Monday, April 28, 2008

The Busy Week Starts

Hi there everyone. Just to let everyone know that I probably won't be posting as much the next couple of weeks as I have been. Today we are getting unexpected company from South Dakota, tomorrow is our casino day, Wednesday is the day Mom moves, and Sunday I am taking a small trip to Ashland for a few days. I might post Thursday to tell how the move went and I will check in from time to time and if time allows post a message or two. I just didn't want anyone to worry if I disappeared from the blog for a few days or for a couple of weeks.

I'm really looking forward to me time and some worry free time with Mom safely in place.

Hope for the best for all you!

Sunday, April 27, 2008


I was having a real need for an indie movie so yesterday I went out to watch a documentary entitled YOUNG@HEART and I cannot say enough good things about this movie. While it is a little slow starting and the narrator needs to shut up I will promise you four things about this movie: 1. You will not be disappointed. 2. You will laugh. 3. You will cry. and 4. You will leave the theatre profoundly affected.

The documentary is about a chorus where the average age of the members is 80 that tour first England and then the U.S. singing rock songs. Not Neil Diamond mind you but Punk Classics. Sonic Youth's Schizophrenia, The Talking Heads' Life During Wartime, Allen Toussaint's Yes We Can Can. The choir is based in an assisted living center in Northampton, Ma.

The humor in the movie is in the wonderful members of the chorus as they deal with age and dying, the profoundness is the brutal honesty of the aging process, and the joy of the music is hearing songs we all know that now have a different meaning. The meaning of Clash's Should I Stay or Should I Go is so profoundly different when sung by someone in their 90's. A Statue would cry at Cold Play's Fix You when sung by Fred accompanied by the rhythm of an oxygen tank.

There are so many scenes that are fun to watch and so many touching scenes, especially one in a prison, that the run time of 107 minutes fly by.

Please go to this movie. Don't Tivo it. Go to it. Take a friend, a husband, some tissues and talk about it afterward. Bev and Pat you two would especially enjoy this movie.

For more about the YOUNG@HEART chorus you can go to their web page at:

Friday, April 25, 2008

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

I almost thought of titling this "A Window Into My Life" because that is really what it is.

Yesterday was an IRS Audit. I like representing clients before the IRS. For some reason the IRS just doesn't scare me, women yes, the IRS no. I guess one of the reasons that I like representing clients before the IRS is that I am fairly good at it and have never really "lost" an audit. The reason there is a picture on my profile is that is how I was dressed yesterday when I represented a client, J.T., before the IRS. I'm not happy with the picture, still 18 pounds from my goal and the resolution of the picture is terrible but I promised the client that she could take my picture and I would put it on my profile if we won her audit. There is no magic to my success it is just that I win the civility challenge when it comes to the IRS auditors. The IRS auditors are just normal people, like you and I, just doing their job. You can disagree with them in a tactful manner and if you and the auditor hit a wall you can move the audit up to the supervisor in a way that doesn't punnish the auditor. What happened with J.T. is that she was being audited for deducting investment advisor fees. When we prepared her 2006 return while she was sitting at my desk(my kitchen table) we called her broker for the amount that she paid for investment advise. They gave us a number, we deducted that number. Then when she got the audit notice we called the broker to have him write a letter verifying the amount that he previously gave us and found out that he had given us the wrong amount. We deducted six thousand bucks more than she paid. We then got a letter from the broker admitting that he gave us the wrong amount. I warned the client that she might owe about two grand.

Before the audit J.T. and I went to lunch. I always meet with my clients the day of the audit, give them a little speach to settle them down, and tell them what to expect. Some of the questions the IRS ask during an audit are, Did you do any bartering? Did you have any cash transactions in excess of ten thousand dollars? After telling J.T. what she would be asked I gave my little speach, be honest, don't volunteer information, don't lie, be yourself, be nice, don't ever raise your voice. The auditor was actually a very pretty, very nice young woman. She asked every question that I told J.T. she would ask and J.T. passed with flying colors. Then we got down to numbers. I admitted to the mistake, gave her the letter from the broker admitting he screwed up, and told the auditor that J.T. would pay whatever she owed today if she had an adjustment. Auditors are not rated by how much money they collect, they are rated by how many audits they close. If the auditor closed the audit yesterday she would get brownie points and because we had a letter showing the adjustment wasn't our fault there would be no penalties if the auditor accepted the letter. The auditor made the six grand adjustment, ran the numbers on the computer and because of a quirk in the law involving alternative minimum tax J.T. ended up not owing a penny. Wow, were angels watching over J.T. and I are what?

