is going to the doctor tomorrow. Please send prayers, good thoughts, and positive vibes her way. I could use some of the same. Remember the stress test I had in December? There was a follow-up appointment a week later. Then the heart doctor wanted to see me in three months. Believe it or not the three months is up. I see him this coming Tuesday. I took a blood test Friday. So send whatever you have my direction that my cholesterol comes back normal! Not to mention the CBC.

Entertainment update:

Eliminated on The Amazing Race: Joe & Heidi, thanks to being U-turned by the detectives.

Eliminated on Celebrity Apprentice: Carol The Comedian.

Starting Tomorrow: Dancing With The Stars. I'm rooting for Erin Andrews. She is the ESPN reporter that some idiot filmed through keyholes in her hotel room and posted the nude pictures on the Internet. He is now justifiably in jail. I think she deserves some good to happen in her life. GO ERIN.

Top Chef Masters: Returns with 22 Chefs on April 7.

Speaking of food. According to there are foods that will make you lose weight. Read the article here:|htmlws-sb-n|dl5|link5|

I was actually surprised that red meat was on the list.

Besides telling me what foods on the thin list that surprise you, you know the drill. This is the date to update you on your life. Tell me about yourself, your friends, your family, events attended or attending. Share some secrets. Just tell me all about what is going on in your lives. I love knowing more about you. I also love to meet new people so if you are new to the blog step up and introduce yourself. You will meet some really nice folks here.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

Because of something that happened on Facebook I am continuing some of the discussion from yesterday. They were discussing Sandra Bullock on Facebook. For those of you that don't know this year's best actress winner moved out of her home in Los Angeles last week because she found out that her husband had been cheating on her. While she was on location filming The Blind Side, Jesse James was at another location playing around with Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee. One of the guys posted a message about how sorry he was for Sandra. I made the following comment:

"Jesse James is an idiot. Let's see a guy with a couple of tattoos and a reality show with maybe one viewer probably located in Outer Mongolia. He hits the jackpot with a beautiful, talented, funny, wife. He should have been spending everyday of his life giving thanks for his marriage and doing everything in his power to make his wife happy. Dumb bastard."

The next response was from a woman. "I am sure he loves his wife, but boys will be boys."


I cannot tell you how much I despise and hate the phrase "boys will be boys." I hate the phrase so much that it is hereby banned from the blog. You can use it in this thread. You can use it today. After today and in another thread any comment that includes the phrase "boys will be boys" will be deleted.

Here is why I hate the phrase:

It gives cheaters a pass. I mean so what I cheated on my wife, I was just doing what I was supposed to, after all boys will be boys.

It intimates that all men cheat which is stereotyping to the max. It is no different than saying all women are emotional. All Italians are mobsters. All blacks, All gays. Stereotyping is wrong in any form and at any time.

It places cheaters on the same level as good honest men that have never or would never cheat on their wives. Shouldn't these honest men be placed on a higher level than men that take the time they should be spending with their wives and children and use it for their own sexual satisfaction? How damn hard can it be to say no. "I appreciate the offer, you are beautiful but I'm married (or involved)?

Isn't it time for women to hold men responsible for their actions instead of giving them a pass with phrases like "boys will be boys."?

I'm done. Your comments will be appreciated.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dirty Laundry.

A woman is airing her dirty laundry in public and the whole neigborhood is upset:|htmlws-sb-n|dl5|link4|

Would you want this woman living next door to you? I admire her spirit but am not sure how I would feel about her as a neighbor.

Speaking of women airing dirty laundry in public. This woman did so in a court room and it cost her husband's mistriss a chunk of change:|htmlws-sb-n|dl1|link5|

I get that the mistress is partially responsible for the affair and I sometimes think when a man cheats on his wife his mistress is given to much of a pass. However, shouldn't this woman have jointly sued her husband and his mistress? Isn't the scumbag husband as much at fault for the affair as the mistress?

What is your take on alienation of affection lawsuits?

As always, I love getting your comments.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Where Are The Women On This List?

According to the article only fourteen of one thousand and eleven self-made billionaires in the world are women. Also according to the article less than ten percent of those on the Forbes Magazine list of the richest people in the world are women. Directly quoting the article "Interesting, among those 14, seven of them have made their fortunes on mainland China. Two other women are Indian. Oprah Winfrey is clear down in 400th place. In an era in which women have fought and won a place in boardrooms, Congress, and even as heads of state -- and we came so close to having a woman as U.S. president -- women are barely represented on the money = power list. Most of those who are landed on the list because of what their husband, father or other male relative achieved before his death. Call these "man-made women billionaires."