Today Mom and I are going to lunch with the son of a long time friend, C.R. Those that have been with the blog since the beginning probably remember a post that I did about a long time friend that had passed away, , Carrie. One of the things that came out of her passing is me reconnecting with her son. He is an amazing guy and one thing I didn't realize is that he was the global marketing vice president for TIVO up until a month ago. I had a connection that I didn't know! He starts a new job with a new company Monday. Board of Director appointment and a v.p. position. I've been emailing with C.R. and saw him at the memorial. Mom hasn't seen him for years and C.R. really wants to see Mom so we are heading out to have lunch with him. Turns out C.R.'s wife owns a restaurant in the Cedar Hills area and that is where we will meet him. Should be a fun day.

Tomorrow is the start of a big week for yours truly. Sister is arriving here from Utah to start the process of Mom moving to Chehalem Springs for respite care. Sis is going to help her pack and decorate her apartment. Mom moves the 30th. When Sis visits, Mom, Sis, her husband, and I always take a day and go to Spirit Mountain Casino. They have great food and I will indulge in my favorite, sweet potato fries. I will also indulge in some gambling. Last time I was there I won nineteen hundred bucks, I hope history repeats itself. OK, folks need your help here. Please pray and send good thoughts that the next few days will be easy for Mom, Sis, and myself. That the move will be easy and that Mom's life will get better once she is in her new digs.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Top Chef Summary and A Question For The Bloggers

If there was a contest between a couple of people to see who could do the most pushups and one person set a goal of fifty pushups but only could make it to forty-five and the other person set a goal of thirty pushups and did the thirty pushups who is the winner? If you are the Top Chef judges the person that did the thirty pushups would win. What am I talking about? This is the second time this season that the women were more creative than the men and were punished for it. I don’t exactly remember the contestants involved when they had the film themed segment but the men chose a movie with the word chocolate in the title and the women chose IL POSTINO. What movie would be harder to make a dish themed towards it? The men won with a chocolate dish and the women lost despite doing very well with a much harder dish to make. Last night the cooks had to make word themed dishes with words that were obtained through a Second City performance. Nikki and Mark drew the easiest with purple, depressed, and bacon. Richard and Dale would have had the easiest if the word tofu hadn’t been added to green and perplexed. Stephanie and Jennifer drew menage a trois the most difficult to cook towards. Richard and Dale probably should have won but there is no way that Stephanie and Jennifer’s menage a trois of orange with goat cheese, asparagus, salad, and olive tapenade should have been in the bottom two and Jennifer should not have been packing. Stephanie and Jennifer probably would have been better off making three home made hot dogs, three homemade donuts, coloring the donuts orange and putting the hot dogs through the center of the doughnuts. Nikki and Mark should have been in the bottom two and Mark should have been sent home. I could make the dish they made. It really looks like the women are going to have to dumb themselves down to win this season’s Top Chef. That type of sexism hurts both men and women. Why can’t the judges see that? Oh and if Tom C. puts his fist to his mouth one more time I am going to write to Top Chef and see if they will burp him before every show.

Now the question for the ones reading the blog to answer. The question is how is how other people see you different than you see yourself? You can use any example you like. Here are some of mine:

Other people have said that I live to the beat of a different drummer, I see myself as normal.

Other people have said I was bull headed, I see me as persistent.

Other people have said I am compassionate, I see me as too sensitive.

Other people have said I am one of the funnier people they know, I see myself as to serious to be funny.

OK, your turn.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dancing, Desserts, and Tomorrow's Question

Dancing With The Stars The Results Show was really good last night. As expected Marlee Matlin was sent home and did so in a very classy manner. Also last night they had some really great dance performances from two couples that were under 13. Amazing. Next week it is going to be really hard to predict who goes home. I am guessing that it will be down to Mario and Marrissa.