You can read the full article here:|htmlws-sb-n|dl3|link6|

The author has many reasons why she thinks women don't become billionaires. Women get that money isn't happiness. A lot of billionaires made their money on the backs of the poor and women don't want to go there. She also mentions the degeneration of feminism.

Instead of asking why there so few of the billionaires are women, I am going to ask why so many of the billionaires are men. My take on it is that men get their identity from their job, power, and what they accumulate. They don't get their identity from sharing and caring. They are focused on the dollar and ways to accumulate it.

Now it is your turn. Tell me what points in the article that you agree with. Also add some of your own ideas. In addition tell me two more things. Why do you think there are so few women billionaires and why doyou think so many of the billionaires are men. I am looking forward to your answers.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Advise Needed

It was a really difficult day at work yesterday. Mary, the partner of the firm, found out her Mom had died. I was surprised how serious my reaction was to the news. I kept my composure but I honestly felt like crying after the news. I really don't know Mary that well and have never met her Mom but the news was crushing.

For the past few years when a friend loses someone instead of flowers I've been sending a gift card to a nice restaurant with a little note that memories never die and that they should use the card to take their best friend/sibling/relative out and just talk about what they remember of the person no longer with us. The reaction to that has been very positive, one calling it a creative and thoughtful way to let them know that I care.

I don't think, however, that is appropriate for a boss. That is where you come in. What would be an appropriate way to let my boss that my heart is with her and her family after the loss of her mother?

Your advise will be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

America In 2050?|htmlws-sb-n|dl1|link3|

Do you agree with the above article? I'm not sure I do. I think there will be a higher percentage of the population that is single and that will lead to less babies being born. I also think there will be the death of print journalism and your morning newspaper will be no more. Everything will be online.|htmlws-sb-n|dl5|link3|

Was it just a hug? Or was it a heartfelt support of an opponent?

Maybe it was just a hug but sometimes that is all it takes to show you love and support.

Your comments on the articles of the day are appreciated.

Monday, March 15, 2010

You Be The Judge

I think the judge shouldn't have taken the chance with a baby's life until it was determined who was telling the truth. Better safe than sorry. He did just the opposite. Read the article here:

I really don't think the man belongs on the bench. Anyone that doesn't put a child's safety first is to stupid to be a judge.

One of the issues that was brought up in the article is whether judges should be appointed or elected. Most judges are against electing judges because they think it makes the legal process political. Instead of making decisions from the bench based on law they might make their ruling based on what it takes to get elected or reelected. I ask the question, is there in anything more political than the U.S. Supreme Court?

I completely disagree with the legal scholars and think all judge positions should be elected including the U.S. Supreme Court. I also think it is insane that once a judge is appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court the only way he or she is taken off the court is by impeachment, death, or retirement. This would be my plan:

For each judge position have minimum requirements before anyone could run for the position. Age, legal degree, X number of years of experience. Then require a psychological evaluation of each potential candidate. Next put them on the ballot and let us citizens vote.

Questions for the day: Should judges be elected? Should U.S. Supreme Court judges be appointed for life? What should happen to the judge that called the mother a liar putting her baby in harms way?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Forward & Update Me

We interrupt this blog post to bring you a special announcement. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PAT!

I hope all of you remembered to set your clock forward one hour last night before you went to bed. If not get away from the computer immediately and do it now!!

Every six months I complain like heck about the stupid idea of playing around with our clocks. If you want daylight savings time then damn it keep it all year around and let my body rest in peace. Here is one look at daylight savings time:|htmlws-sb-n|dl1|link6|

Now my update. Work at the firm that bought my business on Monday. Work at my other job Tuesday through Friday. Took mom to lunch on Saturday. Then after lunch met with one of my favorite relatives to discuss some business issues with him. Today I am working on my own two returns, my corporate return and individual return. I haven't done anything really weird this week like last week. No shoes in the fridge or ties in the microwave. However, last Sunday after breakfast with friends as we were all walking out to our cars with me pushing Mom in her wheelchair one of those brain freeze moments happened. I pushed the wheelchair to the back of the car and opened the trunk. Just before I put the wheelchair in the trunk, I remembered my Mom was still in it. Oops. Good thing I remembered what I was doing before anything serious happened. I quickly pushed the wheelchair to the passenger side of the car. Told Mom I was sorry I just wasn't thinking but maybe it was my plan to get even with her for all those times she treated my siblings better than she treated me. Our friends said, "if you ever go missing the first place we are going to look for you is in the trunk." Not only is it dangerous for shoes and ties to be around me, it is now dangerous for my Mom to be around me. Thank goodness, my Mom has a sense of humor, she was laughing so hard she had trouble getting in the car. So were Ted & Betty. Is it really that funny that I have the memory of an ant?

It is now your turn to confess the little secrets going on in your life. Update me on your life. Tell me everything that is going on with your relatives, your friends, and yourself. Have you anytime in life put a friend or relative in a trunk?

Before closing, I wanted to thank Dona. The post yesterday was great. She and hers created something to be really proud of and I am very appreciative that she shared it with us!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Family Member Shares Her Life

There is even some beefcake for you ladies because Dona's son is a hunk. Here is what Dona says:

"I wanted to finally show you some of what we had gotten done here in the kitchen at the house. You guys are my blog/internet family and sort of know how I have had to change my living for the past 7 years and so I was more excited to show you guys the finished project more than anybody.

The first 4 pics were "before" where there was just a sink with few cabinets above and a stand alone pantry on the other side of kitchen. Then had to show you where Brandon (my son) was the one who did most of the work. Then of course the finished product. Frank did the tile, (first time ever) I think he did a wonderful job. It is so nice to have cabinets to put things in again, finally a normal kitchen.

Since taking out the old pantry (which was falling apart and why we started this to begin with) we have the whole other side of the kitchen wall where we are still working on. Will send pics when that part is finished.

The best part was this. As we were at first going to just replace the old pantry came to find out they are not cheap. The only one we found to compare to the size of ours was $1329. We decided to have Brandon just rebuild the outside and replace the original insides. But that was going to cost at least $400. For some reason we looked on the internet and found a place and got all these cabinets and all the hardware/sink/faucet for just at the price that the one pantry would have cost us! Our kind of money...:)"

So this just fit perfect and will allow me to get some of my things out of the barn finally! haha

Thanks for letting me share this with you."

No, Dona. Thank you for sharing your life we us. You are definitely a part of our family!

What do you guys think? Maybe Frank and her son will travel to Oregon and remodel my kitchen.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Men's Day

Tomorrow on the blog will be a special day because Dona sent me pictures of her remodeling project and gave me permission to post them on the blog. Tomorrow will be Dona Day. It is really amazing the amount of talent that people reading the blog have. You all will be amazed.

Today, however, is a couple of issues concernng men. The first up is advise to married women about their husbands. Don't let your husband retire if you want the marriage to last.|htmlws-sb-n|dl5|link3|

Next up is a really troubling article about how divorced men:

I am really not surprised about the first article. My Mom and Dad, however, seemed to do just fine after dad retired. They did get out of the house a lot and do a lot of things together so maybe that is the secret instead of not retiring, get out of the house.

The second article does surprise me. I thought men were emotionally more together than that.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Call The Cops

How could you not love this little dude?|htmlws-sb-n|dl1|link3|

Speaking of love and heros here is another hero to love:|htmlws-sb-n|dl5|link5|

Amazing woman, no? I am not sure I could get in an airplane now let alone when I am in my ninites.

And the seven year-old hero, how smart of him to lock himself in the bathroom and take the phone with him. I don't think I would be that smart, in fact I know I wouldn't. One time when I was living in Los Angeles after a night on the town I went home, put my pants over a chair and fell asleep on the couch. I heard a noise. Woke up and there was this man going through my pants. Did I do the smart thing and acted like I was still asleep? Nope I yelled "what the f are you doing?" He took off and I tried to tackle him. Fortunately I missed. He went out the door down the stairs with me chasing him. He dropped my wallet at the bottom of the stairs. Everything was still in it. Not much was in it after the night on the town but my driver license and credit cards. Once I got the wallet, I stopped chasing him and called the cops. They never did find him. I was also properly chewed out by the cops. I wasn't as smart as the seven year-old.

Have you ever had moments where you weren't as smart as a seven year-old? Ever been robbed? How about flying? Would you like to fly a plane?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Another brief post this morning due to mental overload. I did make some great strides this morning finally, after two weeks of phone calls and banging my head against the wall, solve the computer problem I was having with my home income tax program. Makes for the start of a great day.