Tonight on Top Chef it wll be desserts and comedy. It's a dessert storm when the chefs must create sweets. Then the food gets funny when comedy troupers from Chicago's Second City teach the cooks the fine art of improvisation. Pasty chef Johnny Iuzzini is the guest judge. I almost quit watching Top Chef after last week but someone asked me to hang in there with them and I will. However, hanging in there may have a great payoff as tonight's show looks like it will be a great watch!

The most comments I got on any post since I've been doing the blog is when I asked the readers of the blog what some of their favorite things were. I loved hearing your choices. And I would like to learn more about all of you. The question on tomorrow's blog is going to be, what are the differences between how you see yourself and how others see you? Example, others have told me that I am charming yet I see myself as to shy to be charming. So get your thinking caps on folks.

May this be a great day for all of you.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Marlee Goes Home Tonight

A really great Dancing With The Stars last night. The way I rated the dancers:

1. Kristi - just an amazing Jive, deserved a 30.

2. Cristian - top notch foxtrot. Really, really good.

3. Marissa - They finally dressed her properly and she lived up to the stylish costume with a stylish dance.

4. Shannon - she was almost in tears at the judges comments. They were way to hard on her. And what is with Samantha Harris anyhow? Did she really have to grill them about their relationship? Who the freak cares.

5. Mario - Good dance.

6. Jason - my football guy let me down.

7. Marlee. Sorry because I love her but her dance wasn't really that good.

Already out - Monica Seles, Penn Jillette, Steve Guttenberg, Adam Corrolla, Pricella Pressley.

The repeat dance tonight - the group dance or Kristi's jive.

The one going home tonight - Marlee.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Books, Movies, and Trips

Hello everyone back from a weekend of doing things away from the computer. Reading, going to movies, Pyschic Fairs, and making decisions.

First the reading. I've been noticing lately that the really good writers read a lot and they read authors whose style they like. I really like the writing style of William Bernhardt. His court room scenes are the most realistic of any attorney turned writer that I read. For me, Bernhardt is a much better writer than John Grisham. Just not as well known. Bernhardt's books do have kind of a liberal tint so be forewarned about that. I started Bernhardt's latest Ben Kincaid novel Friday, CAPITOL CONSPIRACY. It is about a president using a terrorist attack to attempt to change the constitution to give the president more power. Sound familiar? I am seven chapters into it and enjoying it very much. Symply you started reading David Baldacci because of one of my suggestions and I am betting that you will like Bernhardt as well. For more about Bernhardt and his writings you can visit his web site, .

Now, the movies. I love movies. There is nothing like forgetting the world while sitting in a dark theater and getting totally lost in the entertainment before you. I went to two movies this weekend. Leatherheads and Smart People.

Leatherheads stars Renee Zellweger and George Clooney. It was directedy by Clooney and co-written by Duncan Brantley and one of the best sports columnist in the business, Rick Reily. It reminds me of Friday Night Lights in one way. Friday Night Lights uses football as the centerpiece of it but really isn't about football just in the same way Leatherheads uses football as its centerpiece but is about more than football. While the chemistry between Zellweger and Clooney is off the charts, the third wheel in the romantic triangle, John Krasiniski steals the movie. The basic plot is that Dodge Connelly (Clooney) is the team captain of the Bulldogs in a struggling pro football league in 1925. Clooney comes up with an idea that saves the league. That is to convince a college football star and war hero, Carter Rutherford (John Krasinski) to drop out of college to earn big bucks. Zellweger plays a newspaper reporter assigned to get the goods on Rutherford for her paper. Sit back and enjoy this movie. It will remind you of the old Clark Cable-Deborah Kerr chemistry movies. In spots laugh out loud funny, it spots touchingly romantic, and a nice but different ending. One football for Krasinski, One football for the chemistry between Clooney and Zellweger, one football for costume design. Three footballs. Don't let you not liking football keep you away from this flick.

Smart People stars Dennis Quaid, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ellen Page, and movie stealer Thomas Haden Church. Unlike 21 which was about smart people being incredibly stupid SMART PEOPLE is really about smart people, just smart people being real. Dennis Quaid plays a college professor, Lawrence Wetherhold, with a daughter, Vanessa Wetherhold (played by Page), whose goal is to get a perfect score on her SATs. Thomas Haden Church plays the freeloading brother of Quaid. I usally don't like freeloaders but I loved Church being Chuck Wetherhold in this movie. There were a few times that I wanted to shake some sense into good old Chuck but he is just so darn fun in this movie. Parker plays Dr. Janet Haritgan who becomes Lawrence Wetherford's love interest through an accident that brings Wetherford to the emergency room. As a shy guy that really often doesn't know what to do or say on a date I could relate well to Professor Wetherford. Unlike JUNO that had one of the worst predator male characters in the history of movies SMART PEOPLE had a man gentle enough to do the right thing when a situation presented itself. God love him. One football for Church, One football for Page, One football for the movie not being JUNO, One football for a man doing the right thing . Four footballs. Go and enjoy.