On to another great stride. I think I have told you before that I once donated my time to a cancer research center that specialized in breast cancer. They were trying to develop a vaccine that would stop the spread of a cancer cell. Somewhere in this household I actually have a video of a breast cancer cell. Unfortunately they didn't succeed. Now comes a report from the University of Michigan. They have a long ways to go but it is a start. I see it as not only a beginning but a great stride in finding a cure for breast cancer. Read the article here:

What strides have you made lately? They can be small steps or large ones. Get the garage cleaned out? Doing well on the new diet? Let me know how you are doing striding through life.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Amazing Discoveries.

The three temporary jobs have finally started to play with my mind. This morning I found my shoes in the fridge (I guess to much work has lead to cold feet) and my tie in the microwave (I must have wanted to be hot.) My amazing discoveries have sent me a message that I need to cut back a little so other than this post there won't be a post today and most likely there won't be a post tomorrow. If I remember where I put my computer expect me back no later than Thursday. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

In the meantime if you want to cleanse your soul you can tell me if you have made some surprising or amazing discoveries.

Monday, March 8, 2010

An Arresting Oscar Day.

Yesterday Mom and I went out to breakfast with some friends. When we were leaving the parking lot, the light changed to green and the cars started out into the intersection from double left turn lanes. The cars turning left on to a main highway were easily half way into the intersection when a red car ran the red light and almost hit the first car turn, and then the second car. It was a miracle there wasn't an accident. As the red car went merrily on its way the two cars in the intersection just sat there stunned. We were the first cars behind the cars almost hit. I doubt the driver of the red had a clue about what havoc he almost caused and how many lives almost he changed had the drivers he almost hit not been paying more attention to their driving then he was to his. I was thinking to myself damn I wish a cop had seen that. Then I wished I could have done something on my own to make sure the driver of the red car knew what he had done. There was an article in this morning's Oregonian that gave me some information that if something like that happens I now have the tools to take legal action to make sure the offending party gets a ticket. A citizen's arrest. Here is how you do it:

Have you ever made a citizen's arrest? Would you ever? I never have and didn't think I ever would until yesterday. Now I may just try it in the future.

On to my Oscar Summary. My predictions were pretty darn good if I do say so myself. I missed only one, the best supporting actor. I kind of knew it was wrong but I so wanted one for the old farts that I picked Christopher Plummer and the heavy favorite, Christoph Waltz, won. That means I was twelve out of thirteen.

If something happens between Jesse James and Sandra Bullock I just want her to know that I am available. She looked absolutely stunning. She also gave a marvelous acceptance speech that was humble (dedicated it to all Moms), touching (mentioning her no longer with us Mom), gracious (mentioning each fellow nominee for the best actress award), humorous (Meryl you are such a darn good kisser) and inclusive (no matter what your race, your sexual orientation, your religious beliefs, or whether or not your are handicapped, rich or poor you deserved to be loved.) What other actress would less than a week ago actually show up to accept the worst actress award and then a few days later give a beautiful speech as a best actress? That kind of Blind Sided me. God love her.

And wasn't it about time that a woman won the best director award? Kathryn Bigelow also looked stunning as she became the first woman to win the best director award in the history of The Oscars. For The Hurt Locker.

Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin did a pretty good Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin impression as hosts. I enjoyed them. They took their shots and provided more than a few laughs.

As to fashion, most of the women wore beautiful gowns and made good choices except maybe Barbara Streisand. She looked awful in her get up.

The show could have been a little shorter! It was three and a half hours long. They could have cut out the tribute to horror films and the insane dance number in the middle of the show.

I did, however, enjoy the Oscars as I do every year. Award season is now officially over.

What star would you like to arrest and put in handcuffs? You can guess mine.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

An Education

First up is an award winning journey:|htmlws-sb-n|dl5|link4|

Next a brief entertainment update: Eliminated from The Amazing Race was attorney moms, Monique and Shawne. Also remember The Pink Glove Dance? Producers of America's Got Talent requested that they audition for the show. If the audition goes well the dancing troupe won't be contestants but they will be guest entertainers on one of the shows this season. I will keep you posted.

Next up is the review of AN EDUCATION:

A coming of age story for women. A young woman whose parents want her to get into Oxford finds her traditional education replaced by something slightly more sinister when an older, more worldly suitor sweeps her off of her feet while placing her future in jeopardy. Starrng Peter Sarsgaard as the suitor, Carey Mulligan as the teen, Alfred Molina and Cara Seymour as the parents, Dominic Cooper and Rosamund Pike as the suitor's business partner and his girl friend, and Emma Thompson as the headmistress of the school where the teen attends.

The movie was well acted and the story was compelling. Young Carey Mulligan really gave the best performance by a woman in any movie this year but either Sandra or Meryl will steal her thunder. I did have some problems with the movie. I understand a younger woman and an older man, I even understand an older woman and a younger man. In fact I am for any relationship among consenting adults that enhances both of their lives. Two of the three times I came close to marriage the women were thirteen years younger. They said they were with me because men their age just didn't treat them with the respect I did. I was with them very simply because they liked me and kept me young. I get May-December Romances. What I don't get is predators and destroying the life of someone you supposedly love. In AN EDUCATION the elderly suutor targeted the young sixteen year-old woman from the beginning, she was his prey. It was extremely disappointing that AN EDUCATION didn't show the older suitor for the predator that he was. Instead they just showed him as con artist that in some way did love the young woman. Which is the other problem I had with the movie if he loved her why did he destroy her life instead of enhancing it? I will give it Three footballs. One Mulligan, one for Molina, one for the music, one for the cinematography, and then subtract one football for not outing a predator.

Now My Oscar Picks:

Best Movie: 'The Hurt Locker' - correct

Best Director: First women ever to win , Kathryn Bigelow for The Hurt Locker - correct

Best Actor: Jeff Bridges, 'Crazy Heart' - correct

Best Actress: Sandra Bullock, 'The Blind Side - correct

Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer, 'The Last Station - wrong

Best Supporting Actress: Mo'nique, 'Precious' - correct

Best Animated Film: UP - correct

Cinematography: Avatar - correct

Original Score: UP - correct

Original Song: The Weary Kind the Theme From Crazy Heart music and lyrics by Ryan Bingham and T. Bone Burnett - correct

Visual Effects: Avatar - correct

Sound Editing: The Hurt Locker - correct

Sound Mixing: The Hurt Locker - correct

Last but certainly not least are your updates. You know the drill. You catch me up on your life. Everyone here has become friends and we want to know all about you and yours!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Goal Completed

I went to An Education today meeting my goal of seeing all ten nominated films by the time the Oscars are presented tomorrow night. Today is a mini-review of nine of the nominated films while adding who here on the blog might enjoy the movie the most. Tomorrow is my review of the tenth film, AN EDUCATION, my Oscar picks and your life updates.


THE HURT LOCKER. About a bomb squad in Iraq. Directed BY Kathryn Bigelow, starring Jeremy Renner. Tense study of man at war. About a soldier that prays everyday that he gets to go home and when he does make it home he finds he doesn't fit in. The scene where he is grocery shopping with his wife is heart tugging. She asks him to get some cereal. You see him standing in the cereal aisle alone not knowing what brand to choose, feeling completely lost. Pat, Mary Z, Ellen.


DISTRICT 9. Nobody but the actors mommy and daddies would like this movie.



I don't like animated movies. I was dead sure I wasn't going to like this movie. The only reason I watched it is because of my goal. I loved this movie. Anyone here with a heart would like this movie. About an elderly man that loses his wife, then starts a journey to visit the place he and his wife were always going to visit. A little ranger goes along to get some merit badges. Voices of Ed Asner, Christopher Plummer, John Ratzenberger, and Jordan Nagai.



Mary W and her boys, Dona, Kim, Snug, Connie, DR. And I also think Pat and Mary Z would like this movie but I am not as sure as I am of the others.

Stars Sandra Bullock, Kathy Bates, Tim McGraw, Quinton Aaron, Jae Head. and driected by John Lee Hancock. Rich family takes in homeless high school student who becomes a football star.



At 160 minutes is probably 159 minutes to long. Stars Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez and directed by James Cameron. Moves between real people and animated characters. A paraplegic ex-marine finds a new life on the distant planet of Pandora, only to find himself battling humankind alongside the planet's indigenous Na'vi race. Most of it was alien to me. Maybe Pat because of the special effects but the length would bother her.



I just reviewed this movie last week so won't write about it here. Ellen, Dona, Mary Z and Pat might like the story and the acting.


Directed by the Coen Brothers. Always have to have a Coen Brothers movie nominated, it is the law.