Now the trip. I've decided to take baby steps. I haven't traveled since 9-11 and am somewhat afraid of traveling by anything other than by car. I've come to the conclusion that taking a long trip as my first travel outting might not the brightest thing that I have ever done. Also, Mom has gotten worse and I'm not so sure how realistic it is for me to be a long ways away from her base right now. So what I am going to do for the month of May is to do small trips while Mom is in respite care and then if I do the baby steps well take my big ten day LA trip in August. In May I will go to the Coast, to Ashland, Maybe even to Klamath Falls to visit the grave of a cousin that I had that died several years ago at the age of 14 and say the proper good bye that I've never said, and maybe to locations that I've never been. I will also use the time that I have to get my house and affairs in order should I do decide to move at some point.

May this day bring you love and happiness.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Unexpected Communications

This is one of those posts where you are going to have to hang in there until the end to give me a chance to connect all the dots.

Those of you that have been with the blog since it started know that I started a fitness routine in November. I haven't reached my goals as fast as I wanted but I am getting there. To say it has been easy would be a lie because it hasn't been, in fact it has been very difficult. There have been many times when I wanted to stop what I was doing and eat a whole cake. It just seems like whenever I get in one of those moods something comes out of mid-air to motivate me to stay the course.

Since my brother moved to Wyoming over fifteen years ago he has called me twice. Once when his wife left him. Of course sometimes tact isn't in my makeup and when he told me his wife left him my response, "Good, I didn't like the bitch anyhow." Probably not the best thing to say considering that a month later my brother and his wife got back together and since have been one of the happiest married couples that I know. I'm still living down my comment. But I digress, the second time he called me was yesterday. My brother's daughter is my Mom's pharmacist. I always pick up my Mom's drugs from my niece at her pharmacy. Yesterday I picked up some drugs for Mom and talked for a bit with my niece then went home. Five minutes after I got home the phone rang and it was my brother. As soon as I left the pharmacy my niece had called my brother to tell him how healthy I looked, that the change was dramatic, that I was walking fast, and that she was proud of me and he should be too. God, I love my niece, she didn't say anything to me because there were to many people in line at the pharmacy but she sure found a way to make sure I stay the course! My brother called to tell me how happy he was that I was getting in shape and that life changing decisions are never easy. He was probably the most encouraging that I've ever seen him. We talked for almost two hours!!

I also got another unexpected communication yesterday in the form of an email. I am not into celebrity adulation but I will admit that there is one celebrity blog that I go to. Yesterday one of the famous hostesses posted a message about Top Chef and I posted a comment. A little bit later I got what I thought was a notification of a comment on the blog from the hostess. When I went to the blog to respond there was no comment to respond to, I checked my email again and the hostess had sent me an email! Wow what an upper. She thanked me for the "sweet comment" that I had posted earlier in the day on another thread (maybe it was sweet but it was also accurate), agreed with something I said about Top Chef and asked me a question about a contest that I entered.

An unexpected phone call from my brother and an unexpected email from a funny, talented woman that I've admired for a long time. Could the day have been any better?

May you hear from long lost friends and people you admire today!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tax Season is over, Dancing Recap, and Top Chef Preview

April 15th is gone and life will go back to somewhat normal for me now. This was an interesting tax season as it was my first one in several years that I wasn't self-employed. One thing that I learned about myself this year was is that I like a set schedule. The agreement that I had with the firm that bought my business was that I would be available to them whenever they called. If a previous client requested that I be there for their interview I would be called in and often on short notice. I've been with a lot of my clients a long time so a good share of them requested me. It made it almost impossible to plan things. Next year I am going to shoot for set schedule, be here Monday and Friday for example. Then they can set my appointments on those days and I can plan life around them. A couple of weeks ago I wanted to go to an event in Bend and wasn't able to because the day before the event I got called and told of several appoints the day of and after the event. A set schedule will avoid those kind of conflicts.