A black comedy set in 1967 concerning a Midwestern physics professor whose staid and stable life slowly begins to unravel after his wife announces that she's leaving him. Stars Michael Stuhlbarg and Richard Kind among others. Kind of depressing but I think Pat, Ellen, Mary Z, and Bev might like it.



Starring George Clooney, Vera Farmiga, Anna Kendrick and directed by Jason Reitman. Man travels a ton to places just for the purpose of firing people while in the process mentoring a young woman and trying to obtain a goal. When he meets his goal it isn't what he thought it would be. I think Bev because of her theater reviewing background might like this and Pat because of the music maybe.



Another law is that a World War II movie has to be nominated every year. Violence sells. Written and directed by Quentin Tarantino and starring Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz, Eli Roth and Mélanie Laurent. The film tells the story of two plots to assassinate the Nazi Germany political leadership, one planned by a young French Jewish cinema proprietor (Laurent), and the other by a team of Jewish Allied soldiers led by Lieutenant Aldo Raine (Pitt). I really can't think of anyone here that would love this movie. Some of you might tolerate it for the acting and for justice prevailing.

Tomorrow before my Oscar picks I will review AN EDUCATION, a movie that I think all the women here except maybe DR might enjoy.

The questions of the day: Have you ever been inspired by a friend or spouse to travel to a specific place? Have you ever met someone from another planet? Taken in a homeless high school teen? Felt completely lost in a grocery store? Accomplished a goal only to find out it wasn't all you thought it would be? Felt Precious? Felt like no matter what you did things would just get worse? Felt like your forehead was tattooed? Had an affair with a married man or woman that you thought was single? Yes. Yes. No. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. No. Yes. The questions are a summary nine of the ten movies nominated for an Oscar this year! I just could never figure out what District 9 was about so don't have a question to match that movie.

Friday, March 5, 2010

A Major Vent.

I am sorry I haven't posted on the blog today. I would have posted earlier if I hadn't been getting the run around from the following company:

Atria Healthcare

Billing address:

PO Box 31001-1157
Pasadena, CA 91110-1157

National toll free number:


Local Portland, Oregon number:


If you ever come across this company in your dealings with your elderly parents, or with your own medical or insurance issues I have some advise for you. RUN. RUN AS FAR AWAY FROM THEM AS YOU CAN. That is unless you want to deal with a company that doesn't talk to other branches within their company. Then when they can't get the information they need from fellow employees (information they have been given already by Medicare, the Doctor, your parent) they will make your elderly parent suffer and threaten to take away her wheelchair. If that is the type of company you want to deal with then give them a call.

My Mom needs a wheelchair. She can't walk long distances. The doctor advised Mom to use the wheelchair whenever she can. Dr. J wrote Mom a prescription for a wheelchair and ordered it from Atria Healthcare. Medicare and the company approved it. For just barely over five bucks a month Mom had a wheelchair. They delivered the wheelchair. Then the problems started.

First there was a call a week ago from someone that said he was based in Texas. He told Mom they were going to pickup her wheelchair because the doctor hadn't approved it. He was told yes she had approved it. He said they were getting no cooperation form our doctor. Of course that wasn't the truth we had a copy of the letter the doctor sent the company. Then he said well we have the approval but our branch doesn't have it, they have it at the Portland office. He said they need it at their branch to complete the paper work. He in addition said the Portland office wasn't returning his calls and he would try again. If he didn't get the branch office's cooperation then he would need our help. I said OK, let us know and we would do what we could to help him. He must have missed that part.

Today I was at Mom's checking up on her. Sis and her husband are in Utah helping my niece move to her own house. My niece separated from her husband. While sis is gone I am back in the main caregiver game. While at Mom's we got a call. Guess from who? They said we want to know when we can pickup the wheelchair. I responded politely that my Mom had paid all of her bills on time and had paid the account up to date. I informed them that nobody in this household had requested the chair to be picked up. She said OK. After she hung up Mom and I looked through her account. The bill is due next Monday but she hadn't received her statement yet. I thought this is an easy task, I will just call them, mention that they mistakenly had scheduled a wheelchair pickup and could they send the March statement.

I called the local number and of course got their voice mail. Push one if you only want to get a little bit annoyed, push two if you want your blood pressure to rise a little, push three if you want to get a little more angry, and push four if you really want to get pissed off.

I pushed four. The wait was about five minutes and a woman came on the line. Well, since I couldn't really understand a word she said it could have been a man or a robot but it sounded kind of like a woman. OK, I am a liberal dude and I don't really care if I deal with someone new to our language. The problem is that in their native tongue they are used to talking extremely fast and when they talk that fast in English you are lucky if you catch two words. I kept saying we don't want the wheelchair picked up and she kept asking when they could pickup the wheelchair. OK, I finally asked if I could talk to her supervisor. She said yes and put me on hold. While on hold I cleaned Mom's house, fixed dinner, and read War And Peace. The supervisor came on. She tried. At least I think she tried. I would have known she had tried if I could have understood her. She kept telling me all they were going to do for me but I was going to have to talk to someone else to cancel the pickup and get the statement. Great I said transfer me to that department. She gave me the phone number to call in case she lost me into outer space during the transfer process. The phone number she gave me? The one that I had called!! The transfer was successful and I reached their customer service department. A lady that I could completely understand came one the line. I gave her Mom's name and account number. She asked if it was OK if she put me on hold. Sure. I wanted the problem solved so I was willing to hold. OK, while on hold since I already had read War and Peace, this time I finished Gone With The Wind. The customer service lady never came back. Know what happened? It transferred me back to voicemail and I got the message I got when I first dialed the phone number. I was to annoyed to push any number, so I just took a deep breath and stayed on the line. Eventually a man came on the line, "your account number and the reason you are calling." I have a lot of patience but it went out the window with that question. I basically told him, that I had never dealt with a worst company, that no he couldn't have the account number and the reason I was calling because I had already given that information to half of their staff. Then I hung up.

I've decided that I don't need the aggravation. Within the next week I am going to buy Mom a nice wheelchair. Then I am going to take the wheelchair she has now to the local office of the medical equipment company from hell and shove it up the nether regions of the first employee of theirs that I see.

At least it gave me something to write about today. I'm done.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The good:

Another teen doing a good thing.

The bad:

By some accounts it has been going on for at least three years but now with the economy in the tank it is at epidemic proportions. It is less likely to happen in Oregon or New Jersey because you can't pump your own gas in those two states. It has become such a major problem in Washington that today police are going to several gas stations to warn consumers. Although this wasn't in the above article they advised on the news this morning that if you use a debit or credit card to pay for your gas inside.

The ugly:

I need prayers, positive vibes, good thoughts sent my sister's direction. They put a heart monitor on her Thursday to see how her heart is beating. They think she may have either a heart murmur or an irregular heartbeat. They will take the monitor off Tuesday. I am hoping that she gets a clean report and if not that they can control the problem with medication. Thanks in advance.

Comments about anything on the blog are appreciated!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

All We Need Is Love

When the young student was home ill twenty other class members learned the song to surprise him one day. I hope you have some tissues left over from yesterday to read part two of yesterday's story of teens Sharing The Love:

After that story reality TV seems so trite. However, here is the lineup for this season's Dancing With The Stars, followed by my odds of the chance of the winning:

BUZZ ALDRIN, astronaut, partners up with ASHLY COSTA (formerly DelGrosso),(80 years old and I once met him but 5,000-1 to win it.)

PAMELA ANDERSON, actress and model, joins professional dancer DAMIAN WHITEWOOD, who makes his “Dancing with the Stars” debut this season. (100-1 to win it)

ERIN ANDREWS, ESPN host, teams with MAKSIM CHMERKOVSKIY (After the horrible experience of having someone film her without her permission and post her pictures on the Internet she needs something good to happen, 10-1)

SHANNEN DOHERTY, actress, teams up with two-time “Dancing with the Stars” champ MARK BALLAS, who returns for his sixth season. (Hollywood Bad Girl becomes Dancing Woman 50-1)

KATE GOSSELIN, TLC star, teams with TONY DOVOLANI, who returns for his ninth season. (To many kids, to many bad stories 100-1)

EVAN LYSACEK, Olympic figure skating champion, teams with ANNA TREBUNSKAYA, who returns for her fifth season. (Skaters have won twice before and he could win the gold twice this year 1-1)

NIECY NASH, comedienne and host, teams up with LOUIS VAN AMSTEL, who returns for his sixth season. (Who? Never heard of her. Good Partner 15-1)

CHAD OCHOCINCO, NFL Star, teams up with two-time champion CHERYL BURKE, who returns for her ninth season. (Football's loose cannon but a lot of fun, graduated from Oregon State. Great teacher 5-1)