Took Mom out to lunch yesterday and on the way out to lunch stopped by the firm that bought my business so she could meet, Paul, Mark, and their wifes. Mom thought they were the nicest men and just absolutely loved them. The last time I sold my business (I've built two firms from scratch and sold them) Mom disliked immensely one the the guys that bought it. Thought he was jealous of me. This time Mom was enamored with both Paul and Mark. She thought Paul was very good looking (though she said not as good looking as me. He is much better looking than moi but she is my Mom so what can I say?), with Mark she thought he had the most loving face. She feels more comfortable now with my choice to sell. Mom used to work in my office and connected with a lot of my clients and was afraid that they wouldn't be treated well by the new firm. That worry has now subsided. By the way the two guys did something for me that was just the nicest thing for them to do, they gave me a gift certificate to a book store. I've worked at several firms on a part-time basis and they are the first ones to show appreciation with a gift. These guys are great. You can check out these guys at

As I expected Pricella Presley was eliminated from Dancing With The Stars last night. She was scored the lowest by the judges on dance night and last week she was in the bottom two. Combining those two things it was almost a guarantee that she would be gone. The Suprise was that Lisa's hunk, Cristian, was also in the bottom two. He shouldn't have been. The way I ranked the dancers, of course, didn't match up with the scores of the judges. I will say that whomever is dressing Marissa should be shot. They are dressing her in a fashion that shows off her weaknesses when she dances. It is really unfair to her. My rankings: 1. Mario. 2. Kristi.
3. Jason . 4. Cristian. 5. Shannon. 6. Marlee. 7. Marissa. 8. Pricella. Eliminated to date: Monica Seles, Penn Jillette, Steve Guttenberg, Adam Corella, and Pricella. By the way, I loved the performance by Blunt.

Tonight on Top Chef is a Tailgating episode. The remaining chefs are asked to create a dish that compliments a drink as the guest judge is Windy City chef Paul Kahan. You can read an interview with Mr. Kahan at

May this be a great day for all of you.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hello Everyone

I haven't fallen off of the face of the earth just that life is pretty much the same and I haven't really had anything new to share. Also the weather has been just absolutely beautiful here and us Oregonians have to bask in it while we can. When there is nice weather it is against the law in Oregon to stay inside.

I'm curious about the folks reading this blog and if the mood strikes you I would love you to answer the following questions:

1. What was the happiest day in your life?

2. What accomplishment that you had during life are you the most proud of?

3. What is your favorite TV show?

4. Who is your favorite actor?

5. Who is your favorite actress?

I will give my answers now:

1. When after an eight year recovery I took a step without the aid of a cane, crutch, or leg brace. There is no feeling that I've had that comparest to that.

2. Winning the Helen Keller Award for charity work, for toy drives for the Children's hospital and abused womens' shelters, being on the Estate Planning Committe of a cancer research center specializing in breast cancer, and raising money to buy shoes and socks for poor grade school kids.

3. Tough one but tie between Dancing With The Stars and Top Chef.

4. Also tough. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Tom Hanks, Al Pacino, and a few others.

5. Dead Audrey Hepburn. Alive Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, Laura Linney.

May the day bring you love and happiness.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Meetings, Dancing, Top Chef's Latent Sexism

First, let's welcome Dona to the blog Dona's blog is at,

Second, The meeting at the Chehalem Springs Assisted Living Center went very well. The people there were so nice. They showed us the room Mom will be in and it is a beautiful one bedroom apartment looking out towards a golf course. Her home in King City is on a golf course so this might make the transition easier if she decides to stay there for good. Mom felt good about the meeting, at least that is what she told me. Lately the caregiver is telling me what Mom has been saying to her and it really hasn't matched what Mom has been saying to me. To me Mom has been positive about the move, to the caregiver Mom has been really negative about the move. I really don't know if it is Mom not coming clean or the caregiver being worried about losing her job so that she is directing Mom towards not liking it. It is hard to really know what is the truth when three different stories are invovled. I'm going to look at it as Mom telling me the truth because that is the most positive.

Third, Dancing With The Stars was great this week. I love the Waltz and several of the couples danced the waltz. Others danced the Paso Doble which really isn't one of my favorites. Although I thought the judges overscored everyone the dancing was still very high quality and I ranked them as follows: 1. Shannon. I gave her points for not being able to practice with Derek this week and to switch from Jonathan's training to Derek just isn't that easy. She pulled it off. 2. Kristi. She needs to loosen up. She has technical down, now she needs to get life down. 3. Jason. He really has it harder than most because of his height and how much taller than he is than Edyta. Hard to have good posture when you have to stoop over to hold your partner. 4. Mario. 5. Marlee. She did miss a couple of steps but still a beautiful dance. 6. Marissa. Great comeback. 7. Pricella. 8. Adam. Elimated was Adam and I was extremely happy to see him go.

Fourth, Watched Top Chef last night and it hit me like a ton of bricks why I am not enjoying the show this year. It isn't the unlikable contestants it is the latent sexism of head judge Tom Colicchio. Zoi should not have been eliminated last night, Spike should have been. I recorded the show like I always do and then replayed it a couple of times and replayed in slow motion once. You can see how sexist Tom really is by they way he speaks differently to the men and women and by his body movements and how he stands when he is with one sex or another. Tom is an old time cook from the time when there was a lot of discrimination against women in the cooking industry, when all the top restaurants would only hire men as chefs. I'm afraid he still has a lot of those old tapes. My guess is this season's winner will come down to being between Richard and Stephanie and Tom's vote will go to the man when Stephanie really deserves to win. If that happens this will be my last season of watching Top Chef.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Prayer, Sports, Mom, and Notes.

I haven't been blogging the last couple of days because my life is kind of boring lately and I haven't had much to say. I still haven't got much to say but just thought I would post some tidbits and ask for some prayers and good thoughts for a person I don't even know.

On one of the blogs that I visit daily a woman posted that she has breast cancer and is undergoing treatments. She asked for prayers. I don't know Pat S. from Bend, Oregon but I do know that most people that post here are women and would certainly wish the best for her. I also know that the old Women Issues Group has done marvelous things through the power of prayer and good thoughts. So everyone say a little prayer and muster all your good thoughts for Pat S. not to be confused with the Pat that I do know and who posts here.

Guess who is the new basketball coach at Oregon State University? Michelle Obama's brother, Barrack's brother-in-law, Craig Robinson. The last two seasons Robinson was the head coach at Brown University and the previous six seasons was assistant coach at Northwestern
University. Robinson said Barrack might attend a couple of games this next season.

Congratulations to University of Kansas in winning the NCCA men's basketball championship. Good luck tonight to the Lady vols against Stanford as they go for the NCAA women's basketball championship.

Tomorrow at 1:00 Mom and I have a meeting with the nurse at Chehalem Springs to evaluate Mom for what kind of care she needs. This is a pre-meeting before she goes there in May. Please wish for the best for Mom and I.


AARP turned 5o this month. Wonder if they started receiving their own literature.

I found out yesterday how to lose ten pounds in less than thirty seconds. Move the scale from the tile bathroom floor to the carpet before taking your weight.

From The Oregonian, women who pack wieght around their wastes inseat of their buttocks and thighs face an increased risk of dying prematurely. A study of 44,636 women published Monday in the journal Circulation found that women with waists of 35 inches or greater had an 80 per cent higher chance of premature death compared with those waists measureed 28 inches or smaller.

That is it for the day. May this be a day of health and happiness for all of you.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Crimes Against The Elderly

Get ready to get your hackles up. There was a story in this morning's Oregonian that just breaks your heart. Here goes,

"A 35 year-old man accussed of breaking into an elderly woman's home three times, and sexually abusing her during one encounter was arrested Friday morning, police said.

Robert Earl Orr faces three counts of first degree burglary and one count of first-degree sexual abuse."

If that isn't heart breaking enough read the following:

"The 91-year-old victim did not report the crimes, which occurred over a 2 1/2 week period, until the third break-in to Northeast Portland Home." "The victim told police she didn't want to worry her daughter and feared her family would want to move her out of her house."

SHOCKED? Well the article continues;

"The woman's fear of reporting the crime is not unusual, said Portland Sgt. Margaret Bahnson, who oversees two Portland officers assigned to crimes against the elderly. According to the Sgt., ONE IN SIX CRIMES AGAINST THE ELDERLY GO UNREPORTED. The reasons given for not reporting is that the elderly are embarassed by the crime, shameful that they happened, they don't want to leave their home or they don't want to think they can't take care of themselves.