JAKE PAVELKA, “The Bachelor” star, joins CHELSIE HIGHTOWER, who returns for her third season. (I don't like men better looking or richer than I am 1000-1)

NICOLE SCHERZINGER, pop star, teams with Season 7 champ DEREK HOUGH, who returns for his sixth season. (Who again is she? She also has a great teacher 10-1)

AIDEN TURNER, soap star, teams with EDYTA SLIWINSKA, who is the only pro to compete in all 10 seasons of “Dancing with the Stars.” (Aiden is also Aiden on the soap All My Children. Has such an accent that I have a hard time understanding what he is saying but will I understand his dance moves? 25-1)

As you dance through life today I hope you find that all you need is love!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Digitus Impudicus

Come on fess up here, have you ever done it? According to some reports people have been doing it since the ancient Roman empire. I havedone it. Several times. Sometimes I even do it when I am driving but not lately because you never know who has a gun as a passenger. I did it when I was as younger than high school age. And after age of consent. However, I have never done it in the front of or toward a police officer. To me that would just be insane. Free speech or insanity? That is the first question of the day after reading the following article:

Now the good story of the day. Let's take a moment to celebrate a segment of our population that often gets a bad rap, teens. Get the tissues out.

Could you make the decision that young gal had to make? Could you have chosen among the three families? I wouldn't have been able to.

Hope this is a day when nobody in your circle participates in digitus impudicus and that the decisions you make are easy ones.

Monday, March 1, 2010


I can't pass up a good stray. Stray cats or stray women, I just can't stand to see a human or an animal suffer. I had a cat named Precious once. She was a stray. When I first saw her, her bones were showing. She was obviously hungry and scared of humans. Most likely she had been abused at one time. I put food outside of my door. Precious stayed at the bottom of the steps and wouldn't come near the food or me as long as the door was open. I shut the door, when I opened the door a few minutes later the food was gone and so was Precious. Every day for a week the young kitty would come up the stairs and eat the food, on the seventh day she let me watch her eat. Then she went away. The next week I left the door open and moved the food inside. Each day I would move the food a little more inside. Precious would come in, look at me, eat the food and leave. If I stood up she would run. After three weeks of the cat and human game I was sitting in my recliner watching a movie, Precious came in and ate. This time she didn't turn around and run. She came over to the recliner and jumped in my lap. Then she stayed on my lap and purred for over an hour. I knew at the moment Precious trusted me, knew she was safe, and that she was loved.

That was the movie PRECIOUS in a nutshell. A sixteen year-old pregnant with her second child, emotionally and physically abused by her mom, sexually abused by her dad (father of both of her children) never felt loved. PRECIOUS based on the book PUSH by Sapphire is directed and produced by Lee Daniels, of MONSTER'S BALL fame, starring newcomer Gabourey Sidibe as Clareece "Precious" Jones and in an academy award winning performance Mo'nique as Mary her Mom. It also has a stunning performance by Paula Patton as Precious's alternative school teacher and a surprising performance by Mariah Carey as Precious's social worker. ( As a side note Oprah is one of the executive producers.)

The movie is well acted. It, however, is heartbreaking and this man cried more than once as Precious was kicked out of school for being pregnant. She was then sent to an alternative school where she meets a great teacher, Ms. Rain, played by Patton. There are two scenes in the move that you would have to be dead not have your heart slapped against a wall. On a field trip to a museum, Ms. Rain, standing next to Precious as she was watching the "I Have A Dream" speech takes Precious by the hand. Precious as Precious says in her narrative says "I've never had anyone hold my hand before." The women has two children yet had never had her hand held or been hugged. How heartbreaking is that? The other scene is in the class room when Precious begins to cry, saying to the class room "I'm not loved, I've never been loved." It is a stunning scene that in her confessing of never being loved Precous finds out that she has people like Ms. Rain, like her fellow students, and like her child that do love her.

If you go to the movie be prepared for some really rough scenes as you watch the way Mary treats her daughter. Some really bad treatment of an infant not even a month old. But also be prepared for an inspiring story, some great music, and some superb acting.

Five stars. One For The Music. One each for Ms. Patton, Monique, and Gabby. A half of star for the cinematography and a half of star for Mariah.

I am pretty sure all of us here have always felt loved by our parents. Sure maybe there were some moments where we doubted that love but then something would happen to confirm the unconditional love they had for us. Can you remember moments where you didn't feel loved? Can you remember moments where your love was confirmed?