If Orr is guilty may he rot in Hell. Hell may even be to good for him.

Check out oregonlive.come for the full article in the metro section.

Comments anyone?

Friday, April 4, 2008

Coffee News

Took Mom and one of the caregivers out to dinner last night. At the restaurant they had this little newspaper called The Coffee News that had a lot of little interesting tidbits in it. Thought I would share some of the tidbits with you this morning but before I do wanted to update you on the latest with my Mom.

A couple of nights ago Mom and I had a very good talk. Best talk we have had in ages. Mom now has gone from viewing the month at Chehelam Springs as a negative to viewing it as a positive. She has even asked questions about what would happen if she decides to stay there for good. I'm so happy that she has changed her thinking and I have to attribute that to all your good thoughts and prayers.

Now on to the tidbits in the coffee news:

According to The Guiness Book of Records the longest marriage is eighty-three years. I know some marriages that didn't last eighty-three days.

Then there was a couple quotes, "It is important to watch what you eat. Otherwise, how are you going to get it into your mouth." or "The trouble with talking to fast is that you may something you haven't thought of yet."

Trivia? Who coined the phrase "The Iron Curtain"? It was coined by Winston Churchill when he was prime minister of Britain. In 1946 he gave a speech in Missouri and used the phrase "an iron curtain has descended across the continent."

Interesting stories? How about this one. Dylan Hargreaves is autistic, but the family's new pet, a macaw named Barney, has helped the boy to speak. The four year-old is so intrigued by the parrot that he has begun to learn some of the words squawked by Barney, like "Dad," and "Mom," and "Bye" and "Hello." Rob Hargreaves, Dylan's dad, actually bought the parrot for his wife, Michelle, never guessing it would help Dylan so profoundly. "The bird has changed our lives," he says. The Blackburn, England family is grateful for its effect on the boy and is excited at the prospect that Dylan may soon graduate to two-syllable words.

May this be a day filled with love and happiness for you all.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Reality TV

Top Chef should be interesting tonight as they are doing a film themed show. The dishes they make will have a film theme. Seems like a good show to me.

I am deciding whether or not I want to continue to watch the show because the contestents are so unlikable. However, I have to stick with it until I find out if I won the at home challenge with my audacious aphrodisiac burger.

Dancing With The Star The Elimination was awful last night. To early for Steve Guttenberg to go home. It should it have been Marissa or Adam. Adam will probably stay on to long as Howard Stern is shilling for him on his radio show. I was extremely happy to see that Shannon stayed on. She doesn't have much of a fan base but she dances extremely well dancing so I wanted her to stay on. This is how I rated Monday night's dances:











May this be a great day for all of you!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

They Were So Nice

I talked to the people at Chehalem Springs today and they were just so nice. Chehalem Springs is an assisted living center in Newberg, Oregon where mom has agreed to go for the month of May. When I talked to them today the were expert and professional and extremely accomodating. Among the things they told me were:

1. Mom can choose whether she wants a studio apartment or a one bedroom apartment for the same price for respite care. They want her to pick the kind of apartment that she thinks she might like if she moved there for good. Then if she decided to stay she wouldn't have to move again.

2. They will place her in an apartment near the elevator so that she doesn't have far to walk to either the dinning room or the activity room.

3. They said they had bunch of movie ins of really nice ladies that were a bundle of fun and that that bunch would make sure mom would get out and do things while she was there. That they would even push her in a wheelchair if they were going to do things that required long walking. They play cards, games, have ice cream socials, book clubs, etc. They will make sure that Mom will do something every day.

I'm really excited that they have been so professional about this. They all sound so nice and caring that it can't help but make me think this is the right place for mom not only for respite care but for good if that is what she decides she wants to do.

I do think that if Mom gives it half a chance she will love it. I am kind of afraid that no matter what she won't like it, that she has already made her mind not to like it. I'm basing that on the comments that she has made recently, like "no matter where I go it will be a wharehouse" or to my sister "if it is such a nice place you move there." I am praying and need your prayers too that mom opens up her mind a tad to a good time. I believe in miracles.

May each one of your days be filled with a miracle.